PAC News 31, 31st July 2018

Big Poole AC turn-out for our Open event on July 27

A total of 57 Poole AC members participated on a cool evening last Friday at the Poole (Ashdown) Open. Thanks to all volunteers and officials. Also the enthusiastic support. A full list of results can be found here>>.

Quadkids results from Poole Open 27/07/2018


  • 60pts = Match points.
  • 1st = Match rank.
  • p1 = Poole AC rank if different from Match rank or not Match ranked.

Olivia Bowen broke the 75m U11G Club record and equalled the record for Quad Kids total.

NameClub75m600mLong Jump (m)Howler (m)Total ptsM/P Rank
Olivia BowenPAC11.0 60pts 1st2-07.6 62pts 2nd3.15 41pts 3rd p122.78 45pts 1st2081 p1
Elizabeth DaviePAC12.3 47pts 3rd p22-23.8 46pts p32.74 28pts14.90 29pts p31504 p3
Lily SteelePAC12.7 43pts2-38.3 31pts2.42 17pts10.07 20pts1116
Isis DaltonWAC13.0 40pts-3.27 45pts 1st=--
Ellie EtheridgePAC13.7 33pts2-45.6 24pts1.50 0pts12.09 24pts817
Sophie ReamHayJ14.7 23pts2-52.0 18pts1.90 0pts--
Brooke WilliamsWAC12.2 48pts 2nd-3.27 45pts 1st=21.43 42pts 2nd-
Isla McPhailPAC12.6 44pts p32-04.3 65pts 1st2.87 32pts p2=14.98 29pts p21702 p2
Verity WilsonPAC13.3 37pts2-23.2 46pts2.65 25pts13.74 27pts1355
Imogen RawlesWAC13.5 35pts2-14.4 55pts 3rd3.04 38pts20.63 41pts 3rd1693
Alexia HornPAC13.5 35pts-2.87 32pts p2=--
Edwin LangleyPAC11.1 59pts 1st1-57.8 72pts 1st3.94 68pts 1st37.70 75pts 1st2741
Harry WilliamsUn11.6 54pts 2nd2-02.0 68pts 3rd3.64 58pts 2nd--
James DaviePAC11.9 51pts p22-23.6 46pts3.26 45pts p221.50 43pts1856 p3
Zachary FrickerUn11.9 51pts2-21.9 48pts3.21 43pts13.42 26pts1688
William GreensladePAC12.9 41pts----
Harry RuscoeWAC13.0 40pts2-27.5 42pts2.64 24pts28.72 57pts 2nd1639
Monty SpencePAC13.3 37pts2-31.0 39pts2.67 25pts23.44 46pts p314710
Joshua FrickerUn11.8 52pts 3rd=1-58.8 71pts 2nd3.63 57pts 3rd21.57 43pts2232
Joe RuscoeWAC11.8 52pts 3rd=2-07.7 62pts3.06 38pts24.39 48pts2003
Harrison BurkeWAC12.1 49pts-3.62 57pts25.76 51pts 3rd-
Josh BishopPAC12.3 47pts p32-11.9 58pts p32.94 34pts p325.17 50pts p21895 p2
Jonas GuthrieWAC12.4 46pts2-10.6 59pts3.21 43pts23.31 46pts1944
Henry ElliottPAC12.9 41pts2-03.0 67pts p22.56 22pts22.25 44pts1747

Next matches:

  • Southern AL 5 at Par August 18 (for U17s and above)
  • South-W AL 4 at Exeter on September 2 (U13s and above)