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Results: 17th – 23rd June 2024

By 19/06/2024July 2nd, 2024Junior, Senior

Upton Summer Series #3

Hayley Martin was first female in the senior race and Charlie Harrison won the junior race. The ladies team was first on the night (and halfway through the series, they are also in top spot). The men’s team was second on the night (and are also second overall in the series).


PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
9Oliver HARRISIONMale 14-172900:21:03
10Barry MILLERMale 40-4431000:21:09
14Hayley MARTINFemale 45-491100:21:27
20Simon WILDBURMale 45-4921900:22:06
23Marc UJVARIMale 40-4452200:22:11
25John HALLMale 50-5442400:22:13
30Jonathan ADDISONMale 18-39102900:22:43
31Steven HOGARTHMale 65-6913000:22:46
36Martin SELLMale 50-5483500:22:58
42Les HOLMESMale 40-4464100:23:16
44Andy STREETMale 55-5934300:23:25
46Oliver HALLMale 14-1764500:23:34
52Rachael HADDOWFemale 18-392300:23:50
68Kirstin HAYFemale 40-4411000:25:12
72Andrew LEWISMale 40-44106000:25:35
74Graham FILMERMale 60-6446200:25:41
82Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-5956700:26:12
90Mark KIMBERMale 55-5967200:26:33
99Dave LUGSDENMale 55-5997700:26:59
100Matt HOLMANMale 18-39217800:27:01
101Kathryn ROBSONFemale 55-5922300:27:02
106Eric GILBERTMale 65-6948200:27:21
120Donald HARPERMale 18-39249200:28:43
145Karen PEEDELLFemale 60-6444800:31:19
146Dave RITCHIEMale 60-6479800:31:25
160Clare JULYANFemale 50-5485700:32:50
170Ian HITCHINGMale 55-591510700:34:18
175Nicola HALLFemale 50-5496600:35:25
181Vanya RITCHIEFemale 60-6487100:37:02
185Kim HUNTFemale 65-6947500:37:57
189Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemale 40-44107700:39:08
190Gill COOKFemale 60-64117800:39:59


PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
1Charlie HARRISONBoy 121100:05:09
23Amelia DREWGirl 132400:06:23
27Zoey MILLERGirl 101700:06:42
48Jessica MOORSGirl 1331500:07:13
50Edward HALEBoy 943400:07:15

Coombe Keynes 10k

Has summer arrived? It was a hot multi-terrain race around the Lulworth estate. Well done to everyone who took part!

PosTimeFirstnameSurnameGenCatGen PosCat Pos
660:49:45.08Kirstin HayFF40113

Meeting Madrid, Madrid, Spain (21st June)

Melissa Courtney-Bryant stepped up to run a European Continental Tour Silver meeting and posted her second season’s best in a week in a 4:03.50 victory. This was just the boost she needed ahead of the Olympic Trials.

British Milers’ Club Grand Prix, Loughborough (22nd June)

Emily Parker claimed a 1,500m personal best on her return from the injury sustained in winning the BUCS steeplechase championships. Ed Bird made his first appearance of the English summer having returned from Kentucky, with Mark Ruby claiming a personal best in his 3,000m.
1500: Women: B Race: 3 Emily Parker 4:23.33
3000: Men: A Race: 9 Ed Bird 8:05.71 B Race: 9 Mark Ruby 8:23.10

British Milers’ Club Regional Races, Newport, Gwent (22nd June)

Jemima Chetwood backed up her claim for an English Schools’ 800m place with a second 2:17 clocking, while Fred Harris posted a personal best.
800: Women: B Race: 3 Jemima Chetwood 2:17.78
800: Men: A Race: 9 Fred Harris 1:56.69

Finsbury Park 5000s, Finsbury Park (21st June)

Senior Men: 5,000 Men’s A Race: 9/24 Jamie Grose 15:00.45.

British Milers’ Club Regional Races, Bracknell (19th June)

1500: Men: B Race: 9 Fred Harris 4:03.36

South-West School Combined Events Championships, Yeovil (22nd June)

Intermediate Boys: Quadrathlon: 6 Zachary Richings 4,044 points
(Long Jump 6.27m; Discus 24.79m; Javelin 28.91m; 400m 56.96; 100m Hurdles 15.56; High Jump 1.77m; Shot 8.99m; 1500m 4:58.43)
Frame Runner: 100: James Scammell 29.24 pb 200: Scammell 64.23 400: Scammell 2:09.80

Wessex Young Athletes’ League, Poole (23rd June)

Both our under-17 squads came third, but Poole AC finished fifth overall of the six competing clubs in Round Three of this year’s Wessex League. Our turnout was near full strength, but we don’t have as large a squad as some of the other clubs.
Match Result: 1 Bournemouth AC 488; 2 Poole Runners 395; 3 New Forest Juniors 375.5; 4 Wimborne AC 361.5; 5 Poole AC 251.5; 6 Winchester & District AC 199.5

Under-17 Men: 100: 2A Alban-Mark Kiai 11.8 200: 4A Kiai 24.2 400: 5A Arun Dove 57.4 800: 1A Dove 2:09.0, 2B Oliver Harrison 2:13.7 1500: 3A O Harrison 4:28.3 80m Hurdles: 2 Juan Roku-Ali 16.2 Long Jump: 3A J Roku-AIi 5.41m, 2B Elouan Biwole 4.91m Shot: 1A Jack Gallacher 11.49m Discus: 1A Gallacher 32.95m Javelin: 4A Ethan Crowley 37.71m

Under-15 Boys: 100: 3A Matthew Boos 12.3, 5B Charlie Evans 12.9 200: 4A M Boos 25.3, (6A Zach Black 29.4), 5B Daniel Buckland 30.2 300: 5A Theo Cobley 43.2 800: 1A Cobley 2:19.1 1500: 1A Max Collins 4:27.4 80m Hurdles: 2 Marcel Roku-Ali 12.6 High Jump: 1G Marcel Roku-AIi 1.80m, 2A Buckland 1.55m, 3B Dickson Roku-Ali 1.40m Long Jump: 2A C Evans 4.39m, 2B Buckland 4.04m Shot: 3A Z Black 7.44m Javelin: 5A Z Black 15.76m

Under-13 Boys: 100: 2A Jonah Richings 13.6, 2B Tristan Aubrey 14.9; 2G Jude Dovey 14.9, 5G Harry Butt 15.4 200: 3A J Richings 28.3, 3B Dovey 31.8 4G1 Butt 32.9 800: 4A Charlie Harrison 2:26.7 4×100: 3 Poole AC (Aubrey, Dovey, Butt, Richings) 59.1 High Jump: 2A Charlie Harrison 1.35m, 2B Aubrey 1.30m Long Jump: 1A J Richings 4.83m, 1B Aubrey 4.50m, 1G Dovey 4.03m Javelin: 3A C Harrison 26.96m

Under-17 Women: 100: 1G Lucy Lucas 13.4 200: 1G Lucas 26.7, 2A Beatrice Hamblin 27.8 800: 1A Mia Hagan 2:21.8, 1B Nancy Taylor 2:22.1 1 4×100: 2A Poole AC (M Hagan, S Boos, Stephanie Mazareanu, Hamblin) 53.8 High Jump: 2A M Hagan 1.50m
Long Jump: 1A S Boos 4.98m, 1B Hamblin 4.92m Discus: 2A Mazareanu 15.60m

Under-15 Girls: 100: 6A Lucinda Ratcliffe 14.8, 6B Kennedy Loizou 15.4 200: 6A Ratcliffe 31.5, 6B Loizou 33.1 800: 4A Jessica Moors 3:04.0 1500: 3A Aggie Magill 5:47.8 Long Jump: 4A Loizou 3.44m

Under-13 Girls: 100: 5G1 Lucy Grant 15.8 6A Lola Crombie 16.8; 2B Poppy Saunders 17.7 200: 4A Rose Hagan 36.3, 6G Poppy Saunders 35.4, 5B Crombie 36.6 800: 6A Abigail Moors 2:42.3 70m Hurdles: 5A Lucy Grant 16.1 4×100: 6A Poole AC (A Moors, Crombie, R Hagan, Saunders) 65.0 High Jump: 6A R Hagan 1.05m Long Jump: 5A R Hagan 3.04m, 5B Saunders 2.68m, 4G Crombie 2.87m Shot: 1A Lumen Myers 8.55m Discus: 1A Myers 25.69m Javelin: 2A Myers 30.94m


Under-11 Boys: 3 Hari Dhir 235 (75m 11.8, 600m 1:49.7, Long Jump 3.28m, Howler 28.60m); 10 Elliot Richings 218 (75m 12.3, 600m 2:35.9, Long Jump 3.48m, Howler 30.64m); 34 Zane Mandaza 170 (75m 11.5, 600m 2:35.9, Long Jump 3.10m, Howler 20.65m); 37 Edward Hale 165 (75m 13.1, 600m 2:17.0, Long Jump 2.70m, Howler 23.61m); 52 Dylan Penn 68 (600m 2:21.7, Long Jump 2.41m)

Under-11 Girls: 3 Darcie Collins 206 (75m 12.1, 600m 2:04.9, Long Jump 3.51m, Howler 19.57m); 4 Imogen Beisley 201 (75m 12.3, 600m 2:01.9, Long Jump 3.07m, Howler 23.59m); 7 Nyah House 182 (75m 12.4, 600m 2:10.4, Long Jump 3.07m, Howler 19.00m); 12 Ava Shadwell 179 (75m 12.0, 600m 2:11.2, Long Jump 3.10m, Howler 15.70m); 38 Blossom House 182 (75m 13.8, 600m 2:23.0, Long Jump 2.60m, Howler 13.13m); 53 Miriam Roku-Ali 69 (75m 12.6, Long Jump 2.67m)

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