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Results: Summer Series 1 Mile Race

By 25/06/2019May 10th, 2022Senior
Poole AC Summer Series

Well that was a fun evening as this year’s 1 Mile race, part of the Summer Series, took place at Poole park.

Race 1

1Kirstin Hay06:32
2Emma Jones06:35
3Jayne Offer06:50
4Jasmine Kirby06:53
5Roy Carr07:11
6Andrej Bubez07:14
7Jackie Godden07:16
8Mark Dawson07:17
9Jo Gillespie07:17
10Katie Graham07:18
11Jason Hepple07:28
12Tina Stoakes07:31
13Zoe Houlton07:34
14Steve Buller07:35
15Laura Horswill07:42
16Vanya Ritchie08:04
17James Gallagher08:24
18Kim Hunt08:50

Race 2

1Gareth Hale05:08
2Gary Tissington05:09
3Craig Stoakes05:15
4Mark Ujarvi05:26
5Paul Lane05:38
6Reuben Skinner05:39
7Stephen Hogarth05:48
8Mark Kennedy05:51
9Brett Stevens05:53
10Ian Edwards06:02
11Steve Kelly06:07
12Martin Dexter06:10
13Kevin McGrory06:14
14John Brian06:17
15Karl Parry06:25
16Graham Filmer06:40


In the relay race, Brett Stevens and Kate Graham just saw off the spirited finish of the teaming of Graham Filmer and and Jasmine Kirby.

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