Track & Field News and Results, 12th September 2021

Team Dorset in UKYDL LAG Match 3 at Portsmouth 04/09/21

In spite of suffering a number of withdrawals from the original selected team, right up to the morning of the match, Team Dorset (a composite formed from the athletes of Dorchester AC, Wimborne AC and Poole AC) Lower Age-Group (for u13s and u15s) still managed to have a strong enough team to challenge the other five in our division and only be beaten (again) by Winchester!

This was made possible by all three clubs producing able and willing reserves, some learning on the spot at the venue track, and everyone putting in determined performances! Thanks to all the many parents who drove their athletes to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth and then gave noisy support to the team; and to ‘Graham’, the minibus driver and “tour guide” who transported a few athletes, officials and our hard-working and persuasive Team Manager, Ness.

The hardest-hit part of the team were the u15 boys, late withdrawals plus a shortage of suitable reserves leaving six gaps, in 300m (1), 800m (1), HJ (2), and Hurdles (2). Those cost us a lot of points, mostly due to sudden illness and injury. Nevertheless they were unbeaten on the track! The overall valuable Poole AC contribution was:-

U13G 75mA. Polly Evans3/511.1
U13G 75mB. Beatrice Hamblin2/510.9
U13G 150mA. Seni Purnell4/522.2PB
U13G 150mB. Polly Evans3/522.6
U13G 800mA. Polly Evans4/52-55.3
U13G 800mB. Amelia Drew3/42-50.7PB
U13G 1200mA. Seni Purnell1/54-12.7
U13G 70m Hdls.B. Beatrice Hamblin1/312.5PB=
U13G 4 x100mPolly, Beatrice, Seni +14/557.4
U13G Long JumpA. Beatrice Hamblin3/64.06m
U13G Long JumpB. Eloise Martin3/53.79m
U13G JavelinA. Lexie Taylor3/515.75m
U13B 75mA. Zachary Richings2/610.5
U13B 75mn/s. Elouan Biwole1/610.7PB
U13B 800mA. Oliver Harrison3/52-27.7PB
U13B 800mB. Cameron Wicks2/42-36.3PB
U13B 1200mA. Zachary Richings3/44-09.7
U13B 1200mB. Finley Lewin3/44-29.3
U13B 75m Hdls.A. Zachary Richings1/314.4
U13B 4 x 100mElouan + 31/453.7
U13B High JumpB. Alfie CurtisINJ. in LJ
U13B Long JumpA. Alfie Curtis2/64.39m
U13B ShotB. Finley Lewin2/46.07mPB
U13B JavelinA. Ethan Crowley2/427.02m
U13B JavelinB. Elouan Biwole1/425.18mPB
U15G 200mA. Jaya Collinson2/527
U15G 300mB. Jaya Collinson1/443
U15G 800mA. Nancy Taylor1/62-20.4PB
U15G 800mB. Lexi Lewin1/32-37.4PB
U15G 1500mA. Freya Woollard4/55-21.4PB
U15G 4 x 100mFreya, Elizabeth Richley, + 24/555.1
U15G 4 x 300mJaya, Lexi, Nancy + 11/42-56.0
U15G Long JumpA. Jaya Collinson4/44.27m. (-0.8)
U15G Long JumpB. Freya Woollard3/43.88m (-1.9)
U15G ShotB. Lexi Lewin4/45.83mPB
U15B 100mA. Caleb Cheng1/412.4
U15B 100mB. Ollie Woollard1/213
U15B 200mB. Caleb Cheng1/425.4
U15B 800mA. Oscar Ewen Matthews1/52-07.4PB
U15B 1500mA. Henry Cornish1/54-36.6
U15B 4 x 100mCaleb, Ollie, Henry + 11/450.6
U15B 4 x 300mHenry and Oscar + 21/32-46.8
U15B ShotA. Bill Godden2/410.06m
U15B DiscusA. Bill Godden1/535.75m
U15B JavelinB. Harley Taylor2/227.53m

We wait for the final TEAM results, but we managed to accrue nearly 500 points. thanks to the fantastic efforts of all concerned! The final ranking order was:-

  1. Winchester;
  2. Team Dorset;
  3. Bournemouth/NFJ;
  4. Portsmouth;
  5. Southampton;
  6. Havant.

More Results from our members’ exploits!

The School Games at Loughborough

Athletics is only one of the many sports being contested on an annual basis. Thus on 3rd Sept, u15G Millie Wicks took part in the Laser Run, a type of Biathlon in which athletes race against the clock completing 4 x 400m laps, but including four stops to fire a laser pistol at a small target 5m away! They can fire multiple shots but can only move on from their shooting bay when they have registered five hits or after 50 seconds. So it tests endurance and composure! Millie completed the course in 7-04.83, ranking 11/25. She was also part of the ‘silver’ team in a separate competition. (Her u13 brother, Cameron, competes on Sept. 19 at Solihull.)

Also at Loughborough, on Sept. 04, u17M Ed Bird won the 3000m track race, beating six others in the excellent time of 8-32.87. Ed has been selected to represent English Schools in the SIAB (International) Meeting in Derby on Saturday, September 25th. He will run in the Intermediate Boys’ 3000m.

Hampshire Quad Kids Championships at Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth 5th Sept.

One of our u11G members, Jemima Chetwood, competed for her Ballard School against twelve others in this competition. Already holding our Club Record for u11 QuadKids total points (234, achieved at our Open on August 20), this time she achieved the best overall performances in 600m and Howler but tantalisingly finally came second by just one point, with 228.