Results: 5th – 6th March 2022

White Star Larmer Weekend

7 Mile – Poole AC Win!

Tim Fudge finished in 53:45, nearly 4 minutes ahead of the field, for an excellent win on a brisk, sunny Sunday morning.

Vanya Ritchie finished 33rd in 1:10:37  followed by David Ritchie, 34th, in 1:10:38 and Tammy Frias-Robles,  108th, in 1:29:28.

10 Mile

Martin Sell finished 29th in 1:25:37 followed by Nicola Evans, 182nd, in 2:05:50 and Ann Deverill,  292nd, in 2:46:40.

Half Marathon

Grace Galton finished 202nd in  3:00:57 followed by Gary Tyler (tailrunner), 257th, in  4:03:00.

Cambridge Half Marathon

Alan Barnett finished in 412th place in a chip time of 1:23:19