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From road running to track and field, we have a coach for you!

Senior Road Running Coaches

5K timeover 40 mins35 - 40 mins30 - 35 mins26 - 30 mins24.30 - 26 mins23 - 24.30 mins21.30 - 23 minssub 21.30 mins
Approx Distance3 - 3.5 miles4 miles4.5 miles5 - 6 miles5 - 6 miles6 - 6.5 miles6.5 - 7 miles7 miles
14+ min miles12.45 min miles11.30 min miles 10.30 min miles9.30 min miles8..45 min miles8.15 min miles7.45 min miles

Track and Field Coaches

Sprints:Graeme Gourlay, Bryan Murray, Ray Williams, Peter Cornes, Joe Oatley, Alexander Kioko, Marcus Pidgley
Hurdles:Graeme Gourlay, Bryan Murray, Joe Oatley
Endurance:Mark Pauley, Mark Courtney, Oliver Drew, Dave Allen, Peter Cornes, Jo Brown, Nigel Harding
Throws:Mike Long, Brian Batcheldor
High Jump:James Hind, Mark Roach, Mark Pauley, Bryan Murray
Long and Triple Jumps:Bryan Murray, Graeme Gourlay, Ray Williams, James Colbert
Induction Group:Peter Cornes, Brian Underwood, Bryan Murray, Alexander Kioko
Strength and Conditioning:Brian Batcheldor, Jo Brown
SportsHall:Bryan Muray, Ray Williams, Peter Cornes, Mark Pauley, James Colbert
Disability Group:Martin Cook, Mike Long, Lindsay Hole, Nathan Blackie
Assistants:Demi Goddard, Abigail Rutter, Paul Rabjohns
SportsHall helpers:Nicola Cornes, Alison Parish