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Results: 6th – 7th August 2022

By 07/08/2022August 22nd, 2022Junior, Senior

Sturminster Newton Half Marathon

With trophies for Brian Underwood (3rd finisher), Alan Barnett (1st in age category) and the men’s team (2nd overall), it was a good day for the senior male Poole AC athletes. Sadly we had no ladies at the event this year.

PosBibNameGenGen PosCatCat PosChip TimeGun Time
3330Brian Underwoodm3Male 40201:15:5401:15:56
1314Alan Barnettm12Male 50101:25:2701:25:30
30323John Townerm25Male 401001:30:1301:30:16
136214Daniel Moorsm107Male 403201:58:2801:58:34
213153Ian Hitchingm154Male 504102:28:1602:28:39

South West Athletics League (SWAL) Match 3, Exeter

There were 19 super PBs and two winners:

U20M100Beau Evans5/512.30
U20M400Beau Evans4/555.73
U15B100 R2Seb Watson5/713.30
U15BCharlie Collins713.34
U15B300 R1Oliver Harrison5/548.17
U15BR3Charlie Collins4/542.54
U15B1500Charlie Collins5/144-49.65
U15BOliver Harrison125-12.39
U15B80HJuan Roku-Ali3/813.15
U15BSeb Watson514.03
U15BLong JJuan Roku-Ali6/114.99m
U15BLong JOliver Harrison113.58m
U15BDiscusSeb Watson4/718.39m
U15BDiscusJuan Roku-Ali518.35m
U13B100 R1Charlie Evans3/614.25
U13BR2Sam Bowden5/615.70
U13BDickson Roku-Ali617.21
U13B200 R3Sam Bowden5/532.61
U13B75HMarcel Roku-Ali2/713.01
U13BHigh JMarcel Roku-Ali1/81.35m
U13BHigh JDaniel Buckland31.25m
U13BHigh JDickson Roku-Ali81.15m
U13BLong JMarcel Roku-Ali3/154.20m
U13BLong JSam Bowden93.51m
U13BLong JDaniel Buckland113.30m
U13BLong JDickson Roku-Ali133.27m
U20W100HMia Wilkinson4/516.19
U17W100Jaya Collinson2/513.12
U17W400Jaya Collinson1/859.78
U15G100 R2Sienna Boos3/813.78
U15GEleena Dhir815.58
U15G300 R1Beatrice Hamblin7/846.89
U15GR2Isla McPhail4/847.87
U15GEleena Dhir748.90
U15G1500Isla McPhail7/135-27.00
U15GHigh JBeatrice Hamblin7/111.35m
U15GLong JBeatrice Hamblin11/124.17m

Jaya Collinson set a new u17W Poole AC record 400m time of 59:78.

UKYDL UAG Match 4, Portsmouth

U20M100Liam Nixon4/511.59
U20M200Liam Nixon4/524.40
U20MJavelinHarry Midgley2/548.69m
U20M3000Josh Smith1/39-22.65
U17W1500Erin Wells2/44-46.92
U20W3000Emily Parker1/310-11.53
U20WShotNiamh Kirwin3/58.82m
U20WDiscusNiamh Kirwin3/525.30m
U17M400Henry Cornish5/555.98
U17M800Henry Cornish4/62-16.31
U17MHigh JTyler Collins5/51.55m
U17MTriple JTyler Collins2/511.20m

Harry Midgley broke the Poole AC u20M Javelin record with a great 48.69m.

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