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Results: 25th – 26th September 2021

By 25/09/2021September 28th, 2021Senior
Bournemouth parkrun

Bournemouth parkrun, 25th September

This Bournemouth parkrun featured in the 2021 Senior Club Championships. Fourteen club members tried the course for the first time and five people attained course PBs – well done everyone!

4Duncan COOPERMaleVM55-5917:41
27Mike CUREMaleVM55-5920:47
32James RIDOUTMaleVM35-3920:55
36Steve KELLYMaleVM35-3921:05
39Darren MOOREMaleVM50-5421:14
44Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM20-2421:21
55Brett STEVENSMaleVM35-3921:42
57Mark KIMBERMaleVM50-5421:47
61Graham FILMERMaleVM55-5921:58
73Sunita MUIRFemaleVW35-3922:17
102Jayne OFFERFemaleVW55-5923:52
149Jackie GODDENFemaleVW55-5925:18
169Vanya RITCHIEFemaleVW55-5925:50
189David RITCHIEMaleVM60-6426:34
213Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5927:19
228Lynne WELCHFemaleVW55-5927:45
229Celia WHITMARSHFemaleVW45-4927:48
230Clare JULYANFemaleVW45-4927:49
233Steve BULLERMaleVM50-5427:53
244James GALLAGHERMaleVM70-7428:11
246Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5428:15
247Paul WHITMARSHMaleVM50-5428:15
265Stephen HOGARTHMaleVM60-6429:02
314Matthew DOWNERMaleVM50-5430:17
317Kim Denise HUNTFemaleVW60-6430:23
347Rebecca MCGREGORFemaleVW50-5431:15
363Ann DEVERILLFemaleVW55-5931:53
378Eve FILMERFemaleVW55-5932:29
390Andrew MILLSMaleVM60-6432:47
398Trisha MILLSFemaleVW60-6433:17
400Diane STOREYFemaleVW70-7433:19
401James STOREYMaleVM70-7433:21
428Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW60-6434:24

Black Hill 10k and 5k

Congratulations to Robert Doubleday who was second in the 10k.

00:43:01 640 Robert Doubleday Male M35-39 
00:45:35 620 Jean-Pierre Panchaud Male M45-49 
15 00:47:07 489 Patrick Jackson Male M50-54 
32 00:50:34 691 Mike Hirst Male M60-64 
33 00:50:37 498 Steven Kelly Male M35-39 
40 00:52:09 615 Graham Filmer Male M55-59 
67 00:56:46 614 Jayne Offer Female F55-59 
106 01:08:16 648 Donald Harper Male M30-34 
156 01:25:20 649 Laura Horswill Female F35-39 
159 01:28:27 651 Sue Ham Female F60-64 
160 01:28:28 3168 Lorraine Cerquella Female F40-44 

Melanie Coles completed the 5k in 1:07:45

Windsor Half Marathon

Nuala Irven achieved a time of 2:29:30 and finished in position 1498

Berlin Marathon

Further afield, Alan Barnett completed the iconic Berlin marathon in position 7733 in a time of 3:59:33

And Also…

Well done to our members taking part in Race for Life 5k and 10k

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