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Bournemouth (Islamic) Scouts Training 2017

By 03/11/2017Junior

Bournemouth (Islamic) Scouts Training 2017

Article by David Little (Junior Vice Chairman) October 2017

This is a report about the efforts we made last month to assist a Bournemouth Scout group in their preparations for an annual Scout competition.

Following their attendance for one preparatory training session in October 2016, contact from the group was made by Mukhtar Ahmad in September.  They had started regular sessions on Saturday afternoons at Winton Recreation Ground.  On the four Saturdays up to October 14th I went to Winton Rec and helped them with the basics of Relays for about 45 minutes each time.   In those sessions, up to 24 children (aged 6 to 14) were assisted.  There was also time to do one practice with Howlers.

By arrangements with Mukhtar – he did the booking – the group then attended Ashdown track on Friday, Oct 20th and Tuesday, Oct 24th.  Each time Ray W and Mark R helped.   There was confusion about the time of start on October 20, since some arrived by 4.00 pm (as originally arranged).  Due to about half being held at school, we really started at 5.00 pm.   We did a stretch warm-up on the PV fan and then went on the Back Field.  By the time we finished, all 33 had done Long Jump and a throw (Howler for the younger ones and Javvy for the older).    All those doing relay were then given demo of how to use a relay box.  (The best I had done at Winton was set up a box on the cycle track on Oct. 14th, but at Ashdown I used the standard markings.)

Since all were by now on half-term, the majority of the group arrived by 3.30 pm. on October 24th and did a short Induction and “Opening Ceremony” before the session!    Again Ray and Mark helped with the setting up of facilities and carrying equipment.  The set-up worked better but we still had late arrivals who changed the logistics, e.g. on the LJ.   So in fact Ray and I did a number of drills ACROSS the runway and limited the actual LJ action to a few jumps each off a short run.   Mark looked after the throws OK.

When we transferred onto the track (about 5.05 pm), Mark took those who could be expected to HJ (i.e. not the youngest ‘Beavers’!) for HJ using a flexibar.  Ray and I concentrated on the discipline of full Sprint starts and the technique for short sprints with the Scouts (older group), numbering 12.  They then went to HJ while the youngest (15 of them) did a series of 50m. standing start sprint races.

The main thing we missed out on was doing a full 4 x 100 relay.

Thanks to John Phillips (for SLM discount rate) and to Mark and Ray for their help.

Their Southern Region Scouts competition was held at Lee Valley Centre on October 28th.  They reported winning medals in Scouts Relay and 200m, and Beavers Boys’ and Girls’ Relays and 60m.  Overall their team placed 4th out of 24 teams, one place higher than in 2016.   In such ways we try to help the community.

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