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PAC News 29, 23rd July 2019

By 24/07/2019Junior, Senior

Outstanding efforts from Team Dorset LAG team!

With many of the Dorchester, PAC and Wimborne athletes reserving their energies for the South-West Inter-Counties on Sunday, this was a chance for other athletes to shine for Team Dorset in this vital final match. Having won the first three matches in this UK YDL Lower-Age-Group series in the Southern West 1 division, we were still not guaranteed to win overall. This match was a home fixture for Windsor SHE and they were runners-up in the first three.

As expected they put out a strong team and our athletes had to cover unusual (for them) events and support each other to finish (subject to confirmation by YDL) second in this match and thus WINNERS overall!  Fantastic!

Results of PAC athletes. See the brilliant number of PBs:-

U13G75Lexi Lewin n/s2/811.46
U13G150 BFaye Ball4/522.94
U13G800Lexi Lewin n/s3/33-04.19
U13G1200 BFreya Woollard3/54-35.21
U13GHJ BFaye Ball1/21.15m
U13GLJ AFreya Woollard3/64.12m
U15G100 AGeorgina Stokes4/612.99
U15G200 BSophia Horwood4/529.4
U15G300 ASophia Horwood3/645.97
U15GLJ AGeorgina Stokes3/64.71m
U15GShot AMolly Pearce4/57.45m
U15GBSophia Horwood4/46.23m
U15GJav AMolly Pearce2/623.14m
U15G100 AOllie Woollard4/614.08
U15G200 BOllie Woollard1/528.47
U15G800 AThomas Farley2/62-30.44
U15G1500 AHarry Farley2/55-02.41
U15G75H AThomas Farley1/313.61
U15GBHarry Farley2/214.77
U15GHJ BMonty Spence1/11.10m
U15GLJ AOllie Woollard3/64.41m
U15GJav BMonty Spence3/417.72m
U15B100 ADan Sanchez2/611.8
U15B200 BJonty Spence5/537.27
U15B300 AMark Ruby5/545.92
U15B800 AWill Rabjohns1/52-08.58
U15B1500 AMark Ruby3/64-42.73
U15BBFinlay Nunn3/35-16.95
U15B80H BFinlay Nunn3/316.18
U15BShot ADan Sanchez1/610.11m
U15BJav BJonty Spence2/315.51m
U15BHam BJonty Spence1/110.56m

News from SWIC in Exeter Sunday, July 21

On a bright day, with gusting, sometimes illegal (2+ m/s) wind, our podium people were:-


  • Jaya Collinson (won LJ, 2nd in 100 and 200);
  • Lexie Brown (2nd in 1500)


  • Dan Sanchez (2nd in 200, 3rd in 100);
  • Will Rabjohns (won 1500);
  • Harry Midgley (2nd in Jav)


  • Heidi Taylor (3rd in 3oo);
  • Niamh Kirwin (3rd in Shot)


  • Adam Booth (won 110H, 2nd in 400H)

This was a team “selected” to represent Dorset.  And it was interesting to see several of those who had contributed so valuably at Eton on Saturday performing with great merit here.

U13G100 HJaya Collinson1/713.36
U13GFJaya Collinson2/813.23
U13G200 1Jaya Collinson2/727.38
U13GLJJaya Collinson1/74.48m
U13G1500 GLexie Brown2/65-06.15
U15G100 HGeorgina Stokes4/613.33
U15GFGeorgina Stokes7/813.23
U15G200 1Leah Watts4/627.52
U15GGeorgina Stokes527.65
U15G300Leah Watts5/644.97
U15B100Dan Sanchez3/911.57
U15B200Dan Sanchez2/723.26
U15B1500Will Rabjohns1/104-16.49
U15BJavHarry Midgley2/240.53m
U20M110HAdam Booth1/215.09
U20M400HAdam Booth2/357.02
U20MLJAdam Booth4/106.33m
U17M800Josh Smith6/82-04.78
U17W300 2Heidi Taylor1/443.37
U17W(Overall TBC)3/9
U17W800 SWHeidi Taylor5/82-22.97
U17WSWIsobel Rabjohns62-24.80
U17WShotNiamh Kirwin3/710.43m
U17WDiscusNiamh Kirwin5/821.48m
U17WJavCharlotte Piper5/832.05m

Other results from Wessex 4 at Sandown July 14

U13B100 ACaleb Cheng2/613.6
U13BBOllie Woollard1/514.3
U13B200 ACaleb Cheng2/628.1
U13BBOllie Woollard1/529.4
U13BHJ AMonty Spence4/41.15m
U13BLJ AOllie Woollard4/64.27m
U13BBCaleb Cheng2/53.89m
U13BShot ABilly Godden1/49.59m
U13BBMonty Spence2/34.61m
U13BDisc ABilly Godden1/523.38m
U13BJav BMonty Spence4/619.97m
U15B100 ADan Sanchez1/412
U15BBTyler Collins4/415.4
U15B200 ADan Sanchez1/423.9
U15BBJack Evans2/425.9
U15Bn/sTyler Collins30.2
U15BHJ AJack Evans3/41.55m
U15BLJ AJack Evans2/55.22m
U15BBTyler Collins3/34.00m
U15BShot AHarry Midgley2/58.66m
U15BBJonty Spence3/45.35m
U15BDisc ADan Sanchez1/525.94m
U15BBJonty Spence2/311.65m
U15Bn/sHarry Midgley18.53m
U15BJav AHarry Midgley1/439.56m
U15BBJonty Spence3/316.32m
U13G100 AJaya Collinson2/614
U13GBElizabeth Richley2/613.9
U13Gn/sFaye Ball15.5
U13G200 AJaya Collinson2/627.6
U13GBElizabeth Richley2/628.3
U13G800 AFreya Woollard1/52-41.5
U13GHJ AElizabeth Richley2/41.30m
U13GBFaye Ball2/31.15m
U13GLJ AJaya Collinson1/64.34m
U13GBFreya Woollard1/63.87m
U13Gn/sFaye Ball3.72m
U13GShot AFreya Woollard5/54.10m
U15G100 AGeorgina Stokes3/513.6
U15G200 AGeorgina Stokes3/627.6
U15GBSophia Horwood5/628.8
U15G300 ASophia Horwood4/545.5
U15G75H ASafia Stacey2/313.1
U15GHJ ASophia Horwood2/51.45m
U15GBSafia Stacey1/31.45m
U15GLJ AGeorgina Stokes2/64.54m
U15GBSafia Stacey1/54.18m
U17WHJNiamh Kirwin1/31.40m
U17WShotNiamh Kirwin1/210.47m
U17WDiscNiamh Kirwin1/322.27m

Thanks again to all who braved the minibus and ferry!  A great day!

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