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Results: Canford Heath 5k Handicap, 14th September 2021

By 15/09/2021Senior
Poole AC senior general image

The results are shown below, ordered by finish time. Click on the header of the Time column to sort the results by actual run time.

Mike Collins and Gill Cook were the first male and female across the line, and won the coveted bottles of wine.

NameTotal timeDelayTime
Mike Collins32:2906:0026:29
Andy Street32:4910:0022:49
Dan Park32:5310:0022:53
Graham Stoakes32:5409:0023:54
Gill Cook32:5600:0032:56
Darryl Corbin-Jones32:5712:3020:27
Martin Dexter33:0012:3020:30
Kevin Roberts33:0208:0025:02
Becca Ellis33:0310:0023:03
Kevin McGrory33:0811:3021:38
Graham Filmer33:0912:0021:09
Jonathan Addison33:1012:0021:10
Laura Horswill33:1302:0031:13
Brett Stevens33:1512:0021:15
Jayne Offer33:1510:0023:15
Mark Ujarvi33:1714:3018:47
Steve Hogarth33:2113:0020:21
Michael Crane33:2810:0023:28
Trisha Mills33:2902:0031:29
Zoe Houlton33:4006:0027:40
Tim Fudge33:4113:3020:11
Nichola Sawyer33:4705:0028:47
Sunita Muir33:5012:0021:50
Celia Whitmarsh33:5105:0028:51
Clare Julyan33:5205:0028:52
Mark Kimber33:5213:0020:52
Keith Tucker33:5811:0022:58
Jim Gallagher34:0006:0028:00
Val Waters34:0308:0026:03
Stuart McAllister34:5811:0023:58
Karen Gregory35:1207:0028:12
Steve Gregory35:1507:0028:15
Andy Mills35:2902:0033:29
Matt Downer35:3908:0027:39
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