PAC News 21, 28th May 2019

Winners and records in London, M/C & UAG!

We had athletes at many venues last weekend! Pride of place goes to Melissa Courtney, already major Games bronze-medallist. She won the Elite Womens’ “Vitality” Westminster Mile, beating fellow-international Laura Muir into third place. Her time was 00:04:31. This was one of the last two races in a day-long, 36-race event on Sunday, May 26th.

On Saturday, at Sport City, Manchester, SM Jamie Grose achieved his 2000m Steeplechase ambition to beat 6 minutes, finishing 2nd, in a BMC Grand Prix event, in 5-54.75. This is a Club Record and ranks him 3rd on Power of 10!

Poole AC helped Team Dorset at UAG2 in Winchester. The composite Team Dorset travelled to Winchester on a mild, cloudy day last Sunday for Match 2 in the UKYDL Upper Age-Group (UAG – for U17s and U20s). In these results, please note the PBs and two Club Records.

U17M100 AEdward Pearce5/612.5
U17M200 BLiam Nixon3/623.9
U17M400 BJosh Smith1/255.2
U17M800 AJosh S1/42-02.6
U17M4x100Ed/Liam + 22/248.4
SM100 BElliott Hall3/312.7
SM200 BElliott H3/425.4
SM400 ALiam Nixon (u17)1/452.6
SM4x100Elliott + 33/447.8
SMHigh J ACallum Jones2/21.70m
SMTriple J ACallum Jones2/211.77m
U17W200 AHeidi Taylor5/628.1
U17W300 BHeidi T2/543.7
U17W800 AAshia Wilson1/62-22.4
U17WBCamilla Brown1/22-32.0
U17W1500SC AEmily Parker1/45-26.9
U17W4x100Heidi + 33/553
U17W4x300Heidi/Camilla + 22/42-58.4
U17WTriple J ANiamh Kirwin2/49.33m
U17WShot ANiamh K2/510.26m
U17WDiscus ANiamh K1/324.91m
U17WJavelin AImogen Davis1/437.73m