PAC News 17, 2nd May 2017

PAC News 2017 No. 17 02/05/17

Ryan wins silver in Open Decathlon!

Ryan Long and Cameron Hale competed in the Somerset Schools Open u20M Combined Events competition at Millfield on April 29-30. Ryan again scored over 6000 points and came second. Cameron placed 6th (out of 12 athletes).

This was a sound start to their competition season.

Ryan Long Day 2
100m 11.60 (+1.1) 732 points 110mH 15.53 (-2.9) 787 points
Long Jump 6.57m (+2.0) 713 Discus 35.01m 564
Shot Putt 12.13m 614 Pole Vault 3.70m 535
High Jump 1.78m 610 Javelin 41.92m 470
400m 52.75 692 1500m 5-01.76 550
Day 1 Total 3361 Final Total 6267 (2nd.)
Cameron Hale Day 2
100m 12.17 (+0.3) 618 110mH 18.53 (-2.9) 474 PB
Long Jump 5.97m (+0.4) 580 Discus 33.80m 540
Shot Putt 11.76m 592 Pole Vault 3.30m 431 PB
High Jump 1.81m 636 Javelin 50.51m 596
400m 59.47 431 1500m 5-58.57 270
Day 1 Total 2857 Final Total 5168 (6th.)

First UKYDL UAG (u17/u20) Match April 30

A dry, cool, windy day at Hillingdon was supported by a small team of Team Dorset athletes for their first fixture (of four). Having no working P.A. system was a problem with no announcements, results or warnings. Due to problems with their computer and lack of staff, there are still no published results. Much time was lost adjusting hurdles, again due to lack of groundstaff. The steeplechase races had to be cancelled because the water jump level was too low and they had no-one capable of changing the hurdle heights. It was a mess – but it was probably their first major match of the season.

BAC Graded “PB” Meeting at Street May 1st

Seven PAC athletes travelled to Millfield for this annual meeting.

In various 800 races, Josh S, Heidi T, and Issy R achieved PBs. In a 1500 race, Ashia W crept nearer 5 mins, while in a 3000 race Ben L also ran a PB. Finn P and William R gained experience. Well done!