PAC News 35, 4th September 2018

Results: Final SWAL Match at Exeter 2nd Sept  

Mild, dry conditions with variable wind for our final League match. Our team of 35 athletes did their PBs to gain points, many in (for them) unusual events.

100 R1Eleanor Mowbray6/714.62
R3Molly Pearce7/716.03
200 R1Molly Pearce6/733.32
R3Megan Mowbray7/734.62
HJMegan Mowbray8=/191.20m
LJEleanor Mowbray7/374.05m
Megan Mowbray163.86m
ShotMolly Pearce4/256.64m
100 R1Leah Watts7/813.94
R2Safia Stacey6/814.53
R3Claudia W-Wallace7/814.67
800 R1Isobel Rabjohns2/102-30.67
R2Sophia Horwood2/92-42.03
Emily Cole93-37.47
200 R1Leah Watts4/828.69
R3Sophia Horwood4/629.82
‘B’ team661.9
LJSafia Stacey12/204.19m
Leah Watts134.18m
Emily Cole203.00m
ShotCharlotte Piper6/168.88m
Niamh Kirwin108.31m
DiscusNiamh Kirwin7/2018.67m
Charlotte Piper1315.35m
Isobel Rabjohns2011.14m
100 R1Elloise Hartnell9/914.12
200 R1Elloise Hartnell7/829.46
800Heidi Taylor3/112-32.18
3000Fern Kimber2/710-59.79
300HHeidi Taylor6/653.51
LJElloise Hartnell8/84.04m
DiscusCaitlin Batcheldor2/829.41m
Heidi Taylor611.75m
HammCaitlin Batcheldor1/547.47m
100 R1Lizzie Gourlay4/813.58
R2Katie Corbin7/814.54
200 R1Lizzie Gourlay6/628.58
R3Katie Corbin5/530.52
800 R1Demi Goddard5/82-38.18
R2Emily Jeffries4/52-52.08
400H 2Emily Jeffries1/472.73
LJLizzie Gourlay12/154.08m
Katie Corbin153.81m
PVEmily Jeffries1/11.65m
HammLizzie Gourlay14/1412.90m
100 R2Teagan B-Williams4/615.22
200 R2Teagan B-Williams5/733.11
HJAlex Harris4/101.25m
LJAlex Harris18/233.64m
Teagan B-Williams232.76m
100 R1Daniel Sanchez2/811.95
R3Jack Evans3/613.58
200 R1Daniel Sanchez2/724.2
800 R1Connor Corbin9/102-38.92
3000Cameron Corbin7/811-23.68
HJJack Evans7/141.50m
Connor Corbin111.40m
TJConnor Corbin12/138.69m
ShotDaniel Sanchez8/158.83m
Cameron Corbin155.32m
JavJack Evans8/1020.58m
Cameron Corbin1010.12m
100 R1Elliot Hall4/712.44
R2Edward Pearce3/612.55
200 R1Elliot Hall4/724.91
R2Edward Pearce3/526.02
400HElliot Hall2/264.63
LJEdward Pearce9/104.88m
DiscusOliver Cooper3/635.26m
HJCallum Jones u204/71.70m
TJCallum Jones u205/811.49m
100 R1Tom Casson1/611.31
800Ben Lewis3/62-12.00
DiscusTom Casson6/718.19m
5000Ben Lewis1/416-31.56
HammTom Casson4/45.55m
100 R1Ryan Lewis2/811.59
R2George Walker2/911.75
200 R1Ryan Lewis4/823.64
R2George Walker1/824.37
800 R1Ciaran Dunnion3/82-10.25
R2Elliot Wilks5/72-30.59
5000Elliot Wilks3/1116-24.05
400HGeorge Walker2/666.62
ShotGeorge Walker3/1311.44m
Ryan Lewis411.29m
JavGeorge Walker3/1341.08m
Ciaran Dunnion1221.49m

The positions given in field events are mostly accurate but in track races with multiple heats, times will be ranked overall in due course.

SEAA Inter-Counties at Horspath Sept 1st

Four PAC athletes competed for Dorset in the u15 section of this South of England meeting in Oxford. (Two then competed for PAC at Exeter next day!) Well done to them! Their results:-

300 H1Liam Nixon1/538.76
FinalLiam Nixon3/837.95
ShotCharlotte Piper12/148.82m
JavCharlotte Piper6/1430.53m
100 H2Daniel Sanchez3/712.14
200 H1Daniel Sanchez4/624.51
FinalDaniel Sanchez6/625.04
1500Josh Smith13/144-38.40

England u15/u17 Champs at Bedford

Daniel Sanchez and Adam Booth competed in these Championships at Bedford on the weekend August 25/26.  Daniel ran in H3 of the u15B 100m on Saturday finishing 5/6 in 11.91 (with a big following wind of 2.4)! On Sunday he ran in H3 of the 200m and came 3/6 in 24.27.

Adam ran in H1 of the u17M 400H on Saturday placing 3/7 in 58.23, close to his PB. He had been injured in training and this showed in the 400H final on Sunday, finishing 8/8 in 62.05. However his attitude and determination pushed him to compete in the 100H H2 later on Sunday, finishing 5/7 in 14.29.


Please do not forget Part 2 of the Club Champs at Ashdown next Saturday morning, from 10am

This will be our final SATURDAY OUTDOOR Club training until March 2019. Saturdays go on, indoors, starting at 4.30pm on September 15th.