PAC News 42, 5th November 2019

Congratulations to Melissa and Ashley on their wedding!

We congratulate Melissa Courtney and Ashley Bryant on the occasion of their wedding last Friday, 25th October. Wishing them a long and happy life together!

And Melissa has also been recognised by the Welsh sporting community by being voted as the Welsh Female Athlete of the Year!

Zac competed for GB in World Biathle in USA!

Last weekend, in St. Petersburg, Florida, U17 Endurance athlete 16-year-old Zac Cloete was in the GB U17 team in the World Biathle Championships.  He is the latest of our multi-sport members, many of them going through the early stages of Modern Pentathlon, to compete at such a top level.  (“Biathle” is a junior version of Biathlon, which combines Swimming and Running).

He and his female GB partner Charlotte Gilbody raced in the U17 Mixed Relay as Team GB 2. They finished sixth of the eight international pairs, the other GB pairs finishing first and fourth. Our congratulations go to Zac (a) for even being selected for such competition; and (b) for completing his race with his partner for GB!

Excellent achievements by our Sportshall teams October 27th

Just eight days after Match 1, we had to go to Match 2 at Canford, due to the limited availability of their Sports Hall. As did the other teams, our numbers were reduced. Nevertheless our athletes did their best and performed well.

U11G1 lapBeatrice Hamblin12.9 A223
U11G1 lapErin Langdale14.0 B49
U11G2 lapMali Ballingall25.8 A520
U11G2 lapMahlia-P Johnson26.1 B211
U11G2 lapAmelia Drew28
U11GSpBBeatrice H49 A223
U11GSLJBeatrice H1.74m A124
U11GSLJErin L1.48m B211
U11GSTJMali B4.99m A322
U11GSTJAmelia D4.16m B49
U11GVJMali B42cm A322
U11GVJErin L29cm B310
U11GBalBAmelia D38sec A520
U11GCh PMahlia-P J6.33m A124
U11GTargTMahlia-P J9 in A421
U11G2 lapJosh Baker25.7 A421
U11GMonty Spence27.8 B310
U11G4 lapJosh B56.5 A322
U11G8PaarJosh & Monty32
U11GSpBJosh Baker69 A322
U11GSTJMonty Spence4.24m A421
U11GVJJosh Baker33 cm A3=21.5
U11GShotMonty S4.55m A421
U15B2 lapJonty Spence26.7 A1
U15B4 lapJonty S57.8 A1
U15BVJJonty S38 cm A1
U15BShotJonty S5.15m A1
U11B1 lapElouan Biwole12.0 A223
U11B1 lapOliver Harrison13.0 B310
U11B2 lapElouan B24.5 A223
U11B2 lapOliver H25.9 B310
U11B2+2RElouan & OliverWon36
U11BSLJOliver H1.79m A223
U11BBalBOliver H43sec A124
U11BCh PElouan B6.66m A124
U11BTargTElouan B12 in A124
U13G2 lapOlivia BowenA
U13G2 lapMorgan S-Watson27.9 B
U13G2 lapGeorgina Langdale27.7
U13G2 lapAlexia Horn27.9
U13G4 lapJaya Collinson50.1 A124
U13G4 lapGeorgina L55.9 B310
U13G4 lapAlexia H60.1
U13G8PaarOlivia & JayaWon36
U13GSpBJaya C82 A124
U13GSpBGeorgina L56 B58
U13GSLJJaya C2.08m A124
U13GSLJAlexia Horn1.62m B58
U13GSTJMorgan S-Watson4.83m A619
U13GSTJGeorgina Langdale4.51m B310
U13GVJOlivia Bowen50 cm A124
U13GShotOlivia B7.04m A223
U13GShotMorgan S-W4.36m B49
U13GShotAlexia H3.19m

Please note: There is some uncertainty about the validity of the U13/U15 Vertical Jump measurements.

It was remarkable that the U11B and U13B each finished 3rd of the five teams with just two athlete! The U11G, with a reduced team, also finished 3rd of 6!

Jonty was the only U15 to attend this match!

(Just to remind you, each team can enter ‘A’ and ‘B’ scoring athletes in each individual event. Based on the overall event result, the teams’ ‘A’ athletes are ranked, with the winner earning 24 points, second 23, etc.  Then the ‘B’ athletes are ranked, with the best earning 12 points, second 11, etc. Relays are ranked from 36 downwards.)

Match 3 in this Dorset Sportshall series will be at Canford School on Dec. 21st.


  • Wessex Cross-Country Match 2 at Lytchett Minster School on Sunday, Nov 3rd using the same programme as Match 1. If you did not register for Match 1 at Limelights, but wish to compete next Sunday, contact Mark to be registered. If you competed in Match 1, remember to take your competition number.

If you go to Lytchett, please: do not take a dog; do not take muddy shoes/spikes indoors; and stay off the walls on the site.

  • Hampshire Cross-Country Match 2 at Sparsholt College, Winchester, on Saturday, November 9th. Please check with Mark P for details.

There are races for all age-groups from U11s to Seniors in both these matches!