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Track & Field News and Results, 3rd October 2021

By 05/10/2021Junior
Poole AC Junior Athletes

London Mini-Marathon

  • In u15B, Henry Cornish placed 33 (SW team 9th)
  • In u17M, Ed Bird (8) + Mark Ruby (21) with SW team THIRD!
  • In u15G, Erin Wells placed 25 with SW team 4th.

What an experience!

Report and results from SWAL (East) Match 4 in Yeovil 25/09/21

For this fourth and final match of the South-West Athletics League (East Group) in this unprecedented and different-from-normal season of 2021, mostly parents transported a talented and “daring-to-try-something-new” group of athletes to Yeovil.

They experienced a mild, humid day with occasional drizzle and many track breaks caused by the scarcity of athletes. Nevertheless, ours again showed the value of training, perseverance and dedication by achieving many PBs – also reflecting the quality of the coaching! The highlight of achievement was by u15B Henry Cornish who was very near his best when setting a new LEAGUE u15B 800m RECORD with his win in 2-04.5. Note also Reuben’s u20M first-attempt at discus and near-10m improvement in the hammer and u15G Morgan and Lexi trying discus!

U13B 100 R1Zachary Richings1/813.5PB
U13B 100 R1Janus Van Deventer714.4PB
U13B 200 R1Janus Van Deventer5/530.6
U13B 200 R2Oliver Harrison2/530.5PB
U13B 200 R2Finley Lewin431.6
U13B 800Oliver Harrison3/72-25.0PB
U13B 800Finley Lewin42-43.4PB
U13B 4 x 100Janus/Oliver/Finley/Zach2/259.7
U13B High JumpZachary Richings1=/41.43mPB
U13B Long JumpZachary Richings1/105.03m
U13B Long JumpJanus Van Deventer63.53m
U13B Shot PuttFinley Lewin2/45.92m
U15B 100 R1Caleb Cheng3/612.3
U15B 100 R1Harry Robson613.3
U15B 100 R2Seb Watson4/413.4PB
U15B 200Caleb Cheng3/825.2
U15B 200Ollie Woollard526
U15B 200Seb Watson828.4PB
U15B 800 (Mix)Henry Cornish1/52-04.5LEAGUE RECORD
U15B High JumpHarry Robson1/41.50mPB
U15B High JumpSeb Watson41.35mPB?
U17M 100Tyler Collins4/512.4PB
U17M 100Reuben Cornwell (u20 !)513.7PB
U17M 800 MixOscar Ewen Matthews u154/92-09.2
U17M Long JumpTyler Collins1/35.52mPB
U17M Long JumpCaleb Cheng u1524.88m
U17M Long JumpOscar Ewen Matthews u1534.66m
U20M 5000 MixRyan Symington2/516-11.6PB
U20M DiscusReuben Cornwell4/518.48mPB
U20M Hammer MixReuben Cornwell1/318.37mPB
SM 100Tom Casson6/612.6SB?
SM 200 (Mix)Tom Casson6/726.4SB?
SM 201 (Mix)Reuben Cornwell u20728.1PB
SM High JumpMark Roach M552/31.45m
SM Triple JumpMark Roach M555/57.80m
SM Shot PuttMark Roach M553/57.90m
U13G 100 R1Beatrice Hamblin2/514.3
U13G 100 R1Polly Evans414.5
U13G 100 R1Eloise Martin514.8
U13G 200Beatrice Hamblin2/629.3
U13G 200Polly Evans329.3PB
U13G 800Eloise Martin2/92-35.4PB
U13G 800Polly Evans32-42.0PB
U13G 800Amelia Drew52-51.4
U13G 4x100 (Fun)Polly/Beatrice/Eloise (only 3)2/359.6
U13G Long JumpBeatrice Hamblin1/94.45m
U15G 100 R1Emma Brown -Araujo5/614.2PB
U15G 100 R2Eleena Dhir6/715.8PB
U15G 100 R2Morgan Summerson-Watson716.9
U15G 200 R1Eleena Dhir5/532.5PB
U15G 200 R2Lexi Lewin3/529.3
U15G 800 MixEleena Dhir4/42-45.1PB
U15G 3000Lexie Brown1/311-00.0PB
U15G 3000Isla McPhail211-58.7PB
U15G Triple JumpEmma Brown-Araujo1/29.52m
U15G Triple JumpLexi Lewin28.83mPB
U15G Shot PuttMorgan Summerson-Watson3/35.67m
U15G DiscusMorgan Summerson-Watson3/410.56mPB
U15G DiscusLexi Lewin410.51mPB
U17W 100Georgina Stokes2/613.2
U17W 100Jaya Collinson u15413.3
U17W 200Jaya Collinson u152/827.1
U17W 800Freya Woollard u153/62-31.8
U17W Long JumpJaya Collinson u152/54.55mPB
SW 100Alexandra Bryant1/413.3
SW 100Elizabeth Le Rossignol418.3
SW 200Alexandra Bryant1/626.8
SW 200Elizabeth Le Rossignol538.7
SW Long JumpGeorgina Stokes u171/45.09m
SW Long JumpAlexandra Bryant44.00m
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