Historical Club Awards


Track and Field Awards (Incorporating Juniors, Seniors and Para Athletes)

2017 Track & Field

2017 AwardName
Junior ChampionCaitlin Batcheldor
Track & Field Athlete of the YearImogen Davis
Track & Field Athlete of the YearTom Casson
Outstanding AcheivementLindsay Chapman
Endurance AwardBen Lewis
Over 11 ImproverNiamh Kirwin and Harry Midgley
Over 11 Endeavour Safia Stacey and Alistair Ferguson
Over 11 NewcomerIsobel Rabjohns and Jamie Paton
Under 11 ChampionJaya Collinson
Under 11 NewcomerHarry Farley and Thomas Farley
Under 11 ImproverHarley Taylor
Under 11 EndeavourLilly Burke and Ethan Crowley
Under 11 Cross-CountryNancy Taylor
Sprints AwardElloise Hartnell and George Crouch
Throws AwardEmma Carpenter and Cameron Cook
Jumps AwardPoppy Laidlaw and Adam Booth
Middle DistanceAshia Wilson and Jed Skilton
Hurdles AwardConnor Corbin and Emily Jeffries
Senior Track & FieldLizzie Gourlay and Richard Wheeler
Coaches Special AwardAlison Parish, Vanessa Batcheldor and Lloyd Arnold
Junior Cross CountryWill Rabjohns
SportshallEleanor Mowbray and George Farley
MultieventsKatie Corbin and Lewis Naptin
Para-Athletics AchievementLindsay Chapman
Wheelchair Racing AwardNathan Blackie
Wheelchair NewcomerHeather Rowe and Charlie Williams
Wheelchair Rising StarZoe Cluley
Foresters Friendly Fidelity AwardLeah Watts

2016 Track & Field

2016 AwardName
Junior Champion Ryan Long
Track & Field Athlete of the Year Caitlin Batcheldor, Lewis Naptin
Outstanding Achievement Ashia Wilson,Emelie Castagna,Heidi Taylor
Endurance Award Jamie Grose
Over 11 Improver Pheobe Anson, Cameron Corbin
Over 11 Endeavour Jasmine Lawrence, Josh Erskine
Over 11 Newcomer Abigail Morgan, Nathan Cracknell
Under 11 Champion William Rabjohns
Under 11 Newcomer Harley Taylor
Under 11 Improver Callum McGinley
Under 11 Endeavour Molly Pearce, Ben Robert
Under 11 Cross-Country George Mahon
Sprints Award Amelia Davis, Scott Rutter
Throws Award Imogen Davis, Cameron Cook
Jumps Award Katie Corbin, Lloyd Arnold
Middle Distance Holly Earley, Josh Smith
Hurdles Award Adam Booth, Olivia Hunter
Senior Track & Field Maddy Vaughan Johncey, Sam Wheeler
Coaches Special Award Finn Pardy & Liam Openshaw, Hannah Moore
Junior Cross Country Jed Skilton
Sportshall Sarah-Louise Hazell, Edward Pearce
Multievents Sophie Oatley, George Walker
Para-Athletics Achievement Nathan Blackie
Wheelchair Racing Award Chris Nash
Wheelchair Newcomer Emma Roberts, Harvey Norcott
Wheelchair Rising Star George Fripp
Foresters Friendly Fidelity Award Ashley Gannon

2015 Track & Field

2015 AwardName
Junior ChampionRyan Long
Track & Field Athlete of the YearOlivia Hunter, Tom Casson
Outstanding AchievementNathan Blackie
Endurance AwardBen Lewis
Over 11 ImproverJasmine Lawrence, Adam Booth
Over 11 EndeavourEmma Martin, Josh Smith
Over 11 NewcomerElloise Hartnell, Lloyd Arnold
Under 11 Champion Safia Stacey
Under 11 NewcomerCharlotte Smith
Under 11 ImproverAnthony Booth
Under 11 EndeavourMolly Pearce, Connor Corbin
Under 11 Cross-CountrySam Hicks
Sprints AwardAshleigh Power, Sam Wheeler
Throws AwardCaitlin Batcheldor, Morgan Goddard
Jumps AwardKatie Corbin, Jake Newnham
Middle DistanceDemi-Marie Goddard, Jamie Grose
Hurdles AwardLewis Shepherd, Holly Aldridge
Senior Track & FieldSteffi Wilson, Andrew Ridley
Coaches Special AwardElisabeth Hood, Alex Martin
Junior Cross CountryAshia Wilson
Senior Cross CountryBrian Underwood
SportshallFleur Mansell, Harrison Leaper
MultieventsBobbie-Louise Gannon, George Walker
Para-Athletics AchievementMarcus Pidgeley
Wheelchair Racing AwardRobbie Faulder
Foresters Friendly Fidelity AwardImogen Davis

2014 Track & Field

2014 AwardName
Junior ChampionAshleigh Power
Track & Field Athlete of the YearOlivia Hunter, Jack Roach
Outstanding AcheivementNathan Blackie
Endurance AwardJed Skilton
Over 11 ImproverMacy Godden, Chris MacIntosh
Over 11 Endeavour Madeleine Sorene, Tom Casson
Over 11 NewcomerHolly Earley, Ryan Long
Under 11 ChampionAshia Wilson
Under 11 NewcomerRyan Symington
Under 11 ImproverAshley Gannon
Under 11 EndeavourLouise Burke. Matthew Lissenburg
Sprints AwardAmelia Davis, Scott Rutter
Throws AwardCaitlin Batcheldor, Jack Howlett
Jumps AwardSam Cash, Jake Newnham
Middle DistanceEmma Martin, Ashley Parker
Hurdles AwardLewis Shepherd, Rachael Jeffries
Senior Track & FieldSteffi Wilson, Martyn Gibbons
Coaches Special AwardEmma Carpenter, James Colbert
Junior Cross CountryAiste Razmaite
Senior Cross CountryTom Austin
SportshallKatie Corbin, Lewis Naptin
MultieventsBobbie-Louise Gannon, George Walker
Para-Athletics AcheivementDan Cook
Participation AwardSam Wheeler

2013 Track & Field

2013 AwardsName
Junior ChampionLewis Shepherd
Track & Field Athlete of the YearAshleigh Power, Sam Wheeler
Outstanding AcheivementSteffi Wilson
Endurance AwardAbigail Rutter
Over 11 ImproverCharlotte Offer, Max Hammett
Over 11 Endeavour Katie Corbin, Lewis Naptin
Over 11 NewcomerAiste Razmaite, Joshua Blake
Under 11 ChampionBen Martin
Under 11 NewcomerAshia Wilson
Under 11 ImproverP Laidlaw
Under 11 EndeavourFleur Mansell, J Bibby
Sprints AwardSarah Naptin, Scott Rutter
Throws AwardEmma Carpenter, Jack Howlett
Jumps AwardGabrielle Rowsell. Jack Roach
Middle DistanceElisabeth Hood, Ashley Parker
Hurdles AwardAlex Lee. Olivia Hunter
Senior Track & FieldLizzy Gourlay, Richard Wheeler
Coaches Special AwardL Hole, Luca Bayne
Junior Cross CountryMatt Lay
SportshallAmelia Davis, Tom Freeman
MultieventsSamantha Cash, Adam Lee
Para-Athletics AcheivementNathan Blackie

2012 Track & Field

2012 AwardName
Junior ChampionSteffi Wilson
Track & Field Athlete of the YearAshleigh Power, Alex Hatley
Outstanding AcheivementElisabeth Hood
Endurance AwardRichard Horton
Over 11 ImproverAmelia Davis, Max Hammett
Over 11 Endeavour Emma Martin, Matthew Cornes
Over 11 NewcomerOlivia Hunter, Chris Mcintosh
Under 11 ChampionKatie Corbin
Under 11 NewcomerAdam Kwan
Under 11 ImproverBen Martin
Under 11 EndeavourDemi-Marie Goddard, Adam Booth
Sprints AwardAmber Lench, Scott Rutter
Throws AwardSamantha Cash, Jack Howlett
Jumps AwardEmma Carpenter, Jack Roach
Middle DistanceAfrica Mason, Mike Logan
Hurdles AwardLewis Shepherd
Senior Track & FieldElizabeth Gourlay, Charlie Patrick
Coaches Special AwardDebbie Colbert, Simon Speed
Junior Cross CountryEma Butterworth
SportshallBobbie-Louise Gannon, Connor Wright
MultieventsDanielle Burry, Sam Wheeler

2011 Track & Field

2011 AwardName
Junnior ChampionGabrielle Rowsell
Track & Field Athlete of the YearSteffi Wilson, Alex Hately
Outstanding Acheivement (D Lord)Daniel Cook
Endurance (Roy Smith Trophy)Adam Sloan
Over 11 ImproverRachael Jeffries, Alex Martin
Over 11 Endeavour Emma Butterworth, Scott Rutter
Over 11 NewcomerNatalie Jeremiah, Jack Howlett
Under 11 ChampionJohannes Elie
Under 11 NewcomerLennon Harding-Wade
Under 11 ImproverAdam Booth
Under 11 EndeavourEmily Jeffries, Max Freeman
SprintsAmber Lench, Sam Wheeler
ThrowsAshleigh Power, James Wright
JumpsSamantha Cash, Oscar Borton
Middle DistanceElisabeth Hood, Mike Logan
HurdlesLewis Shepherd
Senior Track & FieldMelissa Courtney. Mark Roach
Coaches Special AwardsSarah Carpenter, Chris Carpenter
Junior Cross CountryGrace Howie, Alex Sampson
SportshallCharlotte Offer, Alec Bell
MultieventsEmma Carpenter, George Walker

2010 Track & Field

2010 AwardName
Junior ChampionMelissa Courtney
Track & Field Athlete of the YearSteffi Wilson, Adam Carpenter
Outstanding Acheivement (D Lord)Gabrielle Rowsell
Endurance (Roy Smith Trophy)Adam Sloan
Over 11 ImproverRebecca Warrington, Lewis Shepherd
Over 11 Endeavour Ella Ofei-Kwatia, Ronnie Young
Over 11 NewcomerAmber Lench, Will Slack
Under 11 ChampionAmelia Davis
Under 11 NewcomerLouis Southern
Under 11 EndeavourHannah Molyneaux, Michael Cornes
SprintsRachel Welch, Scott Rutter
ThrowsAshleigh Power, Shay McCarthy
JumpsEmma Carpenter, Oscar Borton
Middle DistanceGrace Howie. Alex Sampson
HurdlesAlex Lee
Senior Track & FieldElizabeth Gourlay, Charlie Patrick
Coaches Special AwardsJane Neal, Adam Wright
Junior Cross CountryElizabeth Hood, Louis Kellaway
SportshallSamantha Cash, Alex Martin