Results: 11th – 12th November 2021

Christchurch Christmas 10k Race

The one with the Christmas pudding…

PosNameTimeCatGen Pos
35Emily Hilliar39:50F 1-342/190
54Reuben Skinner42:06M 50-5451/188
76Graham Filmer45:21M 55-5970/188
164Simon Wildbur53:50M 40-44116/188
279Nuala Irven1:01:28F 50-54114/190
281Julie Bliss01:01:37F 55-59115/190
359Alison Kirby01:12:01F 35-39176/190

Well done to Emily, who was second female.

Chichester Harbour Wittering Beach 5k Run

11th – Ann Deverill, 31:03