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PAC News 14, 9th April 2019

By 10/04/2019April 12th, 2019Junior
Junior athletes at Poole AC

Many encouraging performances in Wessex 1

Fourteen PAC u11s took part in the QuadKids competition, many for the first time. As you will see from the results below, a huge number of  PBs were set by them, resulting in a great winning TEAM achievement by the Boys (with five of them in the top six) and three in the top ten of the Girls.

CategoryName75m600mLong JHowlerTotalRank
BoysHenry Barham12.3 (47)2-19 (51)3.41m (50)25.96m (51)1996/28
BoysElouan Biwole11.3 (57)2-21 (49)3.27m (45)29.48m (58)2093
BoysEthan Crowley13.2 (38)2-04 (66)3.05m (38)35.39m (70)2121
BoysAlfie Curtis11.6 (54)2-12 (58)3.47m (52)20.25m (40)2045
BoysJake Goddard12.7 (43)2-20 (50)3.04m (38)24.98m (49)18011
BoysOliver Harrison13.5 (35)2-28 (42)2.05m (10)11.26m (22)10926
BoysFinley Lewin12.5 (45)2-08 (62)3.14m (41)29.31m (58)2064
GirlsAmelia Drew14.8 (22)2-29 (41)2.31m (13)11.34m (22)9829/32
GirlsIzzy Garavini12.0 (50)2-11 (59)2.99m (36)12.56m (25)1708
GirlsBeatrice Hamblin12.7 (43)2-14 (56)2.78m (29)12.35m (24)15214
GirlsNatasha Pestonji11.6 (54)2-16 (54)2.91m (33)12.80m (25)1669
GirlsSeni Punell11.9 (51)2-07 (63)3.06m (38)16.29m (32)1844
GirlsLily Steele12.9 (41)2-35 (35)2.66m (25)14.72m (29)13018
GirlsDaisy Randell13.9 (31)2-30 (40)2.50m (20)15.50m (31)12219


Boys Teams (first four): PAC 831 / WAC 754 / Andover 647 / Poole R 605

Girls Teams (first four): WAC 686 / PAC 672 / Poole R 601 / Andover 593

A feature of the other age-groups was the excellence of the sprinters in the u15G. Their team in the 4 x 100 won and only 0.5 outside the Club Record!

Boys results:

100 AOllie Woollard4/615
200 AJosh Baker5/633.4
BHarry Farley2/531.1
1500 AHarry Farley2/55-07.1
BLeo Riggs1/35-07.8
75H AHarry Farley1/314.9
100 ATyler Collins4/414.7
200 ATyler Collins5/530.6
800 AFinlay Nunn2/32-39.2
1500 AWilliam Rabjohns1/54-26.6
BMark Ruby1/24-41.7
80H AConnor Corbin1/214.6
HJ AConnor Corbin1/21.50m
BAlex Harris1/11.35m
Finlay NunnN/S1.30m
LJ AFinlay Nunn4/54.16m
BAlex Harris2/23.89m
Disc AHarry Midgley3/513.96m
Jav AHarry Midgley2/526.92m
100 ALiam Nixon3/312
BJamie Paton3/312.2
Edward PearceN/S13.3
200 AEdward Pearce3/325.8
BJamie Paton2/225.8
400 ALiam Nixon1/654.5
800 AJosh Smith1/32-06.0
1500 ALiam Openshaw2/54-25.7
BJosh Smith1/34-28.1
Disc AOliver Cooper1/337.77m
100Tom Casson1/211.5
1500Ryan Symington4-25.8

Girls results:

100 AElizabeth Richley2/513.8
BAlexia Horn5/517.5
Morgan S-WatsonN/S17.3
Lauren WhiteN/S15.6
Faye BallN/S15.7
200 AJaya Collinson2/627.6
BElizabeth Richley1/529.2
Faye BallN/S34.1
Alexia HN/S38
Lexie BrownN/S33.5
Freya WoollardN/S34.3
800 AJaya Collinson3/52-42.6
BFreya Woollard2/33-04.0
Lexi LewinN/S3-04.9
Morgan S-WN/S3-18.9
1200 ALexie Brown1/44-08.9
70H AAlexia Horn3/418
BLexi Lewin3/315.9
3 + LaurenN/S64.4
HJ AElizabeth Richley1/41.35m
BFaye Ball1/11.20m
LJ AJaya Collinson1/64.42m
BFreya Woollard2/63.38m
Morgan S-WatsonN/S2.79m
100 AGeorgina Stokes1/513.2
BLeah Watts1/413.5
Kate WilkinsonN/S15.4
200 AGeorgina Stokes2/527.7
BLeah Watts1/527.9
Sophia HorwoodN/S28.9
Molly PearceN/S32.8
Kate WilkinsonN/S32.1
300 ALeah Watts2/544.3
BSophia Horwood1/245.9
75H ASafia Stacey3/313.3
HJ ASafia Stacey2/51.50m
LJ AGeorgina Stokes2/64.62m
BSafia Stacey2/44.40m
Shot AMolly Pearce5/56.74m
Jav AMolly Pearce2/422.20m
100 ASara-Louise Hazell2/214.9
300 AIsobel Rabjohns2/348.3
BCharlotte Piper2/248.5
Camilla BrownN/S48.4
800 ACamilla Brown2/42-36.7
1500 AIsobel Rabjohns1/25-09.4
BAlex P-Avella1/15-37.2
80H AElla Ruby1/113.8
Shot ACharlotte Piper1/38.65m
LJ ASarah-Louise Hazell2/23.89m
Jav AImogen Davis1/237.30m
Charlotte Piper1/230.82m

Even better were the new Club Records achieved by u17W Imogen Davis in the Javelin; and by u13G Jaya Collinson in her 200m. See the brilliant number of PBs recorded here! What an encouragement to our athletes for this summer!

Adam improves at Lee Valley April Open

Multi-eventer Adam Booth competed in the Lee Valley April Open on Saturday, April 6th. He placed 4/5 in the u20M 110H in a windy PB time of 15.11. (This achieves the Senior Boys’ entry standard for the English Schools in July!)  Then he ran a new PB when winning Graded Race 3 400m in 52.38.  Finally, his Shot was a SB of 9.38m!

Next matches

  • Southern League Match 1 at Plymouth on Saturday April 13th. U17s and older contact Dave Pearson.
  • YDL LOWER AGE-GROUP Match 1 at Walton on Saturday April 27th.  I will contact by e-mail all u13s and u15s who are selected.
  • YDL UPPER AGE-GROUP Match 1 at Walton on Sunday May 05. U17s and u20s contact Mark Pauley.
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