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Results: 9th – 10th April 2022

By 12/04/2022April 17th, 2022Junior, Senior

Congratulations to all our athletes, and a special shout out to Kirstin Hay who was second female in the challenging Ooser marathon.

Ooser Half Marathon

Part of the Poole AC Multi Terrain championships:

6594Jean-Pierre Panchaudm01:35:50
67445Graham Filmerm02:08:12
189496Zoe Houltonf02:36:46
190435Nicky Evansf02:36:46

Ooser Marathon

1480Kirstin Hayf04:00:52
13438Stacey Connollyf06:10:35

Loseley Park 10k

Ann Deverill completed the scenic course in 91st place in a time of 1:15:06 (chip 1:14:56)

Wessex YAL, Bournemouth

U11 Quadkids

We had four boys whose totals together were worth 876 points and made them the best on the day. Jonah Richings was the leading boy.

Name75m pts.600m pts.LJ pts.Howl pts.TotalRank
Charlie Harrison12.0 (50)1-53.7 (76)3.33 (47)26.97 (53)2264
Oliver Pinner13.1 (39)2-42.2 (27)1.96 (10)13.74 (27)10345
Tristan Aubrey12.7 (43)2-27.4 (42)3.43 (51)23.37 (46)18216
Jonah Richings11.0 (60)2-13.7 (56)4.28 (79)26.98 (53)24801
William Cowdrey11.7 (53)2-12.1 (57)3.72 (60)25.39 (50)22006
Josh Perry14.5 (25)2-10.8 (59)2.13 (10)27.94 (55)14934
Charlie Power12.9 (41)2-32.7 (37)2.98 (36)24.14 (48)16228
William Terry14.5 (25)2-24.3 (45)2.05 (10)13.88 (27)10744
Lumen Myers12.4 (46)2-23.0 (47)3.16 (42)26.29 (52)1877
Mia Braitch13.5 (35)--2.43 (17)--52/2--
Junie Braitch13.5 (35)--2.61 (23)--58/2--
Poppy Leclerc Wicling12.8 (42)--2.62 (24)--66/2--
Ruby Lakey12.9 (41)2-26.0 (44)2.33 (14)14.02 (28)12734

U13 boys

100 ACharlie Evans3/614.6
100 BMarcel-B Roku-Ali3/615.1
200 ADickson-A Roku-Ali6/638.5
200 BMarcel-B Roku-Ali3/631.1
1500 ANoel Slade1/65-02.6
RelayMarcel, Archie,Dickson, Charlie E4/663.3
JavArchie Power2/521.82m

U15 boys

100 ASeb Watson4/513.3
100 BCharlie Collins3/414.1
200 ASeb Watson4/527.4
200 BElouan Biwole1/426.8
300 ACharlie Collins3/546.7
300 BJoseph Power3/548.7
800 AOliver Harrison3/62-24.3
RelayJoseph, Juan,Seb, Oliver3/555.2
80 HdlsJuan-B Roku-Ali1/215.9
L J AHarry Robson2/45.23m
LJ BSeb Watson2/44.49m
HJ AHarry Robson1/41.60m
HJ BJuan-B Roku-Ali1/21.35m
Jav AElouan Biwole3/521.06m

U17 Men

U17M100 ACaleb Cheng2/312.1
U17M100 BTyler Collins1/212.6
U17M200 ATyler Collins3/425.1
U17M200 BCaleb Cheng1/225.4
U17M800 AHenry Cornish1/42-05.1
U17M110HTyler Collins1/116.2
U17MLong JCaleb Cheng3/34.81m
U17MDiscusBill Godden1/232.23m


U13G200 AJemima Chetwood4/630.3
U13G800 AAmelia Drew4/52-50.0
U13G1200 AJemima Chetwood2/54-10.5
U15G100 ALilly Sharp5/516.1
U15G100 BAlexia Horn4/416.3
U15G200 ALexi Lewin3/528.4
U15G200 BBeatrice Hamblin2/228.9
U15G300 ALexi Lewin3/445.8
U15G300 BEleena Dhir3/452.7
U15G800 APolly Evans2/52-35.2
U15G800 BEleena Dhir4/42-54.0
U15GRelayLexi, Polly, Beatrice, Alexia5/558.7
U15GLJ ALexi Lewin4/63.89m
U15GLJ BSophia Parkes4/53.56m
U15GHJ AAmelia Stewart1/31.35m
U15GHJ BBeatrice Hamblin1/21.30m
U15GShotLilly Sharp4/55.82m
U17W100 AAlexandra Warren6/615.6
U17WLJ AEleanor Mowbray2/45.25m
U17WLJ BMegan Mowbray1/34.86m
U17WHJ AMegan Mowbray2/41.50m
U17WJav AMolly Pearce1/429.19m





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