Results: PAC 3k Track, 26th October 2021

A grand total of 47 runners took part in the Poole AC track 3k event, which is part of the 2021 Club Championships. There were some great results including some PBs!

Race 1

1Matt Holman13:05
2Andy Street13:08
3Jayne Offer13:09
4Eric Gilbert13:24
5Kevin Roberts13:29
6Michael Crane13:31
7Graham Stoakes13:41
8Kimo Osmo14:07
9Kimberley Rowland14:25
10Vanya Ritchie14:30
11Dave Ritchie14:53
12Richard Edwards15:33
13Zoe Houlton15:34
14Clare Julyan15:35
15Mike Collins15:37
16Karen Peedell15:39
17Karen Gregory16:02
18Nicola Sawyer16:06
19Kim Hunt16:10
20Laura Horswill17:23
21Ann Deverill17:54
22Jacqui Lowe18:04
23Trisha Mills18:05
24Andy Mills19:26

Race 2

1Duncan Cooper09:58
2Craig Stoakes10:25
3Emily Parker10:26
4John Matthews10:49
5Alan Barnett11:06
6Stephen Hogarth11:20
7Mike Cure11:27
8Patrick Jackson11:29
9Jonathan Addison11:32
10James Ridout11:36
11Nigel Brooke11:50
12Darren Moore11:50
13Brett Stevens11:57
14John Brian11:58
15Mark Kimber11:58
16Hayley Merrifield11:59
17Sunita Muir12:04
18Mark Kennedy12:09
19Graham Filmer12:12
20Martin Dexter12:14
21Kirstin Hay12:24
22Mike Hirst12:24
23Steven Gregory12:32