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PAC News 20, 21st May 2019

By 22/05/2019May 10th, 2022Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Another win for TEAM DORSET in LAG 2!

In Match 2 of the 2019 South West 1 division of the UK YDL Lower Age-Group (LAG), staged at Ashdown on May 18th, the athletes of Dorchester, Poole and Wimborne (the “Team Dorset” composite) produced another set of excellent performances, with the light blue vest heading the field many times.

On a mild, cloudy, bright day with a light wind never exceeding the legal limit (2 m/s), the overnight rain had dried a lot by the 11.30am start and the conditions were good, at least on the track.  The programme moved along without rushing and we completed the match on time – JUST IN TIME FOR THE RAIN! For your information, points are awarded thus: for ‘A’ athletes = 9,7, 6, 5, 4, 3; for ‘B’ athletes = 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

PAC athletes’ results:

U13B800 BThomas Farley1/42-36.8
U13B1500 AHarry Farley2/45-07.7
U13B75H BThomas F1/414.6
U13B4x100Harry F + 31/555.2
U13BShot BMonty Spence3/54.17m
U13BJav AMonty S3/617.60m
U15B100 ADaniel Sanchez1/611.7
U15B200 ADaniel S1/623.5
U15B300 AWilliam Rabjohns3/542.4
U15B800 AWilliam R1/62-08.7
U15B1500 BMark Ruby1/34-41.3
U15B80H AConnor Corbin3/514
U15B4x100Jack/Dan/+ 21/550.2
U15B4x300Jack/Will/Dan + 12/42-47.3
U15BHigh J AJack Evans2/51.60m
U15BLong J AJack E1/55.28m
U15BJav AHarry Midgley2/433.93m
U15BHamm BHarry M2/219.12m
U13G75 AElizabeth Richley1/510.6
U13G150 AJaya Collinson3/620.6
U13GBElizabeth R1/520.8
U13G800 AJaya C2/52-32.2
U13G1200 ALexie Brown1/64-02.2
U13G4x100Eliz/Jaya/+ 21555.8
U13GHigh J AElizabeth R2/51.30m
U13GLong J AJaya C2/64.38m
U15G200 AGeorgina Stokes4/627.4
U15G300 ALeah Watts2/643.8
U15GBSophia Horwood2/545.8
U15G4 x 100Georgina + 31/652
U15G4 x 300Sophia/Leah + 24/43-03.0
U15GHigh J ASafia Stacey2/61.45m
U15GLong J BGeorgina S2/54.35m
U15GJav AMolly Pearce2/523.97m
U15G100 n/sGeorgina S13.5

All the result papers have been sent to YDL; we wait for their confirmation.  The results are already on the UK YDL site but will be amended later.  The Team ranking is showing as:

  1. Team Dorset 635 points
  2. WSEH 487
  3. BAC/NFJ 431
  4. Horsham 346.5
  5. Walton 280.5
  6. Kingston/Poly 275

An improved result for Team Dorset in SAL2

In the second match in the Southern Athletics League, staged in Winchester on May 19th, a much larger team had much greater success than in Match 1. A number of U17 athletes helped the older Team Dorset members to achieve this. Note the number of PBs as all tried to gain the best points for their team. Also note that TD could enter more than one team for the Mixed 4 x 400 – a distinctive feature of this League. The conditions were mild, mostly sunny, and stayed dry – UNTIL WE WERE LEAVING! WET DRIVE HOME!

The next match in this series will be held at Ashdown on Sunday, June 16th

PAC athletes’ results:

SM100n/sJamie Paton (u17)2/711.9
SM100n/sRichard Wheeler VM412.9
SM100n/sMarcus Pidgley T37614.1
SM200n/sAdam Booth u201/722.6
SM200n/sGuy Perkins SM424.3
SM200n/sJamie P524.8
SM200n/sOliver Dukes SM626.6
SM200n/sRichard W726.8
SM400 ACiaran Dunnion1/550.3
SM800 AJamie Grose3/61-59.8
SMBGuy P3/32-06.8
SM1500 AJamie G1/64-10.4
SM4x400ATD Mixed1/53-51.8
SMBTD Mixed1/33-56.3
SW100 AAlexandra Bryant1/512.5
SWBLizzy Gourlay2/413.5
SW200 AAlexandra B1/525.2
SWn/sLizzy G2/627.6
SWn/sMaddy Vaughn-J327.7
SWn/sHeidi Taylor u17427.8
SW400 AHeidi T3/563
SW1500 AAshia Wilson u171/44-53.4
SW400H BMaddy V-J2/272.6
SMHJ AAdam Booth3/51.78m
SMLJ AAdam B1/46.15m
SMHamm BRichard Wheeler2/323.22m
SMJavRichard W1/528.61m

Next match: UAG 2 at Winchester May 26th

If you are U17 or U20 and available and interested, please contact Mark Pauley

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