Results: Holes Bay 5m, 28th June 2022

There were 58 runners in the Holes Bay 5 mile time trial, which was part of the summer series for the first time. There were some smashing times, and it looks like it will be a regular fixture on our calendar!

Well done to Kimberley Rowland and Matt Holman who crossed the line first (with identical times). The results table below shows the results by finishing time:

1Luke Terry28:09
2John Bassinder29:33
3Dave Hicks29:47
4Craig Stoakes30:34
5Marc Ujarvi30:51
6Curtis Doherty31:10
7Reuben Skinner32:54
8Mike Cure33:04
9Darren Moore33:23
10Steve Kelly34:30
11Hayley Merriefield34:40
12Jonathan Addison34:40
13Mike Hirst35:12
14Brett Stevens35:12
15James Ridout35:20
16Mark Kimber35:32
17Kevin Roberts35:36
18Kirstin Hay36:03
19Kevin McGrory36:18
20Graham Filmer36:21
21Dan Park36:34
22Lesley Moore37:14
23Kimo Osmo37:37
24Donald Harper37:50
25Jayne Offer38:22
26Eric Gilbert39:15
27Kimberley Rowland39:43
28Matt Holman39:43
29Graham Stoakes39:47
30Ollie Hall40:11
31John Hall40:14
32Jonathon Tice41:12
33Paul Wilsher41:24
34Nicola Sawyer41:46
35Dave Ritchie41:55
36Pat Bradshaw42:12
37Vanya Ritchie42:15
38Stuart Bickel42:15
39Carrie Clark42:27
40Clare Julyan42:50
41Howard Brierley43:02
42Emma Henderson-Bishop44:08
43David Humby44:11
44Tina Stoakes45:29
45Celia Whitmarsh45:33
46Kim Hunt47:35
47Robin Kennedy47:48
48Nicola Hall48:42
49Sarah Dickinson50:06
50Laura Horswill50:12
51Suzie Crowley51:31
52Nula Irven52:01
53Sarah Durley -White52:01
54Susan Stainton52:08
55Wendy Ridout54:20
56Trisha Mills54:37
57Tina Hartley55:10
58Andy Mills55:13
59Maggie McGrory56:10