Results: 27th May – 2nd June 2024

It’s been a busy week in the calendar, with three events in our senior club championships (summer series, parkrun series, and multi-terrain series) – something for all our runners! Check out the current standings here:

Upton Summer Series, #2

Some more great results to share with you – in the second event of the Upton Summer Series, Jamie Grose and Hayley Martin were first man and lady to cross the line. Hayley led the ladies team (Hayley, Rachael and Kirstin) to first place in the teams competition, and the men’s team (Jamie, Simon and Steven) was second on the night.


PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
1Jamie GROSEMale 18-391100:18:20
13Hayley MARTINFemale 45-491100:21:46
14Simon WILDBURMale 45-4911300:21:53
19Steven HOGARTHMale 65-6911800:22:17
23John HALLMale 50-5442200:22:22
32Jonathan ADDISONMale 18-39122900:22:55
33Martin SELLMale 50-5483000:22:55
38Rachael HADDOWFemale 18-392400:23:17
50Les HOLMESMale 40-4474600:24:04
66Kirstin HAYFemale 40-4411100:25:04
67Darren MOOREMale 55-5965600:25:18
70Andrew LEWISMale 40-44125900:25:36
74Graham FILMERMale 60-6436100:25:45
78Oliver HALLMale 14-1746400:26:01
89Dave LUGSDENMale 55-5987000:26:39
90Mark KIMBERMale 55-5997100:26:41
97Kevin ROBERTSMale 55-59107500:27:03
98Eric GILBERTMale 65-6937600:27:06
103Kathryn ROBSONFemale 55-5932600:27:21
116Matt HOLMANMale 18-39278700:28:29
119Jessie SUTCLIFFEFemale 18-39133100:28:48
134Jane NEALFemale 65-6913900:29:55
153Melanie OTTWAYFemale 40-4485400:31:44
162Colin HARRISMale 50-541710400:32:30
167Ian HITCHINGMale 55-591710500:33:10
168Zoe HOULTONFemale 55-5996300:33:12
169Clare JULYANFemale 50-5486400:33:13
175Dave NEALMale 65-69610900:34:25
184Nicola HALLFemale 50-5497300:35:44
190Tammy FRIAS-ROBLESFemale 40-44117800:37:26
196Gill COOKFemale 60-6478200:39:46


PosNameCatCat PosGen PosTime
34Josh PERRYBoy 12103000:06:55
35Zoey MILLERGirl 101500:06:57
38Edward HALEBoy 923200:07:02

Durlston Country Park parkrun

The toughest run in the parkrun series saw twenty-seven of our runners take on the challenge. There were ten PBs and five people who were there for the first time. Well done everyone. The parkrun championship series is based on age grade percentage (you can sort on the Age Grade column to see the positions in this series).

PosNameGenCatTimeAge GradeNotes
9Jonathan ADDISONMaleSM25-2923:4254.43%New PB!
10Duncan COOPERMaleVM55-5923:4666.90%
15Rachael HADDOWFemaleSW20-2424:4759.72%First Timer!
17Andy STREETMaleVM55-5925:0661.22%
23Gen CRISFORDFemaleVW35-3925:5058.58%
34Richard SEDGLEYMaleVM35-3927:1349.42%New PB!
39Andrew LEWISMaleVM40-4428:0349.02%
45Kevin MCGRORYMaleVM55-5928:3855.53%
55Neil WILLIAMSMaleVM50-5429:1850.34% New PB!
58Matt BLISSMaleSM20-2429:3543.61%New PB!
64Simon BLISSMaleVM55-5930:3351.61%
69Sharon READFemaleVW50-5431:3055.98%First Timer!
79Lynne WELCHFemaleVW55-5932:1157.79%New PB!
80Jackie GODDENFemaleVW55-5932:1157.79%
104Ian HITCHINGMaleVM55-5935:0945.23%New PB!
116Nicola SAWYERFemaleVW50-5436:1847.98% New PB!
117Zoe HOULTONFemaleVW55-5936:1951.95% New PB!
122Julie BLISSFemaleVW55-5936:5050.50%
123Maggie MCGRORYFemaleVW55-5936:5550.38% New PB!
124Irene WOODHOUSEFemaleVW70-7437:0461.06%First Timer!
136James STOREYMaleVM75-7939:1148.36%First Timer!
155Trisha MILLSFemaleVW65-6945:1146.96%
156Gillian D COOKFemaleVW60-6445:1242.92%
162Jacqueline LOWEFemaleVW65-6946:1845.82%
163Gordon LOWEMaleVM65-6946:1837.65%
167Diane STOREYFemaleVW70-7454:2043.10%First Timer!
168Amanda SMARTFemaleVW60-6454:2135.69%New PB!

Tarrant Valley 10

The TV10 featured in our multi-terrain championship, and we had both the mens and ladies winners! Congratulations Robert and Rachael, and well done to everyone else who ran.

PosNameGen PosCatCat PosChipGun
1Robert DOUBLEDAY1MV40137:1437:16
8Leo RIGGS8MU20140:1640:18
16John HALL16MV50341:1341:17
21Reuben SKINNER21MV50642:2442:28
25Martin SELL25MV50742:5542:58
26Les HOLMES26MV401342:5743:01
30Rachael HADDOW1FSNR143:2643:29
49Ollie HALL46MU20346:1146:15
137Valerie WATERS29FV55+459:1059:23
139Richard STURLEY109MV60+2459:2759:49
153Ian HITCHING117MV50301:01:581:02:20
203Tammy FRIAS-ROBLES74FV35151:15:391:15:52
210Andrew MILLS132MV60+391:18:101:18:25

British Milers’ Club PB Classic Meeting, Millfield School, Street (1st June)

A small Poole AC contingent achieved some excellent results up in Somerset, with personal bests for Henry Cornish, Jemima Chetwood and Charlie Collins and a strong first 800m from Darcie Collins.

  • 800: Men: 6 race A Henry Cornish 1:58.2 pb, (8 race A Josh Smith 1:59.6); 3 race C Jamie Grose 1:59.3; 7 race E Oliver Harrison 2:08.76
  • 800: Women: 1 race C Jemima Chetwood 2:17.35 pb; 2 race G (1st girl) Darcie Collins 2:54.76 (800m debut)
  • 1500: Men: 2 race A Fred Harris 4:04.0
  • 3000: (All mixed Races): (10 race A Nathan Williams 8:43.91); 7 race B Charlie Collins 8:54.1 pb; 14 race C Matilda Bengtsson 10:40.2

Hercules Wimbledon 1500m Festival, Wimbledon (30th May)

1500: Men: 9 race 13 Fred Harris 4:00.7

Evening Open T&F Meeting, Yeovil (30th May)

Lumen Myers continued her great run of form.
Under-13 Girls: Shot: 1 Lumen Myers 8.90m pb Javelin: 2 Myers 29.61m

South-West Athletics League, Exeter (2nd June)

Sam Black starred in shot and discus with Richard Wheeler throwing well. Zachary Richings won the triple jump.
Senior Men: 400: 3 race 2 Jonathan Le Grange 56.53 1500: 2 Cornish 4:16.72 Pole Vault: 3 Zachary Richings U17 2.30m, 5 Richard Wheeler M60 2.20m Triple Jump: 1 Z Richings U17 13.29m Shot: 1 Sam Black 11.12m, 6 Wheeler M60 8.06m Discus: 2 Black 33.25m, 5 Wheeler M60 24.83m Hammer: 2 Wheeler M60 22.81m Javelin: 4 Wheeler M60 27.08m

Juan Roku-Ali doubled the high and long jumps, with brother Marcel stepping up to compete beside him. Albert Poole equalled his pole vault best at 2.50m. The relay team almost broke 50 seconds.
Under-17 Men: 100: 2 race 2 Alban-Mark Kiai 12.23, 5 race 2 Juan Roku-Ali 12.50,4 race 3 Marcel Roku-Ali U15 13.89 200: 6 Kiai 24.25, 7 race 2 Albert Poole 29.82 4×100: 2 Poole AC 50.02 High Jump: 1 J Roku-Ali 1.80m Long Jump: 1 J Roku-Ali 6.30m, 8 M Roku-Ali U15 5.14m Pole Vault: 1 Poole 2.50m Hammer: 3 Poole 15.57m Javelin: 3 Ethan Crowley 36.48m

Under-15 Boys: 100: 4 Janus van Deventer 12.49, 5 race 2 Charlie Evans 13.27, 4 race 3 Dickson Roku-AIi 14.99 200: 2 van Deventer 25.30, 3 race 2 Charlie Evans 26.72 800: 4 Theo Cobley 2:13.34 High Jump: 6 Daniel Buckland 1.45m, 10 D Roku-AIi 1.30m Triple Jump: 3 Buckland 9.33m

Jonah Richings was the fastest U13 in both sprints and won the long jump.
Under-13 Boys: 100: 1 Jonah Richings 13.71 200: 1 J Richings 28.05 Long Jump: 1 J Richings 5.02m

Mia Hagan won the 800m. Eleanor Mowbray and Emma Brown Araujo were runners-up in their respective jumps, Jaya Collinson ran well in her three events.
Senior Women: 100: 4 race 1 Emma Brown Araujo 13.80 200: 5 Jaya Collinson 26.68 400: 2 Collinson 62.16, 5 Lexi Lewin U17 66.64 800: 1 Mia Hagan U17 2:23.82 400H: 3 Collinson 65.85 4×100: 2 Poole AC 52.34 Long Jump: 2 Eleanor Mowbray 5.55m Triple Jump: 2 Brown Araujo 10.37m

Sienna Boos won the long jump, while Lucy Lucas made a strong debut for Poole AC.
Under-17 Women: 100: 3 Lucy Lucas 13.17, 4 Sienna Boos 13.40 200: 1 race 2 Lucas 27.37, 2 race 2 Beatrice Hamblin 28.42 Shot: 2 Lucas 11.72m, 6 Hamblin 8.61m Long Jump: 1 S Boos 5.23m, 5 Hamblin 4.86m

Jemima Chetwood ran well over 800m.
Under-15 Girls: 100: 3 race 4 Lucinda Ratcliffe 15.33 200: 6 race 4 Ratcliffe 32.77, 4 race 3 Jessica Moors 33.68 800: 4 Jemima Chetwood 2:21.37, 8 race 2 J Moors 3:04.23

Lumen Myers won the shot.
Under-13 Girls: 200: 6 race 3 Abigail Moors 33.18 800: 2 race 2 A Moors 2:43.53, 4 race 4 Rose Hagan 35.83 High Jump: 12 Rose Hagan 1.05m Long Jump: 29 R Hagan 2.93m Shot: 1 Lumen Myers 8.41m