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Results: 1st – 7th July 2024

By 03/07/2024July 16th, 2024Junior, ParaAthletics, Senior

Cow Plop Plod (2nd July)

John Hall crossed the line first in this handicap race, whilst Luke Terry got the fastest time. The table below shows the results by finish position. Click on the Time column to sort the results out by time. Well done to all the runners.

1John Hall21:33
2Melanie Ottway29:35
3Jackie Godden28:08
4Eric Gilbert26:31
5Luke Terry19:17
6Reuben Skinner22:39
7Donald Harper26:07
8Craig Stoakes20:26
9Adam Patchton24:36
10Graham Filmer24:20
11Tim Fudge22:29
12Brett Stevens23:08
13Rachel Haddow23:04
14Martin Dexter24:27
15Andy Street23:07
16Les Holmes22:55
17Kirstin Hay24:52
18Graham Stoakes27:03
19Nicola Sawyer30:43
20Sharon Read27:11
21John Brian25:40
22Jonathan Addison22:23
23Stephen Hogarth22:33
24Simon Bliss27:20
25Kevin McGrory24:35
26Andrew Lewis25:18
27Barry Miller21:16
28Dave Lugsden25:28
29Darren Moore24:35
30Julie Bliss34:24
31Amy Fairweather29:33
32Nicola Hall34:18
33Clare Julyan32:16
34Jayne Offer30:16
35Richard Sedgley26:43
36Stuart Newman24:15
37Ollie Hall24:48
38Nicola Ruby35:22
39Trisha Mills39:31
40Gill Cook39:42
41Eve Filmer35:49
42Kim Hunt35:36
43Lesley Moore28:18
44Matt Downer34:03
45Andy Mills40:59

Round the Rock 10k, Portland (7th July)

Some excellent results in this Dorset Road Race League event. Dave Hicks was first overall, and a strong Ladies team (Hayley, Gen and Lesley) ensured that Poole AC won the Ladies team competition.

PosNameGenGen PosCatCat PosChipGun
1Dave Hicksm1M50135:1135:11
29Hayley Martinf2F40139:1039:11
41Stephen Hogarthm39M60240:5740:58
49Marc Ujvarim47M402041:3441:37
60Martin Sellm58M50842:2342:28
88Graham Filmerm81M60745:4145:47
93Gen Crisfordf8FSen446:2146:24
100Andrew Lewism90M403946:5347:01
107Lesley Mooref13F40647:4747:53
150Jayne Offerf27F50653:5154:01
195Richard Sturleym149M602358:1958:33
218Ian Hitchingm156M50311:00:591:01:20
238Kim Huntf74F60131:06:261:06:38
248Tammy Frias-Roblesf82F40271:09:461:09:58

FBK Games – World Athletics Challenger, Hengelo, Netherlands (7th July)

Melissa Courtney-Bryant came straight back from her Olympic Trials disappointment to defeat out-of-sorts double Olympic champion Sifan Hassan.
Senior Women: 1500: 1 Melissa Courtney-Bryant 4:03.58

British Milers’ Club Grand Prix – World Athletics Challenger, Birmingham University (6th July)

William Rabjohns and Emily Parker both gained personal bests at this high-class meeting. Will also gained a qualifying time for the World Junior Championships.
Senior Men: 800 Men’s A: 2 William Rabjohns U20 1:47.22
Senior Women: 3000: 12 Emily Parker 9:28.96

English School’ Cup Final, Stoke-on-Trent (6th July)

Mali Ballingall and Sophie Le Roux were on the Parkstone Grammar School squad which finished ninth of the 12 schools which won through to the national final.
Intermediate Girls: 300: 2 heat 3 Mali Ballingall 46.92 80m Hurdles: 8 heat 1 Sophie Le Roux 15.26w High Jump: 7 Le Roux 1.47m Long Jump: 7 Ballingall 4.52m w

Tracksmith Twilight 5,000m Night, Tooting (3rd July)

Jamie Grose was just two seconds off his personal best for 5,000m.
Senior Men: 5000: 14 Jamie Grose 14:52.12, (27 Nathan Williams 15:33.10)

Winchester & District AC Evening Open, Winchester (3rd July)

Senior Men: 400: (3 Jonathan Le Grange 54.31)

National Junior Para Athletics Championships, Coventry (6/7 July)

We had three Para-Athletes who competed in the National Junior Para Athletics Championships. Jakob Sales was champion in his age group in 60M and 100M in Frame-Running. Olivia Kviatkovska was also 60M and 100M Frame-Running Champion and also won the Javelin. Lorcan Lennon-Patience was victorious in the 60M/100M and Javelin in the Dwarfism Category. We are incredibly proud of our Poole AC Para-Athletics Squad who continue to go from success to success!

Wessex Young Athletes’ League, Salisbury (7th July)

Under-17 Men: 400: 1A Ethan Frias-Robles 54.9 800: 3A Oliver Harrison 2:07.9 100m Hurdles: 2 Juan Roku-Ali 16.3 High Jump: 2A Harry Robson 1.90m Long Jump: 2A J Roku-AIi 5.84m Shot: 1A Jack Gallacher 11.98m Discus: 2A Gallacher 29.30m Javelin: 2A Ethan Crowley 38.08m

Under-15 Boys: 100: 4A Charlie Evans 13.1 800: 2A Theo Cobley 2:14.9, 1B Max Collins 2:16.5 High Jump: 2A Daniel Buckland 1.55m Long Jump: 1A Marcel Roku-AIi 5.23m, 3B C Evans 4.08m, 3G Buckland 3.97m

Under-13 Boys: 100: 2A Jonah Richings 13.7, 3B Jude Dovey 15.3 200: 4A Dovey 32.0 800: 1A Charlie Harrison 2:19.5 High Jump: 3A J Richings 1.30m Long Jump: 1A J Richings 5.09m, 3B Dovey 3.99m

Under-17 Women: 200: 3A Lexi Lewin 27.9, 3B Beatrice Hamblin 27.7 300: 2A Lewin 44.6 800: 1A Mia Hagan 2:22.5 High Jump: 1A M Hagan 1.50m Long Jump: 3A Hamblin 4.75m

Under-15 Girls: 100: 5A Azeemah Ogungbenro 17.3 800: 2A Aggie Magill 2:49.8

Under-13 Girls: 100: 5B Radiat Ogungbenro 17.3 200: 6A Rose Hagan 35.3, 5B R Ogungbenro 37.0 High Jump: 6A R Hagan 1.05m Long Jump: 6A R Hagan 3.01m, 5B R Ogungbenro 2.83m Shot: 1A Lumen Myers 8.96m pb Discus: 1A Myers 26.06m pb Javelin: 2A Myers 32.39m

Quadkids Under-11 Boys: 11 Elliot Richings 206 (75m 12.6, 600m 2:12.9, Long Jump 3.43m, Howler 27.33m)

Quadkids Under-11 Girls: 2 Darcie Collins 208 (75m 12.5, 600m 2:04.1, Long Jump 3.62m, Howler 20.94m); 7 Imogen Beisley 195 (75m 12.3, 600m 2:06.0, Long Jump 2.94m, Howler 25.08m); 13 Nyah House 182 (75m 12.7, 600m 2:10.3, Long Jump 3.12m, Howler 20.43m); 15 Ava Shadwell 173 (75m 12.5, 600m 2:12.4, Long Jump 3.00m, Howler 17.69m); 47 Miriam Roku-Ali 45 (75m 13.5, Long Jump 2.00m)

European Biathlete Championships, (1/5 July)

  • Erin Wells – 1st individual U19 Biathele and Team Gold, 1st in U21 Biathele Mixed Relay.
  • Jemima Chetwood – 1st Individual U15 Biathele, 1st U15 Triathele, 6th Individual Laser Run, 1st U15 Laser Run Relay & 2 Team Golds.
  • Millie Wicks – 6th Individual U19 Laser Run, 6th U19 Triathle, 4th U19 Triathele Relay and 3rd U19 Laser Mixed Relay.
  • Cameron Wicks – 4th Individual Laser Run, 6th Individual Triathele.
  • Liam Openshaw – 2nd Individual Junior Biathele, 3rd Senior Biathele Mixed Relay.
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