Results: May 5, 19th May 2024

Well done to everyone from Poole AC who helped to put on this fantastic race. And congratulations to all the Poole AC runners who ran brilliantly. Jamie Grose finished in first place and he led the men’s team (Jamie, Robert and Dave) to first place. Hayley was second lady, and she led the ladies team (Hayley, Rachael and Claire) to first place.

The Poole AC results are shown below. To see the complete set of results, go to the dedicated May 5 page here>>>

PosNameGenGen PosCatChipGun
1Jamie GroseM1Male Senior26:1326:14
2Robert DoubledayM2Male 4027:3927:40
4Dave HicksM4Male 5027:5427:54
8Luke TerryM8Male 4028:3128:31
14John BassinderM14Male 5028:5728:57
29Hayley MartinF2Female 4530:1430:15
55Stephen HogarthM50Male 6031:5031:52
71Alan BarnettM65Male 6033:1233:15
77Rachael HaddowF8Female Senior33:3733:39
82Claire KremerF9Female 4533:5433:55
91Gemma TerryF10Female 3534:3634:40
108Kirstin HayF11Female 3535:3135:35
112Andrew LewisM99Male 4035:5936:06
116Dave LugsdenM102Male 5036:0936:18
216Irene WoodhouseF72Female 65+50:5751:07
217Tammy Frias-RoblesF73Female 3551:1751:24