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PAC News 22, 4th June 2019

By 05/06/2019Junior, Senior

Outstanding individuals – Melissa and Jamie!

In the Diamond League Meeting in Stockholm last Thursday night, May 30th, Melissa Courtney ran in the W5000m. She finished 8th of the thirteen women in a time of 14-53.82. This achieved a number of targets:- it was a PB; it was a Club SW Record for the event; it was a qualifying time for the IAAF World Championships in Doha at the end of September 2019; and it was a qualifying time for the next Olympics in Tokyo in July/August 2010. Finally it ranks 6th on the UK all-time list for the event!  Overall a brilliant effort!

South of England Championships at Bedford on Saturday, June 1st

In the SM 3000m S/Ch, Jamie Grose won the silver medal in a time of 9-30.17 (out of 13 runners). This builds on his recent Club Record for the shorter 2000m S/Ch. Well done, Jamie.

Ciaran Dunnion contested the SM 400m. In Heat 2 he placed 5th out of seven in 50.56. This qualified him for a semi-final in which he finished 7th (out of eight) in 50.71. Then on Sunday, in SWAL 1 at Exeter, Ciaran – giving great support to the Club – finished second in both SM 400 and SM 2000 S/Ch!!  Thanks Ciaran and all those who competed for Poole AC in the cool, damp conditions at Exeter!

SWAL 1 results:


100 2Jaya Collinson1/813.43
Elizabeth Richley213.79
4Faye Ball5/815.67
5Morgan S-Watson6/616.98
200 1Jaya Collinson2/827.63
2Elizabeth Richley1/628.96
3Morgan S-Watson3/736.38
HighJElizabeth Richley1/161.30m
Faye Ball71.20m
LongJJaya Collinson2/194.47m
Freya Woollard133.49m
Morgan S-Watson173.14m
1500Lexie Brown2/155-16.37
Freya W105-54.00
4x100PAC Team1/558.59
100 2Leah Watts2/813.31
Georgina Stokes313.44
3Sophia Horwood3/513.95
300 1Leah Watts1/843.51
2Charlotte Smith7/851.21
75H 1Safia Stacey3/712.71
4x300PAC Team (Race 1)3/53-10.87
HighJSafia Stacey9/191.35m
Sophia Horwood181.20m
LongJGeorgina S (Pool 2)4/104.75m
Safia S (Pool 1)?4.18m
JavMolly Pearce4/2322.32m
Charlotte S2213.55m
100 1Heidi Taylor1/813.47
300 1Heidi Taylor3/743.32
2Imogen Davis7/749.38
1500 1Ashia Wilson2/134-51.27
Emily Parker75-01.24
Isobel Rabjohns95-03.59
2Camilla Brown2/115-21.97
JavelinImogen Davis1/1334.58m
Charlotte Piper725.92m
TripleJNiamh Kirwin6/78.54m
ShotNiamh Kirwin2/149.55m
100 1Alexandra Bryant1/812.59
2Lizzy Gourlay213.74
Fleur Mansell (u17)513.92
400 2Alexandra Bryant1/759.15
3Lizzy Gourlay1/51-07.90
100HLizzy G (Race 2)4/520.35
4x400PAC Team2/64-21.34
TripleJFleur Mansell (u17)4/1010.11m
ShotLizzy Gourlay9/186.09m
Alexandra Bryant154.56m
Issy Rabjohns (u17)174.50m
JaveLizzy Gourlay10/1515.85m
Alexandra Bryant1112.67m


200 2Thomas Farley7/730.8
1500Harry Farley4/195-04.79
75H 1Thomas Farley4/714.52
2Harry Farley1/714.91
HighJThomas Farley9/111.15m
LongJHarry Farley (Pool 1)7/144.06m
100 2Dan Sanchez2/811.54
3Jack Evans4/712.56
300 2Dan Sanchez1/838.35
Will Rabjohns643.63
1500William Rabjohns2/174-27.95
Mark Ruby84-46.05
80HConnor Corbin5/615.67
4x300PAC Team2/42-52.65
LongJJack E (Pool 2)2/115.48m
Alex Lewis (Pool 1)7/84.08m
DiscJack Evans2/1224.01m
Connor Corbin1112.75m
100 2Liam Nixon1/711.7
400 1Liam Nixon2/752.98
1500Josh Smith (Race 1)3/164-13.90
100 1Adam Booth2/511.31
PoleVAdam Booth1/23.20m
LongJAdam Booth2/106.39m
100 1Richard Wheeler6/813
2Oliver Dukes5/613.68
3Marcus Pidgley T374/414.21
400 1Ciaran Dunnion2/850.57
3Oliver Dukes2/51-03.66
Richard Wheeler31-06.91
1500Peter Cornes8/87-39.75
110HAdam Booth (u20)1/515.01
2KSCCiaran Dunnion2/96-55.90
4x400PAC Team6/74-04.79
LongJCiaran Dunnion4/125.48m
Oliver Dukes113.75m
DiscRichard Wheeler3/1225.63m
Peter Cornes129.52m
HammRichard Wheeler2/1124.63m


Poole AC members will represent their schools!

On the next two Saturdays, there will be the Dorset Schools’ Championships at King’s Park on June 8th, then the Dorset team in the South-West Schools’ Inter-Counties at Exeter June 15th.

Southern League Match 3 at Ashdown June 16th

Your support will be welcomed on Fathers’ Day!  If you are aged 15+ and can be available, contact Dave Pearson

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