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Results: 14th-15th September 2019

By 15/09/2019May 10th, 2022Senior
Poole AC at the Littledown 5

And so in the blink of an eye we’re starting to look towards the end of the racing season and a packed calendar too. Well done to everyone who was out there representing the club. It was a hot one! #TeamPooleAC

Cream Tea Caper

An 8 hour timed event with 3.3 mile loops. Well done to Catherine Midgley who completed 10 laps in 08:09:57 and Kev Roberts who completed 8 laps in 08:09:58.

Great Bristol Half

Ian Hitching took on the Great Bristol Half and crossed the line in a time of 02:11:00.

Purbeck Running Festival


5180:33:0080:26:00Julie BlissV50
5482:05:0081:59:00Nicola CornesV50
6995:22:0095:13:00Sue HamV55

Purbeck 16

3302:37:0302:37:03Marc Tivadar UjvariV35
3902:39:4302:39:26Kathryn RobsonV50
8202:57:1002:56:53Sharon. BarlowV45
12203:16:2703:16:09Mark DawsonV50
15003:30:3903:30:20Jason HeppleV55

Littledown 5

The main event this weekend was Littledown 5, which this year was part of the Dorset Road Race League. What a turn out for the club and congratulations to the mens team who were second overall.

PlaceTimeNameClubAge GroupNo
300:27:12ALBOROUGH, ChrisPoole ACSenior Men128
400:27:44SMITH, MarkPoole ACMale Vets 35-44240
1000:28:18ALAN-WILLIAMS, GarethPoole ACMale Vets 35-44182
1300:28:33DOUBLEDAY, RobertPoole ACMale Vets 35-44239
1400:28:39HICKS, DavePoole ACMale Vets 45-54304
1800:29:13COOK, StevePoole ACMale Vets 45-5435
2100:29:31MILLER, BarryPoole ACMale Vets 35-44141
2500:29:47CLEMENTS, AndyPoole ACMale Vets 55-64229
3500:30:36HALE, GarethPoole ACMale Vets 35-44247
5700:32:23WILDBUR, SimonPoole ACMale Vets 35-44319
6000:32:30HOGARTH, StephenPoole ACMale Vets 55-64225
6300:32:44MASTERMAN, NeilPoole ACMale Vets 45-54317
6900:33:06KENNEDY, MarkPoole ACMale Vets 55-64196
7800:33:47MOORE, DarrenPoole ACMale Vets 45-5413
10800:37:22BRADSHAW, ChrisPoole ACMale Vets 35-4469
11100:37:31OFFER, JaynePoole ACWomen Vets 45-54245
11300:37:34DOMINEY, PatrickPoole ACMale Vets 45-54339
12000:37:50FILMER, GrahamPoole ACMale Vets 55-6422
12600:38:21MCGRORY, KevinPoole ACMale Vets 45-54125
15900:40:36HAY, KirstinPoole ACWomen Vets 35-44140
16500:41:16GREGORY, StevenPoole ACMale Vets 45-54136
17300:41:53GILLESPIE, JoannePoole ACWomen Vets 35-44334
18500:43:05TYLER, GaryPoole ACMale Vets 45-54296
18700:43:06CARTER, VikkiPoole ACWomen Vets 35-4448
18900:43:28HORSWILL, LauraPoole ACSenior Women197
20400:44:56SAWYER, NicolaPoole ACWomen Vets 45-5434
20500:44:59CARR, RoyPoole ACMale Vets 65+66
20600:45:19AUDRAIN, PhilipPoole ACMale Vets 45-5419
20700:45:20HENDERSON-BISHOP, EmmaPoole ACWomen Vets 35-4429
21800:46:09PALMER, BrendaPoole ACWomen Vets 65+282
22100:46:18MCGRORY, MaggiePoole ACWomen Vets 45-54124
22300:46:43GREGORY, KarenPoole ACWomen Vets 45-54135
22800:47:02BRADSHAW, PatriciaPoole ACWomen Vets 35-4468
23900:48:03FILMER, EvePoole ACWomen Vets 55-6423
24200:48:32HUNT, KimPoole ACWomen Vets 55-64150
24300:48:33WHITTAKER, JanPoole ACWomen Vets 55-6462
26300:50:40BARKER, NicolaPoole ACWomen Vets 35-4456
26400:51:06MILLS, TrishaPoole ACWomen Vets 55-6447
26800:51:49MILLS, AndrewPoole ACMale Vets 55-6446
27200:52:33MIDGLEY, CatherinePoole ACWomen Vets 45-54219
28300:55:44DEVERILL, AnnPoole ACWomen Vets 45-5442
28700:56:49GALTON, GracePoole ACWomen Vets 35-4425
29500:58:46THOMAS, CarolinePoole ACWomen Vets 35-4414





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