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Results: 7-8th October 2017

By 11/10/2017May 8th, 2022Junior, Senior
Poole AC winning team at Gold Hill 10k

A super busy weekend with races quite literally all over the place! The biggest news this week is that both our senior ladies and mens teams won at the Gold Hill 10K and Ben Lewis won the BMF 10K! For the men, this has pretty much confirmed they have won the Dorset Road Race League for 2017. What a great day to be part of #TeamPooleAC.

So what are our club results for the weekend?

Bournemouth Marathon Festival

BMF 2K Junior Race

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun TimeCat
37Elizabeth Dawson (41032)8m 35s8m 38sFemale
53Ethan Crowley (41093)8m 46s8m 50sMale
89Alfred Shepherd (41082)9m 14s9m 17sMale
91Hugo Young (40013)9m 16s9m 17sMale
93Abigail Putman (42031)9m 16s9m 48sFemale
187Monty Spence (40012)10m 28s10m 28sMale
258Daisy Putman (42032)11m 30s12m 2sFemale

BMF Junior 5K

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun Time Cat
66Jack Leach (61011)25m 33s25m 35sMale

BMF Supersonic 10K

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun Time: Cat
1Ben Lewis (20034)34m 3s34m 3sMale
9Matthew Ashton (20009)37m 26s37m 26sMale
75Lindsay Chapman (20029)42m 15s41m 15sOver 40 : Female
93Simon Wildbur (20671)42m 40s42m 57sOver 35 : Male
99Brett Stevens (21348)43m 3s43m 59sMale
911Nicola Cornes (22183)58m 2s1h 0m 21sOver 45 : Female
1449Kevin Roberts (22204)1h 5m 0s1h 7m 16sOver 50 : Male
1541Susanne Griesser (24252)1h 6m 29s1h 12m 36sOver 50 : Female
1572Ann Deverill (24413)1h 6m 57s1h 13m 5sOver 50 : Female
1754Michelle Smith (24798)1h 9m 25s1h 15m 32sOver 40 : Female
2037Lorraine Draper (24269)1h 15m 35s1h 20m 24sOver 35 : Female
2128Melanie Coles (21312)1h 19m 41s1h 24m 29sOver 50 : Female
2129Hannah Marsh (20505)1h 19m 45s1h 20m 1sFemale

BMF Supernova 5K

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun Time: Cat
57Izzy Rabjohns (30557)21m 35s21m 40sFemale
95Mark Willis (30505)23m 4s23m 10sMale
138Max Eden (30535)24m 15s24m 28sMale
151Paul Jeffries (30645)24m 37s24m 41sOver 50 : Male
297Tyler Pritchard (33105)27m 6s29m 13sMale
408Hannah Moore (32367)28m 40s29m 25sFemale
452Beth Kay (75552)29m 21s31m 54sOver 40 : Female
895Ann Deverill (33017)34m 32s37m 27sOver 50 : Female
1174Grace Galton (34275)38m 45s44m 43sOver 40 : Female
1182Kevin Roberts (32151)38m 52s41m 8sOver 50 : Male
1551Lorraine Draper (33263)46m 58s52m 47sOver 35 : Female
1555Melanie Coles (33036)47m 0s52m 47sOver 50 : Female
1590Gill Foster (34402)47m 48s53m 1sOver 50 : Female

BMF Bournemouth Half Marathon

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun Time: Cat
112Amy Bond (10380)1h 29m 3s1h 29m 23sFemale
129Jon Spear (10217)1h 29m 52s1h 29m 59sOver 45 : Male
149Louella O'Herlihy (10300)1h 30m 51s1h 30m 59sOver 45 : Female
160Kevin Reynolds (10321)1h 31m 30s1h 31m 41sOver 45 : Male
223Ravinder Saini (10445)1h 33m 54s1h 34m 1sOver 55 : Male
377Andrew Rosa (11532)1h 37m 59s1h 39m 20sOver 35 : Male
449Daniel Moors (11065)1h 39m 57s1h 40m 59sOver 35 : Male
743Robert Stone (12134)1h 45m 14s1h 46m 38sOver 55 : Male
748Karl Parry (12690)1h 45m 21s1h 47m 35sOver 45 : Male
863John Skilton (11339)1h 47m 17s1h 48m 15sOver 50 : Male
1156Jack Galloway (10033)1h 51m 55s1h 54m 56sMale
1580Gary Tyler (12641)1h 57m 13s2h 0m 13sOver 45 : Male
1733Georgia Hill (14733)1h 58m 53s2h 5m 36sFemale
2029Zoe Houlton (14505)2h 3m 7s2h 9m 49sOver 50 : Female
2949Cheryl Struck (16955)2h 17m 8s2h 26m 40sOver 40 : Female

BMF Bournemouth Marathon

PosName (Number)Chip timeGun Time: Half Marathon Split: Cat
12Adam Conroy (296)2h 58m 35s2h 58m 38s1h 30m 2sMale
748Paul Wilsher (3061)4h 10m 59s4h 14m 57s1h 58m 36sOver 40 : Male
1269Stephanie Gadbury (3117)4h 41m 7s4h 45m 5s2h 9m 1sOver 40 : Female

Gold Hill 10K

Pos No Surname Forename GenAge Time

Shoreditch 10K

2687Laura Horswill5192FFSEN00:57:25

Royal Parks Half Marathon

18180Ann ThorntonFemaleFV4002:04:4026447277910

Chicago Marathon

Matt Johnson flew across the pond to take on his first ever marathon. A chat with Paula Radcliffe set him up for the epic course which saw him cross the line in 04.27.41. Well done Matt, great work.

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