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PAC News 32, 13th August 2019

By 14/08/2019Junior, Senior

Improvement in South-West League Match 3!

In the third match in the 2019 series, at Exeter Arena on August 4th, a stronger team brought a better result for PAC.  There were outstanding efforts from many and a number of athletes ventured out of their familiar comfort zones to try exotic events like Hammer and Steeplechase!  It would help the track athletes who try jumps and throws to get to sessions with the specialist coaches of those event groups.  It would enhance their invaluable points!
With A and B athletes from 12 clubs able to score in each individual event (except u17=A only), the winner of an event gets 24 points, second = 23, etc.   PBs as usual.

U13G70H ALexi Lewin9/12 1714.79
U13G100 AJaya Collinson2/30 2313.58
U13GBElizabeth Richley3 2213.85
U13Gn/sMadeleine Stokes2115.59
U13Gn/sMorgan S-Watson2917.46
U13G200 AJaya C2/17 2327.45
U13GBElizabeth R4 21
U13Gn/sLexi L1632.76
U13G1500 AFreya Woollard9/16 165-54.68
U13GBLexi L15 116-35.95
U13G4x100Team4/7 959.36
U13GHJ AElizabeth R5=/13 19.51.20m
U13GBMorgan S-W13 121.00m
U13GLJ AJaya C2/29 234.26m
U13GBFreya W9 163.94m
U13Gn/sMorgan S-W293.02m
U13GShot AFreya W12/20 145.22m
U13GBMadeleine S19 93.38m
U13GJav AMadeleine S10/17 1511.4
U15G100 AGeorgina Stokes5/26 2013.17
U15GBLeah Watts7 1813.39
U15G300 ALeah W3/21 2243.59
U15GBSophia Horwood7 1845.73
U15G1500 ALexie Brown u134/14 215-07.58
U15G4x300Team3/8 103-04.73
U15GHJ ASophia H15/19 111.30m
U15GLJ AGeorgina S9/24 164.44m
U15GBSophia H18 84.09m
U17W100 AHeidi Taylor5/14 2113.52
U17WFleur Mansell1114.03
U17W300 AHeidi T2/13 2343.65
U17WCamilla Brown947.45
U17W1500 AIsobel Rabjohns1/7 244-55.94
U17WCamilla B45-15.93
U17WHJ AFleur M3/4 221.35m
U17WTJ AFleur M2/6 2310.77
U17WShot AHeidi T11/12 166.11m
U17WIsobel R125.21m
SW100 AAlexandra Bryant1/16 2412.77
SWBLizzie Grose10 1513.81
SW400 AAlexandra B1/15 2458.59
SWBLizzie G13 1270.95
SW1500 AEmily Parker u174/13 214-52.88
SWBJo Brown10 155-49.31
SW100H ALizzie G4/6 2120.41
SW4x400Team2/ 114-22.01
SWHJ AAlexandra B4=/10 20.51.35m
SWBLizzie G6= 18.51.25m
SWTJ AAlexandra B6/10 198.79m
SWBLizzie G9 167.69m
SWShot AAlexandra B14/20 127.14m
SWBLizzie G15 115.97m
SWJav ALizzie G10/14 1513.05m
SWBAlexandra B12 1310.68m
U13B75H AThomas Farley5/9 2014.09
U13B100 ACaleb Cheng5/27 2013.45
U13BBOllie Woollard11 1513.97
U13B200 ACaleb C6/21 1928.11
U13BBOllie W8 1729.01
U13B1500 AThomas F8/17 175-16.12
U13BBGeorge Bloomfield14 145-52.84
U13Bn/sHarry Bloomfield176-22.16
U13B4x100Team5/7 860.09
U13BHJ AMonty Spence10/10 150.93m
U13BLJ AOllie W2/27 234.57m
U13BBCaleb B11 153.86m
U13BShot AMonty S10/11 154.52m
U13BJav AMonty S9/11 1718.11m
U15B100 ATyler Collins16/17 1114.59
U15B300 AWill Rabjohns11/21 1442.1
U15BBTyler C18 1249.42
U15B1500 AWill R1/16 244-25.97
U15BBHarry Drew16 95-22.47
U15B4x300Team5/6 83-04.84
U15BLJ AJack Evans2/12 245.27m
U15BBTyler C11 1533.71m
U15BDisc AJack E5/13 2023.69m
U15BBHarry D12 1315.20m
U15BHam AJack E5/6 2017.33m
U17M100 AJamie Paton5/16 2012.07
U17M400 AJamie P13/17 1360.08
U17MShot AJamie P14/15 136.57m
U20M100 AAdam Booth1/9 2411.34
U20M400 AElliot Hall8/10 1759.45
U20M110H AAdam B1/4 2415.21
U20M2K SCElliot H2/2 239-53.89
U20MLJ AAdam B1/9 246.67m
U20MPV AAdam B2/5 233.30m
U20MShot AElliot H4/8 218.15m
SM100 ARichard Wheeler11/16 1513.27
SMBMarcus Pidgley14 1214.54
SM400 ACiaran Dunnion1/17 2449.87
SMBRichard W14 1165.88
SM2KSC ACiaran D2/9 237-14.66
SMBPeter Cornes9 1612-55.40
SM1500 ADominic Willmore2/18 234-18.45
SMBGraeme Mansell17 105-56.21
SM4x400Team2/6 113-47.82
SMLJ ACiaran D10/15 154.71m
SMBRichard W15 103.36m
SMDisc ARichard W2/14 2324.71m
SMBCiaran D12 1415.35m
SMn/sPeter C149.88m
SMHam ARichard W3/13 2223.59m
SMBPeter C13 135.60m

Apologies for all the figures but all are used to compile the Match results and all athletes need to see how they have contributed to the improved TEAM result!

Of the 12 clubs the top six teams were:-

  1. Wimborne 2015.5
  2. Taunton 1783
  3. Newquay/Par 1694
  4. Poole  1600.5
  5. Exeter  1564
  6. Armada  1434

We still rank 6th after the first three matches.  Final match is at Exeter Arena on Sunday, September 1st.  Please contact Mark Pauley if you are available and want to compete.  For most u13 and older athletes this is your next match!

Final Southern League match, Swindon August 17

Team Dorset currently (after four matches) ranks 5th of the 12 teams in Division 3 S-W.  For the past two seasons we have finished in the top three and this is still achievable with a full team.  If you are available and wish to compete in this match, please contact Dave Pearson. Anyone aged 15 or older is eligible, but throwers have to use Senior implements.

Looking ahead to 2020

Team Dorset (the combination of Dorchester, Poole and Wimborne ACs) is in the process of planning for the 2020 season. This team has been competing in 2019 in the Southern League (for u17s and older), and in UK Youth Development League’s two age-groups: the Lower (LAG for u13s and u15s); and the Upper (UAG for u17s and u20s).  In 2020 those three teams may be joined by Poole Runners.  As you know, the Team Dorset LAG team has been promoted for 2020 and that should enable those athletes to meet new, different opposition!

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