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Rob Wickham to Represent GB at World Duathlon

Great news earlier this week, Rob Wickham's success at the Oulton Park Spring Duathlon qualified him for the Great Britain team competing at the World Age Group Duathlon Championships in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada on 21 August this year.

Rob's description of his day at Oulton sounds gruelling...

"The day itself was extremely cold; as the earlier sprint race competitors were stood on the start line it started to snow(!). One was taken to hospital with hypothermia & it took me a good 30 minutes to stop shivering after the end of my race. When I got back to transition at the end of the bike it took me about 30 seconds to undo my helmet as my fingers were so frozen. I have never been so cold during a race. Needless to say my lap times around the race circuit were a little slower than the cars or bikes that normally race round. There were three qualification races in total, the last one at the end of April, of which you have to do at least one. My race was the day after my 50th birthday so quite a way to celebrate. And it gave me an edge in my new age group, sitting at the bottom end of the 50-54 age group."


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