Results: Track & Field June/July 2021

Dorset County AA Track & Field Championships, 3-4 July

As you will see, we had champions in many events. Well done particularly Fleur and Jaya, plus all the others who managed PBs on the day.

Part 1:

U17W 100Leah Watts1/413.3
U17W 200Leah Watts1/227.6
U17W Long JumpGeorgina Stokes1/25.17m.
U17W High JumpElizabeth Shute1/11.45m.PB=
U17W Shot PuttEleanor Mowbray2/310.16m.PB
U17M 800William Rabjohns1/21-59.1PB=
U17M 800Mark Ruby22-03.4PB
U17M JavelinHarry Midgley1/249.50m.
U17M Long JumpLouis Bourke2/25.18m.
U20W 400Heidi Taylor2/366.9PB=
U20W 800Isobel Rabjohns1/22-28.9
U20W 800Camilla Brown22-30.0
U20W 1500Fern Kimber1/24-49.2
U20W Triple JumpFleur Mansell1/111.71m.CLUB RECORD
U20W High JumpNiamh Kirwin2/21.30m.
U20W Shot PuttNiamh Kirwin1/18.85m.PB
U20M 100Liam Nixon1/211.5
U20M 100Sam Bowen211.9SB
U20M 200Liam Nixon1/223.4
U20M 200Sam Bowen224.6SB
U20M Long JumpReuben Cornwell3/34.71m.
SW 100Rosey Smythe1/113.3
SW 400Sarah Kearsey1/162.4
MW 100Elizabeth Le Rossignol1/118.2
200Elizabeth Le Rossignol1/138.5
MM 100Richard Wheeler3/513.6SB
MM 100Marcus Pidgley514.7T37 SB
MM 200Richard Wheeler3/429.0
MM 200Marcus Pidgley431.7T37
MM High JumpMark Roach1/11.45m.SB

Part 2:

U13G 100Heat 2. Beatrice Hamblin¼14.4
U13G 100FINAL. Beatrice Hamblin1/714.3
U13G 200Seni Purnell1/529.4PB
U13G 800Polly Evans1/32-48.5PB
U13G 800Amelia Drew22-51.1PB
U13G 1500Seni Purnell2/55-15.0PB
U13G 70HBeatrice Hamblin1/312.5PB
U13G Long JumpBeatrice Hamblin1/44.06m.
U15G 100Emma Brown-Araujo6/814.3PB
U15G 100Jasmine Sargeant714.5
U15G 200Heat 1. Jaya Collinson2/426.6
U15G 200FINAL. Jaya Collinson2/526.9
U15G 300Jaya Collinson2/542.5CLUB RECORD
U15G 800Nancy Taylor1/62-29.8PB
U15G 800Lexie Brown32-30.8
U15G 1500Isla McPhail5/65-25.8
U15G 75HMegan Mowbray1/113.4
U15G Long JumpMegan Mowbray1/44.61m.PB
U15G Long JumpEmma Brown-Araujo34.34m.
U15G High JumpMegan Mowbray1/21.45m.PB
U15G Triple JumpEmma Brown-Araujo1/19.86m.PB
U13B 100Heat 2. Elouan Biwole2/413.8
U13B 100FINAL. Elouan Biwole5/714.1
U13B 800Oliver Harrison1/52-36.2
U13B 800Cameron Wicks22-42.2PB
U13B JavelinEthan Crowley1/222.71m.
U13B JavelinElouan Biwole216.71m.
U13B Long JumpAlfie Curtis1/54.66m.PB
U15B 1500Leo Riggs1/24-49.8
U15B ShotBill Godden1/210.25m.PB

Adam 5th in British Championships M400m Hurdles

At the dry, warm Manchester Regional Arena last Saturday, Adam Booth ran in Heat 1 (of 4) and came second (of 6) in 51.84, qualifying for the Final.  Since it was live-streamed on the British Athletics site on Sunday, we could then watch him race as an u20 in the MENS’ Final.  It was cooler and gusting windy.  A faller on a lane inside him was a distraction. He still finished strongly, placing 5th (of 7) in 52.17.

British Triathlon Super Series at Bowood

All the athletes had to attempt all three races, the best two results being used to create the ranking. Race 1 consisted of a 1 Km swim followed by a 1 Km run. Then Race 2 needed a 500m. swim followed by a 2 Km run. Finally, Race 3 was a 300m swim followed by a 3 Km run. Ryan Symington won all three races. Brothers Liam and Ryan Openshaw also completed all three, Liam (7th) and Ryan (35th) being well-ranked. Other Poole AC members Zac Cloete and Alex Palotia-Avella also took part in this demanding series. We applaud all of them for their effort and determination.

Yeovil SWAL1

On Sunday July 4th,  a large number of Poole AC athletes went to Yeovil for the first of four South-West Athletics League (East Group) matches. This level of competition has been our main focus in recent seasons and gives a picture of how we are doing as a total club.  This year the twelve constituent clubs have been divided into two geographical groups of six, the West based in Plymouth and the East in Yeovil.  So we are grouped with: Dorchester, Wimborne, Mendip, Taunton and the hosts.  Results:-

SM 100Jonathan Le Grange3/611.6
SM 100Richard Wheeler513.6SB
SM 100Marcus Pidgley614.8T37
SM 400Jonathan Le Grange1/355.5
SM 1500Ben Gibbons1/54-00.9
SM 1500Graeme Mansell56-20.2PB
SM Long JumpRichard Wheeler3/33.15m.SB
SM DiscusRichard Wheeler1/423.76m.SB
SM HammerRichard Wheeler1/323.55m.SB
U20M 100Liam Nixon1/611.4
U20M 400Liam Nixon1/252.8SB
U17M 1500Edward Bird1/63-59.6LEAGUE RECORD
U17M 1500William Rabjohns24-01.9
U15B 100Heat 1 Caleb Cheng3/512.4
U15B 100Heat 2 Ollie Woollard1/612.9PB
U15B 300Heat 1 Thomas Farley4/445.8PB
U15B 300Heat 2 Harry Farley3/546.1PB
U15B 1500Thomas Farley3/94-47.2PB
U15B 1500Harry Farley54-55.2PB
U15B Long JumpCaleb Cheng2/94.95m.
U15B Long JumpOllie Woollard34.84m.PB
U15B DiscusBill Godden1/532.31m.
U13B 100Heat 1. Elouan Biwole4/714.1
U13B 100Heat 2. Finley Lewin4/615.1
U13B 200Heat 2. Finley Lewin2/431.7PB
U13B 200Oliver Harrison332.6PB
U3B 1500Oliver Harrison2/85-26.8
U13B Long JumpFinley Lewin5/73.74m. (-1.1)PB
U13B Long JumpEthan Crowley73.31m. (-2.0)SB
U13B JavelinEthan Crowley1/728.16m.
U13B JavelinElouan Biwole514.27m.
SW 100Leah Watts u174/813.5
SW 100Fleur Mansell u20513.5SB
SW 100Alexandra Bryant613.7SB
SW 400Alexandra Bryant1/859.7SB
SW 400Emma Stahr462.3PB
SW Triple JumpFleur Mansell u201/411.82m.CLUB RECORD
U17W 100Jaya Collinson u153/713.3SB
U17W 100Mia Wilkinson413.6
U17W 300Jaya Collinson u151/843.4
U17W 300Nancy Taylor u15445.4PB
U17W 1500Nancy Taylor u152/44-54.0PB
U17W 1500Lexie Brown u1535-01.4
U17W 80HMia Wlikinson2/512.4
U17W ShotEleanor Mowbray2/89.29m.
U15G 100Lexi Lewin5/714.5PB
U15G 300Heat 2. Lexi Lewin2/746.1PB
U15G 300Heat 1. Freya Woollard6/747.3PB
U15G 1500Freya Woollard3/65-27.1PB
U15G 1500Isla McPhail4/65-28.5
U15G 75HMegan Mowbray2/713.3PB
U15G High JumpMegan Mowbray1/41.40m.
U15G Long JumpMegan Mowbray2/84.50m.
U15G Long JumpLexi Lewin73.74m.PB
U13G 100Heat 1. Beatrice Hamblin3/614.8
U13G 100Heat 2. Polly Evans1/614.3PB
U13G 200Polly Evans1/729.5PB
U13G 1500Amelia Drew5/65-55.2
U13G 70HBeatrice Hamblin1/812.7
U13G High JumpMahlia-Pia Johnson6/71.15m.
U13G Long JumpBeatrice Hamblin1/134.20m. (0.4)PB
U13G Long JumpMahlia-Pia Johnson43.71m. (1.0)

Ed Bird wins 3K Gold & Emily wins Steeplechase Silver

At the English Schools’ AA Finals (Day 1) in Manchester on Friday 9th July, Emily Parker won the silver medal by finishing second in the Senior Girls’ 1500m. Steeplechase in a huge PB. Dorset also won two gold and two bronze medals by other athletes.  Our u20W member, Fleur Mansell, finished 5th in the SG Triple Jump, clearing 11.67m.  Quite a successful first day. Then on Saturday, Ed Bird held off a strong challenge in the final lap to take the gold in the Inter Boys’ 3000m. Team-mate Mark Ruby ran strongly to finish 12th. Bill Godden gained silver in JB Discus – but no results posted so far.

Other recent performances by PAC athletes

BFTTA Open. Dagenham, East London. June 26th

  • U13G 800m – Amelia Drew  2:51.74 (PB)

SETFA Pro Sprint Event, Winchester, June 25th

  • U20M 100 SM1.2 – Liam Nixon 11.15 1.1
  • SM 100 SM1.3 – Jonathan Le Grange  11.69
  • SM 100 SM2.1 – Jonathan Le Grange 11.59
  • U20M 100 SM2.3 – Liam Nixon 11.31

Battersea “Run Through: Chase the Sun” June 24th

  • U20M 10K – Dominic Willmore 32:17 PB

BMC Regional Races. Exeter, June 29th

  • U20M 800 – Josh Smith 3:57.24 PB
  • SM 1500 A – Ben Gibbons 3:57.94 PB
  • SW 1500 A – Emma Stahr 4:40.88 SB