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Historical Club Awards


Athlete of the Month Awards


DecemberPolly Evans, Oliver Harrison and Layton Barker
NovemberLola Crombie, Charlie Power and Jane Adkins
OctoberAbigail Moors, Hari Dhir and Ben Bennett
SeptemberSophia Parks, Layton Barker and Harry Robson
AugustWill Rabjohns, Rose Hagan and Jakob Sales
JulyLumen Myers, Charlie Evans and Nathan Blackie
JuneDarcie Collins, Tristan Aubrey and Jakob Sales
MayBea Hamblin, Matthew Boos and Sophie Buckley
AprilEleena Dhir and Zachary Richings
MarchJemima Chetwood and Leo Riggs
FebruaryMia Hagan, William Rabjohns and James Scammell
JanuaryErin Wells, Jonah Richings and Rory Scullion


DecemberLexie Brown, William Cowdrey and Ru Burton
NovemberPolly Evans, Charlie Harrison and Jane Adkins
OctoberLily Allingham, Charlie Collins and Barney New
SeptemberIsla McPhail, Juan Roku-Ali and Alex Bradshaw
AugustMia Wilkinson Caleb Cheng and Nathan Blackie
July Emily Parker, Edward Bird and James Scammel
JuneMegan Mowbray, Marcel Roku-Ali and Rory Scullion
May Lexi Lewin, Harry Robson and George Fripp
AprilLumen Myers, Jonah Richings and Alex Bradshaw
MarchJaya Collinson, Tyler Collins and Barney Knew
FebruaryJemima Chetwood, Noel Slade
JanuaryAmelia Drew, Cameron Wicks


DecemberPolly Evans, Oliver Harrison and Chester Walton
NovemberNancy Taylor and Harry Farley
OctoberErin Wells, Oscar Ewen Matthews and James Scammell
SeptemberBeatrice Hamblin, Zachary Richings and Jakob Lines
AugustMegan Mowbray, Bill Godden and Daniel Standaft
JulyJemima Chetwood, Ed Bird and Charlie Williams
JuneFleur Mansell and Adam Booth
MayEmily Parker and Ethan Crowley
AprilNo award (COVID-19)
MarchNo award (COVID-19)
FebruaryNo award (COVID-19)
JanuaryNo award (COVID-19)


DecemberNo award (COVID-19)
NovemberNo award (COVID-19)
OctoberNo award (COVID-19)
SeptemberSeni Purnell and Harry Midgley
AugustNo award (COVID-19)
JulyNo award (COVID-19)
JuneNo award (COVID-19)
MayNo award (COVID-19)
AprilNo award (COVID-19)
MarchLexie Brown and William Rabjohns
FebruaryEmily Parker and Leo Riggs
JanuaryElizabeth Dawson and Josh Baker


DecemberFaye Ball and Tristan Green
NovemberMali Ballingall and Harry Drew
OctoberAmelia Drew and Daniel Buckland
SeptemberIsla McPhail and Mark Ruby
AugustFreya Woollard and Caleb Cheng
July Mahlia-Pia Johnson and Ollie Woollard
JuneSophia Horwood and Harry Midgley
MayGeorgina Stokes and Daniel Sanchez
AprilLeah Watts and Ethan Crowley
MarchFleur Lickiss and William Rabjohns
FebruaryCamilla Brown and Edward Pearce


DecemberLexie Brown and Ryan Symington
NovemberEmily Parker and Leo Riggs
OctoberBeatrice Hamblin and Callum McGinley
SeptemberCharlotte Piper and Jack Evans
AugustElla Ruby and Daniel Sanchez
JulyHeidi Taylor and Edwin Langley
JuneImogen Davis and Louis Bourke
MayElizabeth Richley and Liam Nixon
AprilFleur Mansell and Callum Jones
MarchEmily Cole and Adam Booth
FebruaryIsobel Rabjohns and Cameron Corbin
JanuaryNiamh Kirwin and Zac Cloete


DecemberIzzy Taylor and Harley Taylor
NovemberMegan Mowbray and Ben Ives
OctoberNancy Taylor and George Mahon
SeptemberEmelie Castagna and Lewis Naptin
AugustAshia Wilson and William Rabjohns
JulyCaitlin Batcheldor and Cameron Cooke
JuneLeah Watts and George Crouch
MaySafia Stacey and Connor Corbin
AprilOlivia Hunter and Tom Casson
MarchOlivia Bowen and Samuel Bowen
FebruaryIssy Talor and Thomas Farley
JanuaryBen Lewis, Sarah-Louise Hazell and Phoebe Anson