Results: 22nd – 23rd April 2023

London Marathon

After the last few years, the London Marathon was back to its normal springtime position in the racing calendar, and our Poole AC runners did really well – congratulations to you all!

PosGen PosCat PosNameBibCatHalfTime
1301302Underwood, Brian 177845-4901:14:4702:30:05
214213178Corbin, Thomas 253218-3901:15:3302:32:57
84783323Hicks, Dave 416250-5401:21:0902:43:31
15621510305Miller, Barry 396140-4401:25:3202:50:57
60535202196Barnett, Alan 450255-5901:37:0303:19:02
80096611969Wildbur, Simon 312645-4901:37:1303:28:09
839868971322Kelly, Steven 4173340-4401:43:3803:29:20
84361502929Neal, Becky 4138018-3901:47:5903:29:26
85041520941Merifield, Hayley 4454318-3901:44:4903:29:36
13056993458Neal, David 505065-6901:45:2503:45:45
155473956606Moore, Lesley 3350745-4901:53:1103:53:25
2035314629774Whitmarsh, Paul 4676555-5902:00:0304:07:14


London Mini Marathon Events

This series of age-group races over a course which was the final 2.6k of the main Marathon event included teams from the South-West Region. We had four athletes competing for the region:

  • u15 Girls: Polly Evans 156th
  • u17 Men: Will Evans 4th
  • u17 Women: Erin Wells 60th
  • u17 Mens’ Wheelchair Alex Bradshaw 8th

Well done everyone!