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The Beast was conceived over a few pints in a pub and first took place in 1994. The course has varied a bit over the years and there have been some significant events along the way!

We have our dedicated followers, with some runners doing more than 20 of the races and 2 volunteers attending every single event, not to mention the year that by invitation 2 runners did the race a week late and still got a T-shirt!

Previous Race names of The Beast

YearName of The BeastYearName of the Beast
2023The Unnamed Untamed Beast2022Stairway to Heaven
2019Tout and Back Again201825
201724 Again2016The Stairway to Hell
2015Call of the Wild2014The Key to the Castle
2013The Second Decade2012Born to Run
2011Coming of Age2010Kraken Awakes
2009Sweet Sixteen2008The Fifteenth Kindred Spirit
2007One-Four2006The Lucky Thirteen
2005The Dirty Dozen2004Legs Eleven
2003The First Decade2002One Over The Eight
2001Chariots of Fire2000Seventh Heaven
1999The King of the Castle1998Over the Hill and Back
1997The Dinosaur Dash1996The Beauty of the Beast
1995The Last of the Summer Wine1994The Corfe Castle Challenge