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Anytime Lockdown Series 2021

Back by popular demand, and thanks to Mike Cure, we have a new series of “Anytime” events to keep you running into the New Year whilst races are still being cancelled due to Covid-19. If you are a Facebook user, head over to our  Poole AC Social Facebook group where you will see the events listed, and you can join the conversation and post your results. You can also send your results to the Event Director via our Contact Us web page. As the series progresses we will publish the results on the Senior Club Championships page.

New events will be added each week, so check back here or on Facebook to get the latest information. You will have plenty of time to take part, but if you want to submit your results, make sure you do so before the deadlines!

The events now open for you to run are:

Event 1 - South Ham 5k, EXPIRED

Start in Hoyal Rd at end of the road, just past junction with Hercules Rd. Run to junction with Lake Rd and turn right, cross road when safe.
Take 3rd turning on the left (Hamilton Rd) and then first on left Aldis Gardens. Take the straight on footpath which will bring you out onto Blandford Rd, turn right.
Take 3rd on the right (Coles Ave) and turn left into Rockley Rd just before the end.
Carry on along Rockley Rd, bearing left into Tuckers Lane and coming out onto Blandord Rd and turn right.
Turn Right into Ashmore Ave, follw and bear right into Lulworth Ave. Take 1st on the left (Purbeck Ave) Then right into Branksea Ave, follow to end and turn right into Lake Rd.
Turn right and run up Lulworth Ave and right back into Purbeck Ave and complete the loop you have just done, finishing on Lulworth Ave at 5k (3.11M)


Event 2 - Sika 5k, EXPIRED

Start by barrier from Sika Trail car park off Bere Road and go through open gate into the forest. Turn right-ish onto the Blue trail and head slightly downhill. At the next major turning don’t veer left, but continue straight on to follow the Blue trail onto the darker path (a slight uphill).
At the next junction around 1k, take the sharp left turn. Continue straight on when you rejoin the lighter path (Blue). At the multi-junction beyond 2k, follow the Blue path round to the left (you will pass two red-topped white pipeline poles shown as lime green on map) and take the next right.
Take the second left down a grassier path where there is a low stone plinth with a plaque labelled “Parson’s Pleasure”. Straight on until you reach a T junction beyond the open gate and go left (Blue) up a short incline. Next left (Blue) past the cattle grid and follow the straight path until the T junction where you turn right (Blue) and head back towards the start. Take the next left (Purple), go past the pipeline poles, and then go right if necessary to complete your 5k.
From your finish position, there are shorter routes back to the car park (such as the red dashed line on the map).


Event 3 - Clarendon 5k, EXPIRED

Take care when crossing side roads
Start by Lamp post 19, outside 104 Clarendon Rd and run towards the roundabout at the end of the Broadway, turn left onto Higher Blandford Rd and then left into Springdale Rd.
2nd left into Lewesdon Drive and 2nd left and along Cheam Road.
Right at end and into Ascot Road, and right at the end back into Clarendon Rd, running the opposite way.
Take 2nd on the right, Gladelands Way and follow to junction with Roman Rd, where you turn left.
Take 3rd on the left, Corfe Way and follow to the end and turn right onto Upton Way.
Carry on till the end and reach 5km (3.11M)


Event 4 - Overchine 5k, EXPIRED

Start on W Overcliff Drive at corner of W Cliff Rd, go left into McKinley Rd, and next right into W Overcliff Drive. Carry on until you reach suspension footbridge on left (you’ll see some bollards at the start of the footpath), go over bridge, and immediate left onto Studland Rd, at end right onto Alumhurst Rd, down to Beaulieu Rd and go right. Right again to Burnaby Road, right to Earle Rd, left to Alumhurst Rd.
Retrace route to start – left into Studland Rd, over footbridge, right to W Overcliff Drive, left into McKinley Road. If you reach the end of McKinley Road, turn left for a more downhill finish.


Event 5 - Peninsula 10k, expiry date 10th June

Many won’t need a GPS for this run, it is a well used route from Whitecliff car park around the peninsula and back to Whitecliff car park.
The start and finish is on the pavement on the corner of the carpark, nearest to Sandbanks Rd. You can go either way around Panorama Rd.
Take care when crossing roads.


Event 6 - Sandy Lane 5k, EXPIRED

Start on Dorchester Rd (Moorland Way side) take 3rd on left onto Sea View Rd, to end, and turn left onto Sandy Lane. Turn right into Lytchett Way (just before 1M). At end join Shore Lane and bear right onto Border Drive, follow to end where it joins Sandy Lane and turn left.
Run back up Sandy Lane and do another loop around Lytchett Way, Shore Lane and Border Drive and left into Sandy Lane… Carry on along Sandy Lane until you reach 5k (3.11M)

Event 7 - Pinesprings 5k, EXPIRED

Start on Pinesprings Drive where it joins Roman Rd. Head south towards Beechbank Ave, where you turn right.
Carry on and turn left into Creekmoor lane, perhaps stay on right hand side of road until you have passed Cabot Lane, then cross before turning left into Hazelbury Rd. Right into Pergin Way, left into Pergin Cres right into Porter Rd and follow around to a turn left into Pergin Cres and a left turn onto Upton Rd.
Go over the bridge and turn immediately left down the footpath onto Broadstone Way footpath. (Take care and check out beforehand light levels, there are street lights, but these might be obscured by tree cover) Also be careful entering Broadstone way path for other users… Turn right and run to Cabot lane, If clear go across, if not turn into Cabot Lane until clear to cross then turn back towards Broadstone Way and carry on to 5K (3.11M) If unable to cross Cabot Lane, just carry on, the quicker you get across Cabot Lane, the nearer you get to the start.

Event 8 - Baiter 5k, EXPIRED

Start on path beside Skate park (as far away from roundabout as possible, where there is still light if doing in the dark) and run towards roundabout, do one complete loop of Newfoundland Dr, Furnell Rd, Labrador Dr anti clockwise, then continue along Newfoundland Dr, Furnell Rd until you reach the junction with Labrador Dr, turn right into Green gardens and left into Ballard Rd. Go west along the Quay to the main road at Poole Bridge, turn and head back along the Quay (east) to Ballard Rd and right into Green Gardens. Carry on along Labrador Dr until the roundabout and turn right onto path by Skate park, stop at 5K (3.11M)

Event 9 - Parklinks 5k, EXPIRED

Start Kings Ave junction with Spur Hill Ave and go down Kings Ave to St Osmunds Road and turn left. At end turn left into Links Road. At junction turn right into Canford Cliffs Road. Go right when you reach Lilliput Road.
Next right into Compton Ave. Straight over roundabout and left into Alton Road E. Continue on Alton Road until you reach Conifer Ave and turn left. Next left into Jennings Road, then right into Broadwater Ave. At Pottery Road junction turn right then continue into Conifer Ave to reach 5k. (3.11M)

Event 10 - North Oakdale 5k, EXPIRED

Start on Ringwood Rd outside shops nr Junction with Dorchester Rd, and run down Dorchester Rd, bear left into Pound Lane and first left into Bond Rd.
Turn right at Junction with Ringwood Rd, right into Hunt Rd and right into Fernside Rd. Be prepared to run a little up Harbour Hill Rd to cross, if busy, if not cross and turn right into Pound Lane.
2nd left into Kingsbere Rd, left into Hennings Park Rd right into Darbys Lane.
Right into Dorchester Rd, Right into Wingfield Ave, left into Nansen Ave, left at end into Rowland Ave, right into Dorchester Rd, right into Hennings Park , follow where it bears right and complete this loop (right into Darbys Lane).
Right into Dorchester Rd, right into Wingfield Ave, left into Nansen Ave, left at end into Rowland Ave again until you reach 5k (3.11M)

Event 11 - Holes Bay 10k, EXPIRED

The route can be run clockwise or anticlockwise, either starting from (Clockwise) West Quay Rd end of Twin sails bridge (won’t get caught by the bridge) or  (Anti Clockwise) near Asda, on the footpath behind the Aqua building as far back as you can go.
Route directions to follow

Event 12 - Castleman 1 Way 5k, EXPIRED

This route is a one way 5k-ish from the bottom of the slope at Willett Arms end of the Castleman trailway to the top of the slope which will take you down onto the Roman Rd, Creekmoor.
Due to erratic GPS signals on the trailway it is fairer going from point to point.
This route maps at 3.19M so is pretty close to 5k.
You are welcome to do in reverse, but it is uphill!

Event 13 - Darby's 5k, expiry date 22nd June

Start on Darby’s Lane North at junction with Harwell Road. Continue over 1km on Darby’s Lane to junction of paths where you turn left. Turn left into the alleyway and right into Witney Road. At end of road turn right and then right onto path. Continue straight on to Canford Heath Road and turn right.

At the roundabout continue right into Adastral Road. Straight on past Ashdown Close then right into Warburton Road. All the way round and right into Adastral Road, then next right into Bader Road. All the way round Bader Road and right into Adastral Road. Right into Learoyd Road and finish at 5k (loop round the car park if necessary).


Event 14 - Dunyeats 5k, expiry date 13th June

Start on Dunyeats Rd, opposite Ashwood Dr, on the Delph Woods side of the road and run towards Broadstone.
Turn right into Upper Golflinks Rd and Follow the road into Lower Golflinks Rd. Turn right into Moor Rd, towards the sports centre and left into Station Approach. Run through the car park (or pavement) and turn right into Higher Blandford Rd.

Take 2nd on right (Fairview Dr) follow to the end and turn right into St Andrews Rd, then right into Birkdale Rd. Right into Fairview Rd, to Higher Blandford Rd, turn left and follow back to Station Approach. Continue into Wentworth Dr, turn at the junction on the right just before the Golf club. Run back up Wentworth Drive until you reach 5k (3.11M)

Event 15 - Continuous Bridges Loop, expiry date 26th June

Event 15 is a 20 min continuous loop of Poole bridge and Twin sails. The distance covered in the 20 mins will be added to the results sheet.
The route is a choice of either clockwise, or anticlockwise over Poole bridge and Twin sails bridge, starting from Poole bridge, opposite the bridge house.

Event 16 - Orchard 3k, expiry date 15th June

Three complete loops anticlockwise of Orchard and Twemlow Avenue.
Don’t worry about GPS, other than to show you have completed 3 loops, Start at junction of Orchard and Twemlow Ave, closest to Poole park.


Event 17 - Poole Park 5k, expiry date 17th June

Start on West field, or adjoining tarmac, and run toward Cricket pitch.
Take slip path off onto cycle track just past turning to Ark.
Run anticlockwise around circuit, leaving by pavilion.
Take road back towards West field and around the lake anticlockwise.
On completion take road back towards Cricket pitch, take the slip path again, do anticlockwise loop, leave by pavilion.
Run to West field and stop at 5k (3.11M)

Event 18 - Nuffield mile, expiry date 20th June

Choose your time carefully!!
Start on Nuffield Rd outside Scrap yard, near the junction with Hatchpond Rd.
Run north on Nuffield Rd and turn right into Abingdon Rd. Follow road around as it turns left by Royal Mail depot and turn left into Cowley Rd.
Follow the road as it bends to the left and completes a loop at the junction of Nuffield Rd.
Do the loop again, on 2nd time turn right at the junction with Nuffield Rd and complete the mile.

Event 19 - Hamworthy 5k, expiry date 28th June

Start on Blandford road opposite Burngate Road approx 75m North of junction with Hinchliffe road, turn left into Hinchliffe Rd then left into Woodlands Ave, follow to end. Turn right into Harkwood Drive, Take right hand footpath, just past 2nd close and follow waterfront path to its end which takes you into a cul de sac of Symes road. Go up Cul de Sac, turn right into main Symes road and shortly right into Upton Country park. Take first left alongside the railway line and follow to the junction, Take left at this junction and emerge on Blandford road.
Turn left under the arch and then next left into Symes road. Turn left, follow the road around past where you turned into Upton house, take Cul de sac on the left until it reaches shore path.
Follow this back and do opposite of route taken on the way out.
Harkwood Rd, Woodlands Ave and Hinchliffe Rd, turn right onto Blandford Rd (if you need the distance) and stop when you reach 5k (3.11m)


Event 20 - Twemlow 5k, expiry date 30th June

Start in Orchard Avenue and run towards Copse close, through the car park onto the cycle track, anti clockwise and out past the drinking fountain, towards roundabout, pillars by model boating lake into Twemlow Ave, continue into Copse close, past the pavilion anti clockwise. Do another lap, stop when reach 5km (3.11M)