Track and Field

All of our track and field sessions are held at the track behind Ashdown Leisure Centre, Canford Heath, BH17 8RE. The first session you attend with us is free!

Refreshments are available in Team Dorset HQ

The winter 2021-22 schedule of training is as follows:

(NOTE: Heavy, long throws may not happen before Christmas)

5.15 – 6.15
8 – 13 yearsInduction, basic techniques of running plus many field events.Junior Coaching Team£3.00
6.30 – 7.30
Ashdown Track10 – 13 yearsSimilar to session 1 but at higher level.Junior Coaching Team£3.00
7.30 – 8.30+
Ashdown Track13 years to SeniorsSprints, Middle Distance, some Throws.
High Jump winter training from 6.30 – 8.00 for any u15s clearing 1.40m.

Mark Pauley, Mark Courtney,
Mike Long, Dave Allen, Graeme Gourlay, Mark Roach.
Note Dennis Elkins will continue hammer etc coaching once safety cage is repaired.
6.00 – 8.00 pm

(Two sessions)
Ashdown Track11 years to SeniorsHurdles, Sprints, Wheelchair seated throws,
Long & Triple Jump.
Intensive technical sessions.
Graeme Gourlay,
Mike Long, David Little,
Ray Williams,
£3.00 per session
(or a special rate.)
7.00 – 8.15 pm
off-track venues.
Age 14 and older.
Strength and speed endurance. Off-road on hills. Some ‘interval’ work.Mark Pauley, Ollie
Drew and Mark Courtney.
Thursdays 6.30 pmAshdown & other venues.U20/Senior MD/LD W/M Track & Road.Endurance, ‘tempo’ and hill work.Dave AllenFee tbc
Saturdays 9.00 – 10.15 amVarious for Cross-Country (when no matches).Juniors aged 11+Cross-Country preparation.Mark Pauley and Peter Cornes.Free!
Saturdays 10.30 am – 12.30 pm
(Two sessions)
Ashdown Track8 years and older.Hurdles, Runs, Jumps and Throws.
High Jump: hard winter training 10 – 11.30 for any u15s clearing 1.40m.
Junior Coaching Team (as are available)£3.00
Para Athletics Training linkAshdown TrackAbility Skills, Wheel-Chairs, Frame Runners.Enquiries to Martin Cook.

* Please note that the preferred payment method is by contactless card.

Thursday night training venues  (7pm) are as follows. We welcome some new middle-distance athletes to our team, and will modify the sessions to include younger or developing athletes, so do encourage your friends to join us! There will be a small fee of £1, please remember to bring it each week. We urge you to wear light or reflective clothing. All sessions will start at 7pm prompt with the cool down being completed at around 8.15pm

New timetable to be announced, but these are the usual locations –

  • Brundenell Ave – Shore Rd
  • Courtenay Rd Lower Parkstone
  • Steepleton Rd Broadstone BH18 8LH
  • Tollerford Rd West Canford Heath
  • Blakedene Rd Road Lilliput
  • Zig-zags St Michael’s Rd B’mth. Meet at the car park near to The Highcliffe Hotel and West Cliff Zig-Zag Path
  • Roman Rd, Broadstone BH189DL. Muster at the corner of Roman Road and Anvil Crescent.

Cross Country (XC)

We welcome all athletes including our young and energetic junior runners, but also senior members and parents who are looking to keep fit with a Saturday morning off road run. We will maintain our 9.30 AM time slot for our runs of between 4-8 KM, (with us looking for shorter loops for our younger members), the session will last around 75 mins but less for younger runners. We will see if we can supply some warm drinks in the colder mornings.

The Cross Country Season sees several Saturday events which means we will not train on these particular days, but hope many of you will wish to gauge your developing fitness at these & show what a strong squad we are building within our club.

Training sessions are as follows:

New timetable to be announced, but these are some of the usual locations:

  • Avon Heath Park St Leonards. For Avon Heath Park, Brock Pine BH24 2DH (Note car park charges exist).             
  • Sherford Bridge Wareham Forest. Sherford Bridge Car Park – on B3075 near just past Chitten Hill, turn left off A35
  • Broadstone Rec Cricket Pitch. Meet at the Upper Recreation Car Park at the end of Charborough Rd in Broadstone

Contact Peter Cornes, Ray Williams or Mark Pauley for more information or use the Junior Coaching option on the Contact Us page>>>