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PAC News 10, 10th March 2020

Cross Country poole ac

18 members faced Loughborough challenges

Eighteen PAC Members (including two second-claim) competed for Dorset in the British CAU Inter-Counties and Cross (-Country) Challenge Finals on the hilly, muddy grass of Prestwold Hall near Loughborough on Saturday. Ben Lewis, having led at half-way, stayed with the leaders to finish 8th.  In the u15B, William Rabjohns finished 21st (out of 280), was first finisher (D1) for Dorset and, with Mark Ruby (68) helped the County team to their best team result i.e. 9th (of 40 teams).  In the u17W, PAC (including second claim Fern) provided the whole scoring team for Dorset, those girls ranking 23rd out of 39 teams. In the Senior Men, Tom Austin and Jamie Grose were the first two finishers for Dorset; and in the u13B, second-claim Oscar led the Dorset team. Thanks to all who competed in this demanding event and to the Team Management and parents ensuring their presence and giving vocal support!

U13G 3.4kmLexie Brown D2155/30616-24
U13G 3.4kmElizabeth Dawson20516-51
U13G 3.4kmIsla McPhail24817-20
U13G 3.4kmDorset team34/40
U13B 3.4kmOscar Ewen Matthews D142/29314-16
U13B 3.4kmLeo Riggs27716-42
U13B 3.4kmDorset team29/40
U15B 4.3kmWilliam Rabjohns D121/28015-18
U15B 4.3kmMark Ruby D36815-56
U15B 4.3kmRyan Openshaw17116-50
U15B 4.3kmDorset team9/40
U17W 5.3kmEmily Parker D168/27223-54
U17W 5.3kmAshia Wilson D28924-14
U17W 5.3kmFern Kimber D39624-27
U17W 5.3kmHeidi Taylor D414325-24
U17W 5.3kmDorset team23/39
U17W 5.3kmIsobel Rabjohns19526-34
U17W 5.3kmCamilla Brown22927-40
U17M 6kmJosh Smith204/26525-18
U17M 6kmDorset team35/39
U20M 9.1kmBen Lewis8/17932-09
SM 11.2kmTom Austin D131/29340-37
SM 11.2kmJamie Grose D218545-17
SM 11.2kmDorset team29/30


Entries:  Everyone aged 16+ will need to open an account in order to complete the entry form, parents on behalf of their younger children.   If you already have an EA URN and EA password, use them.  Otherwise there is a “Guest” option on the Entry Form.

Unless it states otherwise, expect to collect numbers on the day.

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