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Senior Road and Track Endurance Running training

Club training takes place on Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm. Meet at the Ashdown Leisure Centre Track in Canford Heath, BH17 8RE, at 7.00pm for the weekly round-up of results, then head out with your group or off to the track. On Thursdays we hold training sessions starting either at the Haymoor Pub, Canford Heath or other locations (in the summer) or Poole Park (in winter), see for details. These sessions are for seniors only.

Tuesday CoachesTuesday CostThursday coachesThursday Cost
Group 1 to Group 7see table belowmembers - freesee table belowfree
Track (any ability)Various coachesmembers - £2.00NO TRACK SESSIONN/A

Details of group speeds is as follows:

5K timeover 40 mins35 - 40 mins30 - 35 mins26 - 30 mins24.30 - 26 mins23 - 24.30 mins21.30 - 23 minssub 21.30 mins
Approx Distance3 - 3.5 miles4 miles4.5 miles5 - 6 miles5 - 6 miles6 - 6.5 miles6.5 - 7 miles7 miles
14+ min miles12.45 min miles11.30 min miles 10.30 min miles9.30 min miles8..45 min miles8.15 min miles7.45 min miles


Senior Track & Field training

Seniors are invited to attend the track and field training sessions at the Ashdown Track as listed in the table below.

Day and TimeLocation Age GroupEventCost
Tuesday, 6.00-8.30PMAshdown Track13 years - seniorsSprints, Middle Distance training, & some specific throws training and endurance training£3.00 (members)
Wednesday, 7.00-8.00 PMAshdown Track12 years - seniorsHurdles, Sprints, Throws, Wheelchair£3.00
Friday, 6.30 PMAshdown Track and other venuesseniorsEndurance, ‘tempo’ and hill workTBD

The Tuesday sessions include:

  • 18:00-19:00 Discus and hammer training
  • 18:30-20:00 Javelin throws
  • 19:15-20:30  Performance sprints group
  • 19:30-20:30 Road running track session


Cross Country training (XC)

We welcome all athletes including our young and energetic junior runners, but also senior members and parents who are looking to keep fit with a Saturday morning off road run. We will maintain our 9.30 AM time slot for our runs of between 5-8 KM, (with us looking for shorter loops for our younger members), the session will last around 75 mins but less for younger runners. We will see if we can supply some warm drinks in the colder mornings.

The Cross Country Season sees several Saturday events which means we will not train on these days, but hope many of you will wish to gauge your developing fitness at these & show what a strong squad we are building within our club.

Contact Peter Cornes, Ray Williams or Mark Pauley for more information or use the Junior Coaching option on the Contact Us page>>>