From road running to track and field, we have a coach for you!

Senior Road Running Coaches

5K time30+30-33302824 - 2622 - 2421 - 23
Approx Distance3 miles4 miles5 miles5 miles6 miles6.5 miles6.5 miles
14+ min miles13-14 min miles11-12 min miles 10 min miles9-9.5 min miles8.5-9 min miles8 min miles

Track and Field Coaches

Sprints:Graeme Gourlay, David Little, Alex Martin (Uni holidays), Matthew Lay (Uni holidays), Bryan Murray, Ray Williams, Max Hammett, Tom Casson and Richard Sidoli
Hurdles:Graeme Gourlay, David Little, Joe Oatley
Endurance:Mark Pauley, Mark Courtney, Rob Wickham, Dave Allen, Jane Neal, Peter Cornes, Sian Phillips
Throws:Dennis Elkins, Mike Long, Ruth Elkins
High Jump:Mark Roach, James Hind, Mark Pauley, David Little
Long and Triple Jumps:David Little, Graeme Gourlay, Ray Williams and Richard Sidoli
Pole Vault:Adam Carpenter, Mark Pauley, Dave Alcock
Induction Group:Simon Speed, Vivian Wilson, Peter Cornes, Jayne Offer, Ray Williams
Strength and Conditioning:
SportsHall:Mark Pauley, Ray Williams, Peter Cornes, Bryan Murray, David Little
Disability Group:Martin Cook, Mike Long
Assistants:Graeme Mansell, James Pearce, Dan Wakefield (Uni holidays), Carla Sheppard and Abigail Rutter
SportsHall helpers:Vanessa Batcheldor, Helen Gannon, Alison Parish