PAC News 9, 3rd March 2020

Looking ahead to our first competition – advice!

Our first local track competition is the Bournemouth Athletic Club Spring Open. It will be held at the King’s Park track (by the AFC Bournemouth ground) from 10 am. to 5 pm. on Sunday, March 29th.
Details are available now and include the draft timetables and the entry forms.

To be clear, this is not a team entry from Poole AC. It is up to parents and older athletes to complete and submit entries. I believe numbers will be available for collection on the day at the track. Entries close on March 17th

For the benefit of parents, I will describe the two competitions which affect us:

1.QuadKids. This is for athletes from school years 3, 4 and 5. They must be aged 8+ on the day. The competition covers four events and all athletes are expected to compete in all four on the day.

The events are:
• A 75m. sprint
• 600m (lap-and-a half) run
• Normal Long Jump
• throwing the “Vortex” (or Howler)

As in other multi-event competitions, points are awarded for performance and then the athletes are ranked on the totals of their four best performances.

There is a separate entry form for this. Fee is £6.50 and covers all four events. At the moment it is not clear how to use the entry form. I am seeking clarification from BAC.

2. Rest of Programme. This is for athletes in the u13 age-group and older.
For advance entries on-line, the first event fee is £3.50, then additional events will be £3 each. Check the timetables to see what is possible for you. Again I will clarify the entry form process later.

Just to point out – Team Managers seek athletes to fill slots on their teams for matches which start on April 19th for u17s and U20s, and need to see what performances the athletes are achieving in 2020, not last season. So it’s important to see how training has gone and the current level of your athletes.

If you have any questions concerning age-groups and competitions, please don’t be afraid to ask. Keep an eye on the events pages for all upcoming events>>.

And the next competition is at Yeovil at Easter.

This too offers events (including QuadKids) for all age-groups from u11 upwards.
Check the Yeovil Olympiads Athletics Club site for details. Their entries are cheaper done on-line and in advance. There are events on Sat. April 11, but most events will be on Easter Monday. Again this is NOT a Club team entry!