PAC News 26, 2nd July 2019

Ethan wins at Swindon with a Howler record!

In the Wessex Young Athletes League Match 3 at Swindon on Sunday (June 30), Ethan Crowley produced a huge Howler winner of 46.02m. Worth 92 points, it helped him to a 241 PB total and a victory over 22 other athletes. He was supported by Alfie Curtis who achieved three PBs and a PB total in ranking 5th. Mahlia-Pia Johnson was our solitary girl in the QuadKids competition and, even missing out her 600m, still managed 118 points.

It is unfortunate that more U11s could not be available. With two more Wessex matches and the PAC Open on July 26, they have three more QK competitions to try!

U13B100 ACaleb Cheng2/613.7
U13B100 BOllie Woollard2/514.5
U13B200 ACaleb C2/528.3
U13B75H AJayden Coombes4/417.5
U13BLJ ACaleb C2/64.23m
U13BLJ BJayden C3/53.74m
U13BOllie Wn/s4.42m
U13BShot AMonty Spence4/55.05m
U13BDisc AMonty S4/510.57m
U13BJav AJayden C5/517.31m
U13BJav BMonty S3/415.07m
U15B100 AJack Evans2/412.8
U15B100 BTyler Collins515.3
U15B200 ATyler C5/531.3
U15B800 AHarry Drew5/52-35.2
U15BHJ AJack E3/51.40m
U15BHJ BAlex Harris1/21.40m
U15BLJ AJack E1/55.47m
U15BLJ BAlex H2/34.27m
U15BTyler Cn/s4.00m
U15BShot AHarry Midgley3/58.06m
U15BShot BJonty Spence2/35.18m
U15BDisc AHarry M3/514.75m
U15BDisc BJonty S2/310.91m
U15BJav AHarry M2/540.92m
U15BJav BJonty S3/317.60m
U13G100 AJaya Collinson1/613.8
U13G100 BElizabeth Richley1/614.2
U13G200 AJaya C1/628.1
U13G200 BElizabeth R1/429.1
U13G800 AFreya Woollard4/62-53.1
U13GHJ AElizabeth R2/61.33m
U13GLJ AJaya C1/64.47m
U15G200 ALeah Watts4/528.2
U15GMolly Pearcen/s31
U15G300 ALeah W3/543.6
U15G300 BSophia Horwood2/346.1
U15G75H ASafia Stacey2/413.4
U15G4x100Mixed ages2/54.4
U15GHJ ASafia S1/51.45m
U15GLJ ASafia S2/54.45m
U15GShot AMolly P4/46.84m
U15GJav AMolly P3/520.75m

In the main Match, several athletes had their first competitions, helping PAC to finish overall third in the match.

U20M200 BElliot Hall3/325.3
U20M110H AAdam Booth1/214.7
U20MHJ ACallum Jones1/21.66m
U20MLJ AAdam B1/46.36m
U20MTJ ACallum J3/411.90m
U20MShot AElliot H5/57.79m
U20MDisc AAdam B3/433.55m
U20MBElliot H3/317.30m
U20MJav ATom Casson2/218.53m
U20M4x100Adam/Elliot/Tom + 12/445.3
U20M4x400(Same team)1/23-51.8
U17M200 ALiam Nixon2/423.1
U17M400 ALiam N1/552.4
U17M800 AJosh Smith3/42-05.9
U17M4x100Liam + 32/349.4
U20W800 AIsobel Rabjohns u173/32-29.2
U20WLJ AKatie Corbin4/44.19m
U20WTJ AFleur Mansell u172/310.59m
U20W4x100Katie + 34/455.7
U17W200 AImogen Davis2/526.5
U17W800 AHeidi Taylor1/52-26.5
U17WBCamilla Brown1/42-31.0
U17W1500 AEmily Parker2/24-56.5
U17W300H AElla Ruby1/249
U17WLJ ANiamh Kirwin4/54.18m
U17WTJKatie Cn/s7.97m
U17WShot ACharlotte Piper3/58.82m
U17WDisc ANiamh K2/524.17m
U17WJav AImogen D2/335.65m
U17WBCharlotte P1/130.18m
U17WShotNiamh Kn/s10.09m
U17W4x100Heidi + 33/555.4

Several PBs in UAG Match 3 at King’s Park.

The Team Dorset (us DAC and WAC) team were boosted by a number of PAC U17 and U20 athletes. King’s Park was pleasantly warm and dry with a SW breeze. Several of the older athletes showed their loyalty and open-mindedness by trying events out of their comfort zone: and all gained points thereby! The final draft team scores as published on the UKYDL site are:

  1. BAC/NFJ/Salis 662
  2. Portsmouth/WADAC 590
  3. Team Dorset 456
  4. Southampton 418
  5. 5. Chichester 239