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PAC News 21, 22nd May 2018

By 23/05/2018Junior, Senior

Results from the Dorset County Champs

A bright, cool, dry day at King’s Park on May 13th. A significant wind helped the sprinters, sprint hurdlers and LJ, but buffeted the endurance runners and TJ. During the over-six-hours programme, PAC athletes achieved a number of victories and PBs. A treble was achieved by Jaya Collinson, and doubles by Louis Bourke and Liam Nixon.  A new Club Record was thrown by Andrew Elkins in the SM Jav.

The results can be found here>>

NB – William’s victory time in the u13B1500 is a new CBP for DCAA Champs.

LAG Match 2 at Horsham – a great team victory!

We finished 6th out of 6 in Match 1 (with a weakened team which performed heroically)!  So we shocked the other teams on May 19 at Horsham with a stunning victory. Team Dorset is a composite of three clubs.  In Match 1 there was a clash for Dorchester. This time no such clash! Great thanks to Dean at Dorchester and Paula at Wimborne for their advice and cooperation. As in Match 1, there was magic worked on the day by Team Managers Ness and Gill!

This was the valuable contribution of the PAC athletes:-

75mJaya Collinson A2/611800Charlotte Piper A6/62-43.7
150mJaya Collinson B2/621.3200Leah Watts B4/629
1200Megan Mowbray B4/64-50.41500Isobel Rabjohns B2/55-15.2
4x100Jaya + 32/656.975HSafia Stacey A5/613.4
70HMegan Mowbray B4/614.24x100Safia/Leah + 24/656
LJJaya Collinson A2/64.15m4x300Niamh + 33/53-17.9
U13BHJSafia Stacey A5/61.35m
100Louis Bourke A1/613.4LJLeah Watts B4/63.79m
200Louis Bourke A1/627.5ShotNiamh Kirwin B1/57.39m
4x100Louis + 31/655.2DiscNiamh Kirwin A4/617.47m
LJLouis Bourke A1/64.35mJavCharlotte Piper B6/6-
U15B100Liam Nixon B1/612.3
ShotHarry Midgley B1/68.41m200Liam Nixon A1/624.6
JavHarry Midgley A1/630.60m800Liam Nixon A3/62-13.2
HamHarry Midgley B1/215.49m4x100Liam + 3DQ

Match Score

1. TD 490 points

2. G and G.  468

3. Horsham      442

4. WADAC     396

5. Kingston/Par  385.5

6. Chichester   278.5

SAL Match 2 at Poole – one-sided TD success!

A home double-header brought  more success for Team Dorset.  PAC athletes again helped towards a massive victory. Our results included:-

400Jed Skilton A1/152.8HJJosh Exley B1/11.80m
Jamie Paton B1/164.3LJCallum Jones B1/14.91m
3000Zac Cloete B1/210-10.9TJCallum Jones A1/111.24m
3KScJamie Grose A1/59-40.1HamAbbie White B1/141.65m
HJJames Hind A1/11.90m1500Isabelle Taylor A2/25-14.5
DiscRichard Wheeler B1/123.12mJavRichard Wheeler B1/129.87m
100Elliot Hallns12.4200Tom Cassonns11.5
Jamie Paton Bns12.4Elliot Hallns25.7
Marcus Pidgleyns14.1Jamie Patonns26.7
ShotLizzie Gourlay1/16.08mWAlex Bryantns29.3
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