Results: 10th – 11th August 2019

The Dorset weather wasn’t as bad as feared, and a couple of local 10k races took place this weekend.

Round the Rock 10k

Poole AC had 10 runners in the Portland Round the Rock 10k (part of the DRRL). Well done to Chris Alborough who was second, and everyone else who ran.

RankBibNameGenderMFRankAge GroupAG RankGun TimeChip Time
24Chris Alboroughm2M20:35:010:35:00
780Robert Doubledaym7M60:36:450:36:44
47136Stephen Hogarthm46M6010:42:000:41:56
71250Brett Stevensm67M310:45:070:45:05
11098Graham Filmerm94M5560:49:190:49:12
119112Jackie Goddenf21F5030:50:200:50:11
174133Ian Hitchingm126M50180:55:210:55:11
209107Stephanie Gadburyf64F40100:58:050:57:52
234183Catherine Midgleyf80F50111:03:531:03:40
235171Jacqueline Lowef81F6051:04:141:04:02

Bridport Jurassic Coast Run 10k

Well done to:

  • Susan Stainton who came 71st in a time of 1:53:38
  • Ann Deverill who came 72nd in a time of 1:53:38

Salisbury 54321 Marathon

Matt Tomlinson completed the marathon in 82nd position (13th in category) in a gun time of 5:01:00, chip time 5:00:53.

Ditsum Dash

Gareth Hale completed the Dittisham Regatta 5k in 20:42