Results: Upton Summer Series Race 4

What a turn out for the Upton Summer Series Race 4 and what a hot one it was! Well done to everyone who took part. #TeamPooleAC

PlaceTimeNameRaceAge Category
600:20:42COOK, SteveMale45 to 49
800:20:55HALE, GarethMale18 to 39
2600:22:23JONES, AbigailFemale18 to 39
3200:23:01HOGARTH, StevenMale60 to 64
3800:23:35STEVENS, BrettMale18 to 39
4800:24:16KELLY, SteveMale 18 to 39
4900:24:18MOORE, DarrenMale50 to 54
6300:25:10MCGRORY, KevinMale50 to 54
6900:25:38CLARK, CarrieFemale45 to 49
7400:25:55WICKHAM, RobertMale50 to 54
7600:25:57NEAL, DaveMale60 to 64
8500:26:32FILMER, GrahamMale55 to 59
8700:26:36JONES, EmmaFemale45 to 49
8800:26:42OFFER, JayneFemale50 to 54
9100:26:46BRIERLEY, HowardMale65 to 69
10600:27:41KELLY, SteveMale18 to 39
10900:27:50NEAL, JaneFemale60 to 64
11600:28:07GODDEN, JackieFemale50 to 54
11700:28:07MOORS, DanielMale40 to 44
10900:27:50NEAL, JaneFemale60 to 64
13200:29:11KIRKBY, JasmineFemale18 to 39
14300:29:50STOAKES, TinaFemale60 to 64
15600:30:39HORSWILL, LauraFemale18 to 39
15700:30:47HITCHING, IanMale50 to 54
16500:31:22LAUSTE, HarryMale18 to 39
16700:31:32HOULTON, ZoeFemale50 to 54
17200:31:46RITCHIE, VanyaFemale55 to 59
17300:31:47RITCHIE, DaveMale55 to 59
17600:31:57HENDERSON-BISHOP, EmmaFemale18 to 39
18200:32:32PALMER, BrendaFemale65 to 69
18700:33:00MCGRORY, MaggieFemale50 to 54
19900:34:05MIDGLEY, CatherineFemale50 to 54
20900:34:32CERQUELLA, LorraineFemale40 to 44
21400:35:08FILMER, EveFemale55 to 59
21500:35:08SAWYER, NicolaFemale45 to 49
21600:35:08PEEDELL, KarenFemale55 to 59
22000:35:43CORNES, PeterMale50 to 54
22400:36:35LITHGOW, AnnemarieFemale45 to 49
22900:37:08COOK, GillFemale55 to 59
23400:37:37IRVEN, NualaFemale45 to 49
23900:39:23GALTON, GraceFemale40 to 44
24600:40:09ROBERTS, KevinMale50 to 54
24900:42:46DEVERILL, AnnFemale50 to 54
25100:42:48LOWE, JacquelineFemale60 to 64

Great results in the junior race too, with Harry and Thomas Farley first and second!

353MorganSummerson WatsonG117:43