Poole AC Track and Field HQ is based at Ashdown Leisure Centre Track, Canford Heath, Poole, BH17 8PY

If you want to send a message to Poole AC, please submit one of the forms below:

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Contact Run Leaders to Book a Trial Running Session

If you are not a member but you are thinking of joining Poole AC, you are permitted to trial a couple of running sessions before signing up.  Non-members (over-18s only) can register for a session using this form. Your request will go to the run leader coordinator who will book you onto a session if possible. You will receive notification if the booking was successful.

Your personal information is required for Test and Trace and to enable the run leaders to contact you. All data will be held in accordance with Data Protection and GDPR legislation.


  • Bookings can ONLY be made on the website, you must not informally agree anything via social media or other contact method. We need to ensure we do not exceed attendee limits, and we have all the required contact information if we need to use Covid-19 test and trace
  • You must not book for a friend, they will need to book a session themselves!
  • You must only make a booking if you accept the levels of risk identified in the risk assessment, published here>>> Note that the club will not provide hand sanitiser or drinking water, so please bring your own.
  • If you have to cancel your booking, you must get in touch as soon as possible, so that we can release the place for someone else to use. Do not offer your place to anyone else, it all has to go through the website booking form. To cancel your booking, contact the web editor here>>>
  • You must not run if you are ill or feeling under the weather.
  • You agree to run responsibly and adhere to all social distancing rules.
  • You agree to provide your mobile phone number, so that the run leaders can contact you by text to give you details of the session.
You must only make a booking if you accept the levels of risk identified in the risk assessment, and you agree to the T&Cs
You will receive email notification when the run leader coordinator has booked you onto a session

All other comments or questions