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How you can get involved

Behind the scenes there is a huge amount of unseen work and helping out in a voluntary capacity, which can be a very rewarding way of spending your time. Whatever your skills or expertise there are many ways that you can become involved.

Poole Athletic Club is always looking for help from anyone who feels that they may want to get involved in, and contribute towards, any aspect of the running of the club. From  coaching, officiating, administration work, fund-raising, organising events, managing teams or if you can help in other ways, volunteers will always be made very welcome, whether it is on a regular or an ad hoc basis.


There are opportunities both to gain experience by helping established coaches and to undertake training courses leading to recognised coaching qualifications.

The basic coaching opportunities include Leading Athletics (for aged 14+) and moving onto Coaching Assistant qualification (for aged 16+).  Comprehensive details can be found at the England Athletics Website, or discuss with our Coaching Co-ordinator David Little.

From this starting point you can develop to be a fully-fledged club Coach (for aged 18+).

There are also pathways specifically for coaching road running (Leader in Running Fitness, then to Coach iRF), should this be your preferred route into the sport.

Coaching courses are scheduled over one day or several days and can have a sizeable financial commitment (e.g. £250 for full Coach course); however Poole AC provides a financial support mechanism based on commitment which we can discuss in detail.


No athletics meeting could take place without Track/Field officials.

  • Field – Distances and heights achieved by athletes must be measured properly for them to count.
  • Track –  Races require starters, track judges, and timekeepers.

Training courses for Officials start at the very basic qualification, and these are suitable for volunteers with little or no experience in athletics, and the Club tries when possible to find these locally to reduce the need to travel. Anyone interested in finding out more about officiating please contact Mark Pauley, Alison Parish or David Little for further information. Further details about courses for officials can be found at the England Athletics Website; there is a basic cost of £30 (to include a Health and Safety segment) but this will be paid by the club if volunteers are prepared to help us in this area.

Team Management

Team managers play a very important part in the Club, as they are vital to us being able to organise the teams for the club’s various competitions that take place throughout the year.

These roles are very rewarding to those prepared to take on this responsibility and involves liaising with coaches and athletes.

Organising Events

Poole AC is always looking for people to help with organising events. This can range from helping to take entries for events on the day; registration; setting up equipment, and recording results, positions and times for races, and distances and heights for field events.  There are experienced members on hand to explain how things work.

Also help is needed with Poole AC’s hosting of annual races, including helping with planning, setting up and taking down courses, marshaling and at the finish, and with results provision.

Help is also appreciated on Junior Club Training Nights with the signing-in of athletes and dealing with enquiries and selling of club kit. The opportunity to help with ancillary events and sale of refreshments at the Team Dorset clubhouse will help make Ashdown even more of a community focal point, and any profits made are put towards the ongoing maintenance in the HQ.


Like most voluntary organisations, Poole AC is always looking to explore opportunities to look for  funding or to raise money towards the on-going running costs, as well as one-off projects related to improving facilities and opportunities. Please contact any committee member.

Senior and Junior Club Committees

An important aspect of running any athletics club is the Club Committee, which oversees both the day-to-day operation, as well as leading the future direction of the club.

The Senior Committee meets roughly every two months, and all members are welcome to attend the committee meetings. If you are interested in getting involved please see anyone on the committee.

The Junior Committee meets monthly and are extremely keen to recruit new blood with ideas of how we can take the club forward. If you are interested in getting involved in the committee please speak to the chairman or membership secretary.

Other ways that you can help

Promoting the Club

  • Through Club newsletters, flyers & gaining press coverage
  • School Liaison Officer
  • Helping to promote athletics with local schools and arrange possible outreach activities


  • Setting up equipment and assisting coaches & event organisers on the day

First Aider

  • Becoming a first aider at training and events or maybe help co-ordinate cover.