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Results: Cow Plop Plod 2022

By 08/06/2022Senior
Poole AC at Cow Plop Plod

What a fantastic return to our annual Cow Plop Plod which is part of our Summer Series Championship. Even the recent wet weather encouraging the local undergrowth (nettles!) didn’t dampen the enthusiasm.  Well done everyone.

John Bassinder was the first male to finish and Gary Tissington was the fastest, handicap adjusted,  male. Kirstin Hay was the first female to finish and Pat Bradshaw was the fastest, handicap adjusted,  female.

Time PosHand PosNumberNameTime
189John Bassinder20:01
21383Barry Miller20:15
320290Dave Hicks20:27
418120Craig Stoakes20:54
524296Curtis Doherty21:08
616117Reuben Skinner22:05
7261Jonathan Addison22:26
831116Martin Sell22:37
92728Mike Cure22:42
102942Tim Fudge22:48
1137294John Hall22:48
123295Paul Lane22:49
135293Mark kennedy23:14
1412119Brett Stevens23:40
152579Kevin McGrory23:54
167112Richard Saunders24:00
1728104James Ridout24:13
181557Kirstin Hay24:19
19656Donald Harper24:30
2036288Martin Dexter24:31
2117291Clare Kremer24:53
221297Gary Tissington24:54
233539Graham Filmer25:30
249108Kathryn Robson25:33
254373Mark Kimber25:41
2621298Kimo Osmo26:00
272395Jayne Offer26:37
2833292Graham Stoakes26:57
2922289Herve Tribouilloy27:05
301448Jackie Godden27:17
314210Stuart Bickel27:28
3248142Paul Wilsher27:48
3311126Jessie Jo Sutcliffe28:22
344133Matt Downer28:56
35412Pat Bradshaw29:11
3632299Karen Peedell29:54
374466Zoe Houlton30:12
38272Robin Kennedy30:24
3910300Tina Stoakes31:03
4038137Celia Whitmarsh31:13
413080Maggie McGrory32:21
424770Clare Julyan32:31
431949Mandy Grannes32:54
444567Kim Hunt33:00
453465Laura Horswill34:29
463938Eve Filmer34:51
474044Grace Galton35:52
484624Gill Cook36:38
495134Sarah Durley -White38:13
504941Tammy Frias-Robles38:15
515084Andy Mills38:58
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