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Track & Field News and Results, 8th August 2021

By 10/08/2021August 11th, 2021Junior, Senior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

SWAL Match 2, 1st August 2021

SWAL (East) Match 2 was held in Yeovil. Our Group opponents, in addition to the hosts, were Dorchester, Wimborne, Mendip and Taunton.  Weymouth were guests in some events.

SW 4 x 100PAC Team3/353.02
U17W 100Georgina Stokes (with SW)3/513.25SB
U17W 100Leah Watts1/813.47
U17W 200Leah Watts2/827.52
U17W Long JumpGeorgina Stokes (with SW)1/35.27m.
U17W Long JumpEleanor Mowbray2/54.82m.
U15G 100Heat 1. Jaya Collinson2/813.42
U15G 100Megan Mowbray714.41PB
U15G 100Heat 2. Morgan S-Watson7/716.99PB
U15G 200Heat 1. Nancy Taylor3/828.66PB
U15G 200Freya Woollard730.22PB
U15G 200Heat 2. Jaya Collinson2/827.03
U15G 800Lexie Brown (with u17)1/42-31.15
U15G 800Heat 2. Nancy Taylor1/62-24.00
U15G 800Freya Woollard32-31.26
U15G 3000Isla McPhail5/711-58.76PB
U15G 3000Millie Wicks612-18.11PB
U15G 4 x 100PAC team2/356.09
U15G Triple JumpMegan Mowbray1/210.34m.PB
U15G Shot PuttMegan Mowbray4/77.59m.PB
U15G Shot PuttMorgan S-Watson75.07m.PB
U13G 100Heat 1. Beatrice Hamblin2/514.3
U13G 100Heat 2. Polly Evans1/614.5
U13G 100Eloise Martin214.82PB
U13G 200Heat 1. Beatrice Hamblin2/529.24
U13G 200Polly Evans330.21
U13G 200Heat 2. Seni Purnell1/429.84
U13G 200Eloise Martin230.96PB
U13G 800Seni Purnell1/82-38.51
U13G 800Polly Evans32-50.23
U13G 800Amelia Drew72-56.82
U13G 4 x 100PAC team2/360.97
U13G Long JumpBeatrice Hamblin1/144.22m.PB
U13G Long JumpEloise Martin24.00m.PB
U13G Long JumpSeni Purnell43.69m.PB
SM 100Jonathan Le Grange1/611.76
SM 100Marcus Pidgley T37514.68SB
SM 200Ciaran Dunnion1/823.96SB
SM 200Jonathan Le Grange224.39SB
SM 200Marcus Pidgley T37831.69
SM 800Ciaran Dunnion1/42-05.80
SM 800Ben GibbonsDQ
SM 5000Oliver Drew6/620-16.65PB
SM Shot PuttPeter Cornes4/44.63m.PB
SM T37 Shot PuttMarcus Pidgley1/17.30m.PB
U20M 100Liam Nixon1/411.45
U20M 200Liam Nixon1/423.14
U17M 800Edward Bird1/82-00.32PB
U17M 800Mark Ruby22-02.91PB
U17M 800Harry Drew82-27.05PB
U17M High JumpJack Evans3/31.65m.
U17M Long JumpJack Evans1/45.99m.
U15B 100Caleb Cheng2/712.44
U15B 200 Heat 1Ollie Woollard2/526.35
U15B 200 Heat 2Caleb Cheng3/525.38PB
U15B 800Henry Cornish1/72-08.11
U15B 800Oscar Ewen Matthews32-10.76PB
U13B 100 Ht.1Alfie Curtis3/515.03
U13B 200Oliver Harrison5/730.97
U13B 800Oliver Harrison2/102-29.88
U13B 800Cameron Wicks32-38.54PB
U13B High JumpAlfie Curtis3/51.25m.PB
U13B Long JumpAlfie Curtis3/104.28

Dorset County AA Championships Part 3 (Hammer and Discus)

Due to the lack of a usable safety cage at Ashdown when the other Championship events were staged there on June 26 and July 03, the “heavy long throws” of hammer and discus were held at the refurbished King’s Park facility on July 31. As a result we have two more County Champions! In addition, Bill Godden broke his own u15B discus club record!

  • U15B Discus- Bill Godden, 1st – 39.48m
  • U20W Discus – Niamh Kirwin, 1st – 26.20m
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