PAC News 37, 18th September 2018

Two more records in Club Champs QuadKids!

In the Club Championships Part 2 on September 8th, two girls set new u11G records.  Faye Ball broke her own Howler distance with 30.00m and Olivia Bowen set a new QK total of 217 points.  This is the table of the u10 and u11 QK results:-

Names75m (pts.)600m (pts.)LJ (pts.)Howler (pts.)Total
Verity Wilson13.7 (33)2-21.9 (48)2.54m (21)12.39m (24)126
Olivia Bowen11.3 (57)2-16.2 (53)3.51 (53)27.03 (54)217 REC
Faye Ball12.3 (47)2-21.7 (48)3.48 (52)30.00(60) REC207
Isla McPhail12.4 (46)2-06.4 (63)3.18 (42)20.30 (40)191
Nancy Taylor12.4 (46)2-01.0 (69)3.28 (46)26.02 (52)213
Isla Stockdale13.4 (36)2-26.2 (43)2.06 (5)15.24 (30)114
Oliver Nyathi13.8 (32)2-15.9 (54)3.11 (40)22.44 (44)170
Zack Stockdale13.1 (39)2-19.5 (50)3.02 (37)20.19 (40)166
Euan McPhail13.3 (37)2-20.6 (49)2.18 (9)15.40 (30)125
Alfred Shepherd12.9 (41)2-10.3 (59)3.25 (45)21.46 (42)187
James Crane14.0 (30)2-44.6 (25)2.24 (11)17.21 (34)100
Henry Barham13.2 (38)2-23.7 (46)3.10 (40)19.09 (38)162

These are the rest of the Club Championships results.

75Alfie Curtis11.7
Ludovico Laleye13.3
LJHarry Williams3.56m
Alfie Curtis3.46
Ludovico Laleye2.46
HowlAlfie Curtis18.30
Ludovico Laleye20.72
75Elouan Biwole12.1
Monty Spence14.3
600Edwin Langley2-11.2
Monty Spence2-44.4
HowlMonty Spence24.39
HJMonty Spence
100William Rabjohns1/314.0
Callum McGinley215.0
Thomas Langley315.2
1500William Rabjohns1/34-44.4
Thomas Langley25-46.0
Callum McGinley36-56.5
HJAlex Harris1/31.30m
Finn Wilde21.20
Callum McGinley31.15
ShotThomas Langley1/25.64m
Jonty Spence24.57
JavJonty Spence1/217.95
JavAlex Harris2/217.68
100Daniel Sanchez1/311.8
Sam Bowen212.5
Jack Evans314.0
1500Mark Ruby1/24-54.7
Jack Evans25-17.0
80HConnor Corbin1/116.0
HJJack Evans1/21.50m
Daniel Sanchez21.40
TJSam Bowen1/19.52m
ShotSam Bowen1/28.20m
Connor Corbin25.15
100Elliot Hall1/112.2
75Seni Punell12.7
Lily Steele13.0
600Seni Punell2-12.5
LJSeni Punell2.77m
100Jaya Collinson1/214.2
Eleanor Mowbray214.7
1200Megan Mowbray1/15-11.0
HJMegan Mowbray1/11.25m
ShotEleanor Mowbray1/28.12m
Lola Riley25.83
2kgHeather Rowe3.30m
100Leah Watts1/613.7
Heidi Taylor213.9
Sophia Horwood314.2
Safia Stacey414.4
Claudia W-Wallace514.7
Sarah-Louise Hazell615.3
1500Isobel Rabjohns1/15-36.2
200Sarah-Louise Hazell1/330.4
Niamh Kirwin231.4
Emily Cole335.3
75HHeidi Taylor1/213.3
Safia Stacey213.3
TJSafia Stacey1/18.91m
JavCharlotte Piper1/130.40m
HJSafia Stacey1/21.45m
Sophia Horwood21.40
ShotCharlotte Piper1/27.67m
Heidi Taylor26.08
JavImogen Davis1/134.08m
100Alex Bryant1/212.9
Lizzie Gourlay213.9
100Tom Casson1/111.7
HJCallum Jones1/11.60m
TJCallum Jones1/111.14m
100Dan Cook1/119.6
ShotMatt Smyth1/18.60m

SW 2018 Award for Will Rabjohns!

William Rabjohns has been recognised as the SW Endurance Junior Male Athlete of the Year and this will be presented at the SW Regional Awards evening in Exeter on Saturday September 29th.  Congratulations to William for an outstanding 2018.

Adam Booth in Hants Schools’ winning team!

In the English Schools’ Inter-County Combined Events weekend on September 15/16 at Bedford the Hampshire Intermediate Boys’ team won their Octathlon team event.  With the first three counting for a team’s score, Adam finished 18th of the 40 athletes and completed the Hampshire team.  His effort included new PBs in LJ and Discus. With five of his other scores being near his best, his total of 4311 was another PB.  Any multi-events athlete knows about hard work!

Three Seniors at the World Masters’ Champs

Senior athlete and Club coach James Hind lost a WORLD bronze on countback in the M40 HJ event. He placed 4th of the 14 athletes as he achieved a first-time clearance of a SB 1.96m. Fellow-coach Mark Roach competed in the M50 section with a SB of 1.50m. Also competing for GBR in Malaga, Spain, was sprinter Richard Wheeler who ran in the M50 100 and 200 Heats in reasonable times of 13.33 and 26.57, considering the strong headwind.


Saturday September 29th  – Sportshall Match 1 at Canford School

  • If you are u11, u13 or u15 and available, contact Alison Parish (Junior Membership) here>>

Sunday, October 7th – Wessex X-C Match 1 at Limelights

  • If you are u11 to Senior and available, contact Mark Pauley (Junior Committee) here>>