PAC News 29, 17th July 2018

Seven took part for Dorset in Birmingham ESAA

In the hot, noisy, clockwork environment of the English Schools’ massive annual event at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, our seven athletes found that, even near their best, there are many in the country who are better! Some seemed to be overwhelmed by the enormity of it as reality knocked their expectations. Nevertheless, they did the best they could on the two days.

Liam Nixon & Daniel Sanchez, near PBs, did not progress. Adam missed his final by .04 sec!

300 2Daniel Sanchez7/838.44
3Liam Nixon7/738.31
800 2Josh Smith6/82-06.28
1500 1Ashia Wilson11/184-52.27
100H 2Adam Booth3/613.81
TJFleur Mansell14/1510.46m
JavelinImogen Davis19/1933.09m
800 1Jed Skilton5/51-57.76

Overall, in Group C (by school population), Dorset finished 11/13. This is well down on previous years in which they have won this section. However, our athletes, just as the rest of Dorset, deserved their selection and the experience.

Results from SWAL 3 at Exeter July 8th

A hot, tiring day nevertheless produced some excellent results and inspired many to PBs. A swirling wind affected many races.

100 1Louis Bourke1/813.38
2Teagan B-Williams6/815.1
3Alex Harris8/815.78
200 2Louis Bourke1/826.5
William Rabjohns228.19
3Teagan B-Williams6/832.31
Toby Evans733
1500 1William Rabjohns1/104-26.25
HJAlex Harris10/111.15m
LJLouis Bourke2/294.67m
Teagan B-Williams243.41m
Toby Evans283.20m
ShotAlex Harris10/145.27m
JavToby Evans12/1414.27m
200 1Liam Nixon1/624.68
2Edward Pearce3/625.69
3Connor Corbin6/631.82
300 1Liam Nixon1/838.21
Edward Pearce6/841.91
3Mark Ruby745.43
1500 1Mark Ruby9/214-56.37
2Cameron Corbin7/115-26.41
80H 1Connor Corbin3/615
LJEdward Pearce4/195.14m
Jack Evans104.50m
Connor Corbin114.48m
DiscusJack Evans8/1217.67m
Cameron Corbin1211.43m
200Adam Booth1/524.03
100HAdam Booth1/214.28
ShotAdam Booth2/810.57m
400 1Callum Jones6/658
LJCallum Jones7/85.16m
200 1George Walker2/824.39
Richard Wheeler426.93
400 1Ciaran Dunnion2/652.21
2Jamie Grose2/755.2
110HGeorge Walker3/517
LJRichard Wheeler12/163.93m
DiscusGeorge Walker4/1631.33m
Richard Wheeler723.59m
HammRichard Wheeler3/1323.97m
George Walker719.77m

100 1Jaya Collinson1/914.03
2Lola Riley5/915.22
3Elizabeth Richley2/815.03
4Eleanor Mowbray2/815
200 2Jaya Collinson2/829.98
3Mia Riley5/832.7
4Molly Pearce7/833.07
1500Megan Mowbray21/226-47.15
70HMegan Mowbray5/813.62
4x100Team (Ht.2)1/359.65
HJElizabeth Richley9/181.15m
Eleanor Mowbray131.15m
Megan Mowbray161.05m
LJLola Riley19/273.22m
Mia Riley233.4m
ShotEleanor Mowbray2/208.68m
Molly Pearce126.28m
Mia Riley145.48m
200 1Leah Watts3/728.77
3Sophia Horwood4/631.24
4Claudia W-Wallace6/730.66
300 1Sophia Horwood4/848.86
Isobel Rabjohns549.21
1500 1Ashia Wilson1/115-02.01
2Isobel Rabjohns2/105-20.35
Emily Cole107-46.91
75H 1Safia Stacey6/616.28
2Emily Cole6/617.72
HJSafia Stacey9=/191.30m
Sophia H111.30m
LJSafia Stacey12/214.10m
Leah Watts134.07m
JavAshia Wilson19/2010.43m
200 1Ella Ruby5/528.93
2Niamh Kirwin u155/531.13
300 1Heidi Taylor u152/744.42
1500Heidi Taylor u152/75-09.68
80HElla Ruby4/612.92
400 1Katie Corbin W6/767.86
2Demi Goddard W4/768.45
TJNiamh Kirwin u154/69.43m
ShotNiamh Kirwin u156/97.55m
JavImogen Davis1/1135.44m
200 1Lizzie Gourlay5/728.47
100HLizzie Gourlay6/820.42
TJKatie Corbin u177/129.12m
Demi Goddard u1798.74m
ShotLizzie Gourlay15/185.99m
JavLizzie Gourlay8/1616.91m

Quad Kids results from WYAL 4 @ Swindon

Note the RECORDS by Edwin Langley and Harley Taylor.  Also a brilliant TEAM effort scoring enormous, winning 1031 points from 4 boy athletes! All seven athletes achieved at least one PB each!

Name75 (pts)600 (pts)LJ (pts)Howler (pts)TotalRank (Overall)
Edwin Langley11.1 (59)1-58.3 (71)4.27 (79)40.93 (81)2901/42
Ethan Crowley13.2 (38)2-03.4 (66)3.22 (44)31.73 (63)21118
Harry Farley11.5 (55)1-48.9 (81)3.57 (55)22.45 (44)2359
Thomas Farley11.5 (55)1-53.3 (76)3.67 (59)24.63 (49)2397
Monty Spence13.3 (37)2-29.9 (40)2.53 (21)20.97 (41)13938
Harley Taylor11.2 (58)2-14.9 (55)4.29 (79)37.65 (75)2673
Lexie Taylor12.7 (43)2-20.9 (49)3.55 (55)17.30 (34)1818/38


NB The rest of the Swindon results will be published next week. They are on Power of 10 now.

STILL NEEDED: u15B for Kingston 21/07. See DAVID LITTLE.